Fan coils

Fan coil flexibility

Fan coil units continue to be the popular choice for landlords, installers and engineers when selecting a flexible and efficient source of heating and cooling for a building. Here Mike Holding, managing director of Dunham-Bush makes the case for fan coil units


ith a wide range of products available, each designed to suit the physical, technical and control

requirements of a project, the ideal configuration can be selected or adapted to meet the demands of most applications. The central plant associated with fan coil

unit systems can be selected to optimise the overall efficiency of the installation. Part load performance of every component in the system is important to ensure minimum energy consumption throughout the seasons. Fan coil unit installations do not require central plant air handling equipment or the associated ductwork, which is another benefit of using a unitary based system. The pipework for fan coil units requires minimum space in service ducts or ceiling void, and is quick and simple to install, or modify. Fan coil unit systems can be configured

to control zones for variable tenancy and provide the occupants with local and

18 February 2019

reliable control of the space. In addition, any future change of use of the building that may require reconfiguration or reorganisation of room layouts can usually be accommodated more simply than alternative systems.

Types and styles

Fan coil units are available in a variety of configurations to suit specific on-site requirements. For example, the Dunham- Bush Concierge cassette unit is designed to meet the demands of hotel bedrooms and apartments by affording ready access for maintenance, maximising the room availability. Concierge units are installed through the ceiling and are equipped with hinged access to all the major components of the unit for simple maintenance with minimum disruption to the operation of the building. While the Concierge is a self- contained unit, including a discharge

Below: Dunham-Bush Leopard fan coil unit

Above: Dunham-Bush Leopard fan coil units

have been installed at the new V&A Dundee

sound attenuator, pressure independent control valves (PICV), electric heating, and a condensate pump can be specified. Horizontal and vertical, chassis units with waterside controls are favoured for offices and institutional buildings where a flexible, efficient and controllable solution is required. Slim-line models, such as the Dunham-Bush Cougar unit, are available for situations where ceiling void depths are restricted. Where surface mounting is called for,

cased vertical horizontal ceiling low-level and high-level wall units provide the designer with a range of siting options. All Dunham-Bush cased units are available in BS or RAL colour finishes to blend aesthetically with the design led surroundings.

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