A statue of Ettore Riello overlooks the Aermec head office in Bevilacqua, Italy

Keeping it in the family A

ermec’s history is intrinsically linked to the Riello family. It all started when partiach Ettore Riello launched his manufacturing firm

Fratelli Riello in 1922 and unveiled his first product, a heating product, in the form of an oil burner. Today, the Riello family business has blossomed into a large conglomerate incorporating several companies, in large part thanks to a tradition started by Ettore himself. Instead of handing success to his children and grandchildren on a platter, Ettore believed in letting them make their own way. So, with an investment in their pockets, they

It’s this tradition that ultimately led to the

were encouraged to go out and create their own success, develop their own innovations and ultimately expand the family firm into the major player that it has become today.

Aermec brand being born in 1961, when Ettore’s grandson Giordano Riello launched his first air conditioner and Aermec became one of the first air conditioning manufacturers in Europe. Having spent two days with two of the firm’s key managers, Michele Gioachin and Luigi Rossettini, it became clear to me that family means everything to Aermec and the Riellos see their 1,600 employees and customers as a mere extension of this family unit. Michele puts it like this: “Our vision of the future

ermec completed a chiller replacement to deliver improved cooling reliabilities, energy savings and reduced emissions for the global data centre of one of the UK’s leading multi-national financial powerhouses. The solution is vital to safeguarding the data centre from downtime which could cost millions of pounds within mere minutes. When the data centre decided to replace all its chillers, key requirements included resilience, energy efficiencies, reduced emissions and lower PUEs (Power Usage Effectiveness). The company sought minimal environmental impact and free cooling chillers offered a smarter approach as making use of the outside air reduces the use of mechanical cooling throughout the year. Behind the security barriers and virtually windowless building of a 30,000m2 site on an unobtrusive industrial estate in west London, one billion financial transactions are carried out every second which meant re-designing the cooling and replacing the chillers required careful planning. “This is our global hub. Cooling is critical to our infrastructure. Any disruption with the cooling could impact the UK’s financial services but the ramifications could potentially be felt globally,” says the company’s facilities manager.


be robustly tested to satisfy the site requirements. Fast re-start was another critical factor to avoid costly power outages and

Aermec’s chillers were designed to achieve re-start in two-and-a-half minutes while achieving a 50C temperature differential in less than five minutes according to Paul. The chillers have saved £50,000 per month – 1,124,028.90 kWh.

 February 2019

Located between the Italian cities of Verona and Venice, HVAC solutions specialist Aermec has a fascinating history. This is the ultimate family business in which generation after generation have grasped their own unique opportunities to shine. HVR editor Heather Ramsden visited the Italian head office to find out more about this firm and how it is making new inroads into the UK market

Following extensive evaluation and analysis, free cooling chillers designed and manufactured by Aermec were selected. Six 1.366MW Aermec NSM free cooling chillers with screw compressors, using R134a refrigerant were specified to provide a robust mechanical cooling solution. The free cooling route offered a greener and more eco-responsible solution that would help boost the data centre’s green credentials. The criticality of the site and its exacting requirements required some

modifications to the build specifications. “As a manufacturer, we have the flexibility to make modifications and provide a more customised solution for our customers, who can carry out witness tests to ensure their required performance levels are met,” says Paul Lawrence, Aermec UK managing director. Aermec’s comprehensive testing facilities enabled the chiller performance to

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