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Smart choice for installers

Smart heating plays an increasingly important role in reducing energy use without sacrificing comfort. In fact, statistics suggest smart home energy management revenue in the UK is expected to increase from £299m in 2018 to £642m by the end of 2022


t has grown rapidly over the past few years in features, functionality and user numbers. Therefore, there is a lot of value for installers to be trained in new technologies if they want to stay ahead of the game and generate additional business in such a competitive market. They need a solution that offers fast installation as well as high compatibility.


There is a wide range of heating systems on the market and these will determine what kind of smart thermostat is compatible. Whether a home is fitted with a combi system and heat-only boiler, conventional and condensing boiler, zoned system, hydronic and electric underfloor system or a heat pump, will play a role. The ability to control hot water is another factor worth considering as several smart thermostats do not have this functionality because they lack a digital (BUS) connection and dual relay. tado° smart thermostats support more than 15,000 heating systems from around 650 manufacturers and cover 95% of all heating systems. In one training sessions, heating engineers can learn how to install tado° and products are preconfigured to fit each individual system, so they can be mounted in a short time with a ‘plug and play’ installation.

Generate additional business

Installers can easily generate additional business with smart thermostats. For example, tado°’s Boiler Repair Services is an in-app platform that connects customers directly with local heating engineers to get their repair or maintenance check done. Installers sign up in an installer portal for free and receive repair and maintenance jobs as well as leads for customers who require a new heating system, through a customer base of several hundred thousand users.

Features of smart heating control

A smart thermostat saves customers’ heating costs while they enjoy a comfortable and healthy home. It connects their heating and air conditioning systems to the internet. Smart thermostats can work with an app that uses weather forecasts, detects when windows are opened or when residents are leaving or approaching their home to set temperatures efficiently. Customers achieve a healthier home environment through concrete, meaningful, and actionable advice on how to achieve more comfort at home. The app can provide smart schedules and allows multi-room control with smart radiator thermostats and additional smart thermostats. Different heating circuits and rooms can be managed separately - whether a radiator or underfloor heating is in place. Additionally, it is beneficial for the installer to select smart thermostats that can be used with voice assistants and be fully integrated into existing smart home ecosystem platforms. This is the best time to take action and incorporate smart thermostats into your portfolio. By doing so,

your company can gain a competitive edge and position itself in the future heating market while offering sustainable solutions.

28 February 2019


acceptance of new designs and technology is growing.

H With this in mind, heating controls brand

Resideo, maker of Honeywell HomeTM branded products, will phase out its CM900 programmable room thermostat, the Y6630D1007 analogue thermostat, from this month. It will continue to offer the modern, digital alternatives such as the Honeywell Home T4, Y87RF and the DT92E room thermostats. Providing all the simple functionality and ease of installation as the Y6630D1007, but with the additional benefit of more modern technology, Y87RF and DT92E work with the standard Honeywell Home relay box, and the Y87RF also offers optional entry-level connectivity for homeowners. Paired with the RFG100 mobile access kit, the Y87RF can be converted into a connected, smart thermostat giving installers more options to upsell. Moving forward to the next generation of

programmable thermostats, the Honeywell Home T4 thermostat is designed to deliver comfort with minimal user interaction. Packed with smart, intelligent features, with all the functions installers know from the CM900 range, it is simple to install in three simple steps with the new wireless receiver box and flip-up wiring bar. Andy Mansfield, marketing

communications manager for Resideo, maker of Honeywell Home branded heating control products, commented: “At Resideo, we are always looking to the future of heating controls, and are continuously developing our product offering to reflect the changes in industry demand. “Not only do the T4, Y87RF and DT92E offer all the same capabilities as the CM900 and Y6630D1007 range, but the additional features and modern aesthetic offers installers more opportunity, and in turn, provides the homeowner with the ultimate in modern technology and comfort.”

omeowners are more and more aware of the need for modern heating controls and it is clear that the

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