Domestic radiators

radiators that may be controlled using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and even by voice command. Whilst Electrorad’s Digi-Line range enables homeowners to control their heating from anywhere in the world – courtesy of its CleverTouch App – the Vanguard WiFi range goes one step further and is one of the first to have voice control compatibility with the market-leading Amazon Alexa. Whether it’s to turn up the heat or reduce the temperature, the radiators’ heat output can be controlled simply by talking to Alexa. Remote control of Digi-Line, Aeroflow and


hen it comes to wireless control technology, Electrorad tries to take the market to a different level with a series of electric

Vanguard WiFi’s heating functions can be made using their dedicated apps that are available for both iOS and Android. The apps work in conjunction with either a central touchscreen or WiFi gateway to give control of room temperatures and programming. Should plans change, or if there are significant changes in the weather, homeowners can control the temperature and operating times of their radiators from wherever they are. The apps also display the current ambient temperatures in each room and the status of each connected device. Unlike many other equivalents, Vanguard and

Aeroflow WiFi models also feature an inbuilt RF chip with a signal that can 'hop' up to five times to increase the range and help reach remotely-sited

radiators. These models also feature a Geo-Location option that automatically activates or deactivates the heating when the homeowner is at a set distance from the home, cleverly ensuring that heat is not wasted in an empty home. Commenting on its technology, Richard Brown, managing director at Electrorad, said: “Our radiators offer immense appeal to those homeowners who wish to enjoy the very latest in remote control technology and intelligence.” “As well as offering freedom and flexibility, the technology offers significant control over energy costs too. And, as the Smart Home trend continues, wireless remote control technology will soon become essential,” adds Richard.



nstallers have been given a new way to specify designer radiators thanks to the launch of an augmented reality app by Barlo Radiators. The Barlo Designer Radiator app gives

consumers the opportunity to virtually ‘try before they buy’ – using advanced augmented reality (AR) technology to help them visualise how different designer radiators would appear, in situ, in their home. The app has been created specifically with installers in mind, presenting them with a brand- new sales tool to help them add value when communicating with customers. As the industry’s first AR radiator app, it gives

installers and homeowners a no-obligation look into how designer radiators can transform a specific space. Through its simple and intuitive design, installers can access Barlo’s designer radiator range at the touch of a button, and show customers how multiple styles, sizes and colours could impact on the aesthetic of their rooms. Richard Wheeler, product strategy manager at Barlo Radiators, said: “Designer radiators are an easy and cost-effective way to inject colour, style and character to any space, and here at Barlo we’re seeing a growing trend in consumers looking into designer heating options for their homes. As the industry becomes more design-focused, it’s vital that installers and their customers choose products that not only look impressive, but deliver on functionality and performance too – and our Barlo Designer Radiator app has been created to help them do just that. “We want to give installers and end users the ability to visualise what feature radiator styles – such as multi-column or tube emitters – would look like in a particular setting in any room of the house, confident in the knowledge that by choosing Barlo they’re also getting the best heat outputs on the market. Through the app, users can browse our designer radiator range and use their smartphone’s

designs. Users can point their device’s camera at their chosen wall space and the app will use pioneering AR functionality to display a fully scaled, 3D mounted image of their selected Barlo radiator. They can then choose different designs, sizes and colours, before saving images and sharing them directly via the app. As well as creating AR visuals, installers can use the app to send quotes to customers quickly and efficiently with the ability to include their business’s logo. It also features a heat loss calculator (allowing installers to quickly calculate a room’s BTU requirement), as well as a store locator, with information on where they can find their nearest Barlo radiator stockist. Richard Wheeler added: “From its conception

camera to see how specific models would look on the wall in front of them. They can even try different sizes and colours in an instant, making the app the ideal sales tool for installers – whether they’re specifying for a direct designer replacement or offering an upgrade from a standard panel emitter.” Available for download on both Android and iOS

devices, the Barlo Designer Radiator app gives installers easy access to the Barlo Design portfolio, including its Slieve, Adagio, Forza and Plaza

through to its launch, installers have been at the heart of its design. We carried out national workshops to understand the kinds of challenges installers are facing when specifying designer radiators, and our research has been fed directly into the app at every stage of its development. We know that one of the biggest hurdles installers face is pricing and quoting jobs in a timely manner, and we understand that when it comes to closing a sale, time is of the essence. As well as giving a true representation of how a designer radiator will look, our Barlo Designer Radiator app is designed to help installers quote accurately, efficiently and professionally, increasing their chances of closing a sale.” David Relihan, commercial director at Barlo

Radiators, concluded: “As the popularity of designer radiators continues to soar, manufacturers have a responsibility to support installers in responding to rising demand effectively – fitting emitters that tick the right boxes aesthetically, but that also deliver on warmth and efficiency. Using the new Barlo Designer Radiator app, installers and their customers can rest assured they’re choosing a brand that does both.”

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