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Condair has supplied and installed three Condair RS resistive steam humidifi ers to maintain the humidity around the exhibits and archives at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London. The three Condair humidifi cation systems were installed in weatherproof enclosures on the roof of the museum as part of its recent £24m refurbishment project. As well as resisting the London weather, the Condair enclosures incorporate a heater and fan unit to ensure the internal conditions remain within the humidifi er’s recommended operating range. The Condair RS resistive steam humidifi er is ideal for heritage applications due to its responsive control and innovative scale management system. It can operate on mains water, as it is at the National Army Museum, and provide ±3% RH control, or on RO water and off er a close ±1% RH control.


The Sir Jack Hayward Ground is the fi rst team training and academy base of the Wolverhampton Wanderers. It features two under-soil heated pitches, an indoor pitch, a gymnasium and a hydrotherapy pool., plus medical and physiotherapy facilities. West Midlands contractor Lord Combustion Services proposed the replacement of the existing PU equipment with a pre- commissioned Mikrofi ll pressurisation

package. This included two 700l expansion vessels, two service drain valves and a Mikrofi ll 3 PU unit. The pre-commissioning includes the setting of the nitrogen/air charge in each of the vessels to match the cold fi ll parameter on the Mikrofi ll unit. In turn, this ensures the vessels absorb the correct amount of volumetric expansion when the system operates at its designed fi nal working pressure.



Viessmann has introduced the only domestic hot water cylinders on the market with an A+ rating. The two new fl oorstanding Vitocell 300-V DHW cylinders, with capacities of 160 and 200l, are twice as energy effi ciency in terms of standby losses as the industry norm. Both new versions of the Vitocell 300-V replace the previous A rated models, and both are suitable for

domestic installations with boiler outputs up to 80 kW. Higher DHW demands can be accommodated by combining several Vitocell 300-V cylinders into cylinder banks with common headers. The 300-V’s exceptional heat retention is made possible by using a highly eff ective vacuum panel insulation as well as very effi cient polyurethane hard foam. Heat losses are merely 0.7 kWh per 24 hours for the 160l model and 0.75 kWh per 24 hours for the 200l model.


Mitsubishi Electric has added R32 Standard Inverter and Inverter models to its Mr Slim air conditioning range to off er the market a complete solution using the low GWP refrigerant. The Mr Slim range is suitable to cool or heat a huge variety of applications, including offi ces and retail units. The new R32 models deliver increased effi ciencies in eight diff erent capacities from 2.5-14kW. The Standard Inverter outdoor units include extended pipe runs on larger models, compared to the previous R410A versions, which increases the fl exibility with which they can be installed. The Inverter outdoor units are available from 7.1kW to 14kW as ceiling cassette systems and off er a cost eff ective alternative.


The Aquatechnik Safety Multi-Layer Pipe Work System, exclusive to Smith Brothers Stores, is now launched in Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM enables the viewing of Aquatechnik System components online, assisting in the effi cient selection and design of pipework distribution systems for projects. The BIM system also allows the generation and management of 3D drawings and demonstrations of a project. The Aquatechnik Safety System is a multi-layer pipe system in pipe sizes from

16-90mm, and is suitable for range of applications including the distribution of hot and cold potable water, heating and chilled water systems and compressed air installations. It is approved to EN21003 standard and fully WRAS approved with a 25 year warranty. 32 February 2019

VENT-AXIA Launched in 1958, Vent-

Axia’s iconic Standard Range is set to be discontinued over the next two years. For new installations or complete replacements there are several alternatives to the Standard Range, including the popular T-Series. The T-Series can, in many cases, directly replace the Standard Range with only a small amount of modifi cation. The T-Series also has the added advantage of an extended fi ve year warranty. Known for its robustness and quality, Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon T-Series Fan features both Lo- Carbon and traditional models. The T-Series range has 6, 7, 9 and 12 inch options, and includes wall, window, roof, panel, inline and darkroom variants, as well as variable fi xings to help with diff erent window and wall thicknesses, off ering installation fl exibility. The effi cient and reliable T-series meets ERP regulations.

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