AdvertisementDigital Print for Packaging Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2017

Key stakeholders from the digital print for packaging industry will convene in Berlin, Germany on December 5-7, 2017 to attend the sixth edition of

Smithers Pira’s Digital Print for Packaging Europe conference.Converter finds out more

WHERE IS DIGITAL PRINT FOR PACKAGING HEADING? Growth in digital print for packaging is accelerating as new technologies for printing labels and packaging come to market, and converters are snapping them up. CAGR is predicted to average 9.1 per cent to 2022, when the market will be valued at $20.6bn, and major changes are expected in flexibles, rigid plastics, cartons, metal and corrugated. The big question for brands and converters has changed from ‘What can the technology do?’ and ‘What should it do?’ to ‘Where is the application value?’. This question comes about as supply chain members realise that using digital printing can help make money. It is already well established that digital print

can add value and open up a wealth of applications with brands, converters and designers all able to share in the benefits it offers. New capabilities, personalisation, tailored content and increasing emotional engagement with consumers are just some of the major benefits to be explored. The theme of this year’s conference is

therefore focused on ‘getting closer to the consumer’ with presentations focusing on how to use digital print to provide products that consumers value and want to buy. Key market players will share real world experiences, with brand owners, converters and technology providers sharing case studies and customer success stories.

8 October 2017

GROWTH IN CORRUGATED PACKAGING Digital printing has been gaining ground in the corrugated industry for some time and is now making significant in-roads, especially in display packaging and retail ready applications. Brown boxes with plain black text are the norm in transit packaging, but highly colourful, digitally printed packs are gaining more and more shelf space in retail outlets. One of the advantages of digital printing on

corrugated is the ability to align with labels and flexible packaging, providing tailored print runs with no minimum requirement. The uptake in digital printing has been driven by the rise of discounter retailers, the growth in online shopping, personalisation and brand customisation. Catering to seasonal and event related

packaging provides added value for retailers and brand owners, enabling short-run or variable print capabilities, as well as mass customisation. The advent of ‘print-on-demand’ lends itself to cost-effective, personalised marketing campaigns that can assist a brand in generating innovative sales and marketing potential. With the corrugated market expected to be

worth almost $126bn at mill level in 2021, growing from just over $100bn in 2015, this year’s Digital Print for Packaging Europe conference will include a session dedicated to how digital print drives growth in corrugated packaging, featuring real-life case studies from leading industry players: BOBST, Industrial Inkjet, Xerox and Kodak being just a few that will be sharing their insights.

NETWORK AND DEBATE WITH LEADING INDUSTRY PLAYERS Industry leaders will come together in Berlin to share perspectives on the power of digital print and how it can be used to drive growth. Designed to cover the full spectrum of the

industry, this year's programme covers a wide breadth of topics to suit every level of the supply chain and will again unite the supply chain for two days of technical, informative and exciting presentations on all things digital print. Attendees will hear case studies from Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Unilever on how they have used digital print to increase consumer engagement; Velox, ebeam Technologies, Landa, Christiansen Print, Xerox and more will share insights on how digital print drives growth in flexible, rigid packaging and labels; whilst Heildelberg, BOBST, Konica Minolta, Kodak and Hapa will provide insights on how digital print drives growth in folding cartons and corrugated packaging; and to finish off, Scodix, GlobalVision and adphos Digital Printing will discuss pre-press, workflow and embellishment. Not only will this year’s conference provide

attendees with learning opportunities, but also the opportunity to network with some of the biggest names in the industry. To find out more about the conference and to

book a ticket use the link below. Converter readers also get 15 per cent off their ticket when using the discount code 17DPPCM during the registration process.

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