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InterTech Technology Award received forTruepress Jet520HD and SC Inks


creen Americas has been named an award recipient for the Screen Truepress Jet520HD using SC Inks in Printing Industries of

America’s (PIA’s) 2017 InterTech Technology Awards. PIA recently announced the honourees following careful consideration by a panel of industry judges. The awards were presented at the 2017 Premier Print Awards and InterTech Technology Awards Gala in early September, held during the PRINT 17 trade show where the Truepress Jet520HD was exhibited. The award for excellence honours the Truepress

Jet520HD high-definition inkjet web press for the commercial print, direct mail, and publishing markets. The press delivers offset quality printing with high printing speeds. According to PIA, the judges were particularly impressed by the specially developed SC Inks that give 520HD owners the ability to print on the same coated litho stocks that they currently use on offset presses without pre-treatment or primer. The Truepress Jet520HD delivers realistic images

with 1,200dpi true resolution and precise droplet size control, which achieves the colours, textures, details and solid ink areas expected for high-end publication and commercial work. The enhanced design opportunities that improve response rates of personalised marketing campaigns make the Truepress Jet520HD an appealing alternative to offset, digital hybrid and toner-based production for direct mail advertising. The Truepress Jet520HD features a

breakthrough combination of proprietary engineering and SC Inks with absorption technology for direct inkjet printing on offset coated papers, eliminating any pre-processing or additional primer coatings typically required of conventional inkjet technologies. New adopters of the Truepress Jet520HD and SC

Inks include Tidewater Direct of Centreville, Maryland and Admail West, California. Tidewater, a direct mail component supplier to

the trades, turned to this method in order to meet its market’s growing needs. Executive vice

president, Geoff Eisenberg, credits the Truepress Jet520HD and SC Inks for supporting the company’s responsive and efficient reputation: “We have a straightforward yet high energy business model, turning projects on time and within budget while maintaining a consistent growth strategy. Screen meets our needs for high- end publication and commercial work.” The supplier can inkjet four-colour on the same

offset stocks it uses for its web press, saving its customers time, money and hassle. Owner of full-service marketing firm Admail

West, Kathy Pescetti, lauds the equipment and ink for quality reproduction, speed, and ability to print on untreated stock. “We have always been exceptional in our turn time. The efficiencies that Screen brings to us are tremendous. We serve a very diverse client base from a vertical perspective. Our experience with Screen adds to our confident stance as an industry differentiator,” she says. Truepress Jet520HD

Process control and brand

colour match

quality produce in order to protect its brand. Ink mixing systems, which can handle both

monitoring, calibration and control. Clever software combined with colour measurement devices allow printers to work to ISO12647-2 or other colour standards. Brand owners consider quality and colour control as a pre-requisite to partnering with a printer, but what about the ink? Most printers rely on an ink supplier for all

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needs including CMYK or specials, but printers might gain an advantage by mixing special colours in-house. Colour recognition is a key factor in the process of products being selected from the shelf and so a customer will expect

October 2017

rocess control and brand colour match are important issues for converters. Packaging printers seek efficiency, measurement,

conventional and UV inks can reduce costs, save time and reduce ink storage and waste. The technotrans spot.colour master, for instance, can produce a precise dosing of up to 16 base colours so that even last minute orders can be run quickly, without waiting for another ink delivery. This type of system ensures the production of thousands of Pantone colours in a clinical, clean way, whilst storing the recipe data for repeat colours. technotrans has been supplying ink application

systems for over 40 years, and today offers bulk ink and cartridge-based systems with various capacities and levels of automation. These can be used for conventional, UV, LED-UV and LE-UV inks. Water treatment and filtration systems marry up, creating consistent pH and hardness in the

dampening solution so that the ink-water balance is just right. Aided on press by temperature control, using barrels or cartridges, means that the inks reach the substrate at the right viscosity, resulting in better performance a lower risk of drying or skinning, and eliminated waste. Pressroom developments in recent years have

focused on productivity and process efficiency; taking the variables out of the printing process enables industrialisation of the printing industry. The most successful companies take control of as many elements of the process as possible to ensure predictable quality, colour, timescales and costs – profitability follows as a result.

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