Shrink Sleeve Solutions

Shrink sleeves:A rising trend in flexible packaging

and then shrunk to the contours of the container through the addition of heat. Shrinking the label around a product makes it possible to use the entire surface of a package for marketing purposes or for providing product information and legislative requirements. The labels can be applied to almost any shape of

S container allowing

brands to create impressive packaging and improve on-shelf visibility. Shrink sleeves are a growing type of label that

has rapidly gained popularity, particularly in the food and beverage industry as consumers expect product packaging to be visually appealing and to contain information about the product they are consuming. Another characteristic that makes shrink

sleeves popular with food and beverage products is its tampering evidence feature, which ensures product safety and brand integrity. The sleeve can include tamper evidence where the cap is required to be covered along with the bottle. This reduces the need for a two-step process where standard and tamper-evident labels are applied.

CREATING A PREMIUM FINISH FOR ALL PRODUCT TYPES It is not only in food and beverage where growth is being seen. Shrink Sleeves are also growing in popularity within the non-food sectors and are now seen on industrial products, household goods and pet foods, particularly where brands are looking to promote a premium range. Unlike with most labels, the print on a shrink sleeve is protected from moisture and spills due to reverse printing on the material, which also provides a scuff resistant cover for the print. The Easy Cleaning Company, formerly Jeyes, is

one brand that has recently made the switch from labels to shrink sleeves and is an example of how shrink sleeves can really help increase the value perception of a product. Sleeves have created shelf appeal for the Easy Cleaning household and utility range by maximising the print area and using high definition UV flexo, which gives gravure quality at a competitive price.

20 October 2017

hrink sleeves are labels that are applied

Tom Brooks, commercial director, Easy

Cleaning Solutions, explains: "We decided to move away from the original label packaging and opted for a shrink sleeve solution as it offered us the high-end, quality feel that we wanted for this particular range. These are premium products and therefore it's essential that we use superior packaging designs." Clondalkin Bury supplies shrink sleeve labels

in all base materials including PVC, OPS and PET and its sleeves can be used on all makes and models of sleeving machine. Metalised sleeves, hologram sleeves, easy opening perforations and sleeves for cups are just some of the variations that the company offers. Printing technologies available for shrink

sleeve products include gravure, UV offset litho and UV flexo with the possibility of up to 10- colour print, as well as the combinations of printing techniques. Clondalkin Bury uses the latest generation UV HD print capability to produce 'gravure quality' print at radically reduced origination and production costs, which is particularly advantageous on short run jobs.

NEW TECHNOLOGY KEY TO SUCCESS Clondalkin Bury’s recent developments include the launch of its coding technology that uses a printing technique to print a unique code on

the inner surface of the shrink sleeve, which is only revealed when the sleeve is peeled back — ideal for on-pack competitions or for traceability and counterfeiting purposes. The company’s focus at the moment is on

developments in technology to improve product shelf life such as UV block material sleeve solutions for the dairy and soft drink industry, which is relevant for products containing ingredients such as Riboflavin and Vitamin B12. The company is also looking at using a hybrid material that has gentle shrink characteristics and super high shrinkage suitable for all tunnel types. Presently, one of the biggest challenges with all

packaging is its recyclability. There is growing pressure to minimise material gauge without compromising shelf life or machine efficiency. Clondalkin Bury has made progress in this area and intends to continue. Shrink sleeves are a great success story in the

flexible packaging market and can offer a competitive advantage over other traditional materials. Providing suppliers can guarantee quality, speed to market, flexibility and reliability paired with the ability to innovate and drive out cost, it is an area where growth will continue.

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