Reel & Roll Handling Efficient and safe reel and roll handling

New roll handler for heavy rolls

Jarshire has announced the introduction of a new roll handler from Dotec BV, the Dutch specialist manufacturer for which Jarshire is a UK and Ireland agent. The RH-T500E handler is the most recent


arshire, supplier of converting, packaging and printing equipment, together with Dotec BV, manufacturer of reel and roll handling

equipment, both recently demonstrated systems at the PPMA Show 2017. Dotec’s roll and reel handling equipment has

been recognised for its efficiency and operator safety. The gantry system was operational at the show with an RH90 tilt and turn roll handler, together with a vacuum lifter and turner for boxes and bags. Jarshire demonstrated an operator-friendly

Moviroll Roll/Reel pusher from Renova srl. On a flat surface, with either the pneumatic or battery-operated versions, an operator can manoeuvre both large and small cylindrical loads before placing them on a roll stand or shuttle. The pusher is therefore suitable for

addition to the company’s portfolio of pneumatic roll handlers, designed for the flexible packaging, non-woven and yarn industries. This latest model is designed for lifting and

turning mother rolls or slit rolls weighing up to 500kg. The light moving powered rail system allows a single operator to handle these rolls without any physical strain. The complete family of heavy duty roll handlers can be viewed on the Dotec100 YouTube page.

handling paper, tissue and converting rolls simply and safely. Other products demonstrated at the show from

the Jarshire portfolio included Espo knife-holders, which facilitate functional in-line integration to all existing winders, slitters, sheeters and web processing machines, whatever the substrate.

Features include a quick and highly accurate positioning system, and reliable and operator- friendly operation for all styles of slitting, from shear, razor or crush cut. Additionally, high quality steels are used in top and bottom blades to suit customers’ applications and to provide a long life.

Growth in sales for reel handling company T

he USA and Canada continues to be a strong market for Weston Handling Consultancy (WHC) and its range of reel and

roll handling equipment. When Stephen Weston, WHC managing director, and a group of representatives from other out-of-state companies visited the USA and Canada to participate in a business presentation at a NASCAR race, the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, laid on an escort by police motorcycles (pictured), exemplifying the importance placed on this industry in such countries. Weston says, “WHC’s main growth in sales of

Reel Handling Trucks has been in the USA, Canada and South America. So as a result we are looking at setting up offices in Virginia to service what is now over 50 per cent of our customers in over a dozen US states, plus Canada and Columbia. The US packaging market is very proactive, growing at a pace, and very receptive to innovative solutions to handle reels and rolls of materials more safely and more efficiently. Although we came away from the USA with more orders, being a former biker, for me, the police escort on freshly polished Harley Davidson’s was the icing on the cake!”

THE PRODUCTS Customising new designs is a central part of WHC’s ability to gain orders, Weston says: “We have specialised over the last few years on

34 October 2017

developing probably the most comprehensive range of Slitter Unload Trucks (SUT’s) in the world. These include Double ‘V’ Trucks (‘VV’) that can unload two parallel Slitter Unload Tree Shafts in one go and turn the two stacks to vertical, for palletising from a crane. Then a customer asked us to build a ‘V’ SUT Truck, with its own built-on crane, hoist and Vertical Reel Lifter (VRL) so that they can palletise anywhere and are not limited to operating under fixed crane structures. “Another customer saw this and wanted a ‘VV’

SUT, but with the ‘V’ beds made up of conveyor rollers so they could rotate the reels and wrap them

in film, prior to tilting them to vertical. We made it and they were delighted!”

DISPATCH AND PRODUCTION WHC has just dispatched a further three LV Reel Trucks destined for two American packaging companies. The company has more in production and is producing a Reel Turner for a Columbian packaging company. In addition, a large number of enquiries are currently being worked on for a wide variety of Reel Handling Trucks, many with custom requirements.

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