Reel & Roll Handling

The advantages of trying something new S

ometimes a specific request from a customer leads a company to try something they ordinarily would not consider. Such was the

case for Kivo Plastic Verpakkingen, from the Netherlands, one of Europe’s main producers of high-density polyethylene. The company has always used traditional wooden wedges to cradle its products, but that changed when a customer that needed its foil lamination handled approached Kivo. Companies producing beverage containers typically use the metalised film. Although the customer was outsourcing what had been an in-house foil lamination process, it did not want anything else about its process to change,

including how its rolls of film were palletised. That is when Kivo was introduced to Rollguard EU. “The client wanted us to continue using what it

had used in every aspect of production including what the company used for product packaging, which was Rollguard EU’s fibre cradles,” says Sven Damsma, procurement manager, Kivo. Although Rollguard’s products were new to Kivo, it did not take long to make the transition. Rob Swannell, general manager, Great

Northern Rollguard, adds, “We worked closely with Kivo to ensure a seamless transition to what was, for the company, a new way of packaging products. We knew what the client wanted, and, in turn, we wanted to make sure Kivo was able to hit the ground running with its new business.” “We really didn’t have any issues,” adds

Damsma. “If I had questions we got the answers. Rollguard worked with us to problem solve and the company continues to be a strong supplier. We have fewer problems with Rollguard and are happy with the product.” In addition to a smooth transition to a new

way of stacking, the advantages of Rollguard’s fibre cradles quickly became apparent. “Rollguard’s fibre cradles are simple to use, lightweight, easily stackable, take up less space and take less time to use than traditional cradles. Plus, we were surprised by how durable they are. By comparison, traditional wooden cradles are heavy, they can splinter and we have to nail

wood to the pallet itself, which takes a fair amount of time,” adds Damsma. Swannell says, “It’s not unusual for companies to

generally stick with what they’ve always used when it comes to packaging and stacking. This is a case where a customer said to Kivo, ‘we want you to use Rollguard’ and, when they did, they found out it was a superior product. We’re always happy to help customers learn about those advantages.” Rollguard EU’s fibre cradles are made and

shipped from Germany, offering a packaging product for all roll and cylindrical products.

Release of new lifting attachment torotate and lock rolls of film or foil

film, foil, paper and other packaging materials. This roll handling equipment, constructed from stainless steel, is suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and other hygienic clean room environments. The rolls are securely gripped by their core and


this mechanism has a torque limiter fitted so that the clamp does not over or under tighten the roll. The vertical spindle attachment features a new design with enhanced durability, operating and safety features, which provide a simple and safe action. It can also be indexed and locked in place through 180 degrees. The attachment features indexing pins with its quick release system, which works in increments of 90 degrees. The positions are central to the column as well as 90 degrees to the left and to the right. The lifting attachment is supported by a

bespoke design service, ensuring a solution can be found to suit any make or size of roll. All Packline attachments are fully interchangeable and can be easily fixed or removed from any model of Compac lifting machine that is fitted

32 October 2017

he new vertical spindle lifting attachment from Packline has been designed to suit the lifting, handling and rotation of rolls of

with the quick release system. The purpose-designed

compact framework, positioning of handlebars and addition of an optional remote control device provide improved manoeuvrability and ease of use for the operator. The small footprint makes this roll handling equipment highly manoeuvrable and a suitable choice for today’s narrow production lines and demanding lifting requirements. The lifting

attachment with indexing to rotate and lock rolls is a suitable

solution to increase efficiency and improve health and safety conditions. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION:

Attachment lift capacity: 60kg/132.3lbs (maximum) load. Centre of gravity: 808mm/31.8 inches (from column). Attachment mass: 28.5kg/62.8lbs. Main materials: Stainless steel and anodised aluminium.


Food, drinks, dairy, Pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

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