Industry News

Meech International to expand its premises to support business growth

Teko launches XCELR8 in Indonesia ahead of schedule

Teko Tinting and Engineering, the Asia-based member of the Inkmaker Group, has launched its XcelrR8 – comprehensive state- of-the-art POS smart-tinting solution with enhanced remote support features – in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Meech International, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of static control, web cleaning and compressed air technology, is expanding its production facilities to Tungsten Park in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK; a 25 acre site currently being developed by Tungsten Properties.

The additional 22,000sq ft Unit 2 at Tungsten Park, just metres from Meech’s current facilities, will provide it with greater space to continue developing its products and evolving its business. The new unit will house all of Meech’s production, while its headquarters will retain its commercial and administrative offices, and engineering and R&D departments – though the potential for R&D capacity to increase is now in place with this expansion.

Meech chief executive Chris Francis said: “We have seen substantial growth as a company over the years, and this expansion to new property gives us a platform to continue developing our R&D resource to meet future demand. “We’re delighted to be taking up space in Tungsten Park – it’s very close to our headquarters and vital to our local workforce. We’re proud to be based in Witney and are delighted to have the opportunity to continue growing as a business in the community. We’re excited to see what this development will do for the business and what opportunities will arise from it.”

Meech will move into Unit 2 at Tungsten Park in July 2021, following completion of the building’s fit-out.

Datalase launches functional masterbatch additive Datalase has developed a functional masterbatch additive suitable for a wide range of plastics, including home and personal care, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic, automotive, agricultural and industrial extruded products. Launched as a Datalase Varelase Pigment Solutions initiative, the additive is integrated directly into the masterbatch in pellet form. The masterbatch additive works with standard CO₂ scribing lasers to provide sustainability benefits in production environments by eliminating labels, consumables and waste from the coding and marking process.

     ACCU DYNE TEST ™Marker Pens

• Fast, accurate on-line measurement of surface wetting and treat level by printers, coaters, laminators, and metallizers

• 22 Standard levels, from 30 through 72 dynes/cm

• Formulated from 100% reagent grade constituents, per ISO 8296 Made in the U.S.A. " $!  ! % 

$  ., Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK, (44) 1543 411460; (private labeled)  , Kolding, Denmark, (45) 76 300-333; (private labeled) !#, Almere, Nederland, (31) 36 260 00 16;

!"%, Brzoza, Poland, (48) 52 3201818; " , Claremont, NH 03743 U.S.A.

The XcelerR8, which premiered three months ago in Malaysia, was originally planned for the Indonesian market only in Q1 of 2021, but due to increased market demand, plans were brought forward. “We expected to receive a good response from the Xceler8, as it incorporates many R.O.I features that clients have been requesting and, being powered by our partner FFM and their top- selling X-Series, it combines the latest in Industry 4.0 technology. Since our launch in Kuala Lumpur in mid-August, other than selling well in Malaysia, we started receiving many requests from neighbouring Indonesia, which necessitated us to review our initial planned launch date,” said Teko Tinting and Engineering area sales manager Luca Pignatti.

Teko, renowned for its all-round POS-tinting solutions, has maintained a strong market presence in South East Asia since 2013. Suppling ink, coating and chemical manufacturers with the latest equipment, its technology fully integrates and configures all tools to work in unison. “It was a natural progression to evolve this concept to the next level, by providing a total-solution, that could accelerate our clients’ business growth,” continued Mr Pignatti. The FFM equipment is designed for self-diagnostic, due to an extended array of on-board sensors and a customisable software suite, that communicates directly with the Teko Support Team through the Internet. The solution can also be configured to customisable specifications and includes a three-year warranty, installation, two on-site inspections and operator training.

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