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Corona treatment equipment from Ferrarini & Benelli – ideal solutions for the converting industry


s more and more converting equipment manufacturers strive to offer their customers the

most durable, environmentally-friendly, convenient and customisable solutions, Ferrarini & Benelli works extensively on research and development to best support them.

Ferrarini & Benelli is an Italian manufacturer of highly-efficient corona treating stations, which can be integrated into the customer’s production lines to improve the surface tension and the adhesion properties of the substrates employed, such as plastic films, aluminium foil and paper.

On laminating lines, where two or more substrates are combined to take advantage of their individual properties, the installation of a corona treater enables the converter to optimise the surface tension of each lamination layer. This surface preparation is essential to ensure a lasting bond and prevent delamination. The food and beverage packaging sector frequently requires complex lamination products in order to protect the comestible from the effects of oxygen, ultraviolet rays and moisture, especially in case of fresh produce. Similarly, pharmaceutical

products require both high barrier and minimum film thickness as producers strive for flawless print while reducing waste. The drive to reduce environmental impact has resulted in many manufacturers and converters investing in solventless technology and the field of surface treatment is adapting accordingly. However, the solventless process requires even higher surface tension values than with solvents, making the role of the corona treater indispensable. Ferrarini & Benelli’s Polimetal treater is an ideal solution for a wide range of converting applications, including the solventless lamination line. Available for both one and two-sided treatment, this treater is equipped with ceramic electrodes and ceramic-coated rollers, suitable for conductive and non-conductive materials. Polimetal is also ideal for integration into extrusion coating and flexo and rotogravure processes.

Polimetal has a simplified air-gap adjustment system, to ensure a fast and efficient set up of electrodes and a quick and simple electrode removal system, facilitating maintenance. The open design allows easy access to the electrode area and ensures that only the electrodes are

exposed to the release of ozone. As a state-of-the art, customisable solution, all Polimetal models are available with integrated motorisation, extended drive shaft, pressure and path rollers. More than 5000 Polimetal treaters by Ferrarini & Benelli are installed worldwide.


November 2020


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