Converting Case Study

A clever drinking system in perfect

packaging Munich start-up company Iuvas opts for Faller Packaging M

unich-based start-up company, Iuvas has developed the sippa drinking aid, making it easier for elderly and physically disabled people to drink. The company Iuvas relies on the competent support of Faller for the packaging of the system.

In October 2019, Iuvas developed a solution for a problem that nursing staff encounter on a daily basis: Sippa, a system that enables patients to drink without having to put their heads back.

NUMEROUS COMPONENTS The new product comprised many different components that had to be combined and inserted into one package. This process proved to be extremely complex. Amongst other criteria, the user instruction booklet had to fit perfectly into each folding carton and inlays had to be designed to achieve the best-possible product positioning. The safety of the drinking system during transport was also an important factor that had to be addressed. Yet another challenge was the added time pressure of the upcoming product launch, which meant that delivery times and supply chains for all the packaging

components had to be closely coordinated. Faller Packaging produced the complete packaging for this project and accompanied iuvas throughout the entire process, from Sippa’s design and artwork, to the production and packaging of all the components. The Faller development department first obtained an overview of all the individual parts that had to be packaged. The experts then worked out possible solutions and optimised the entire packaging piece by piece.


The practical implementation was a real joint success for Faller Packaging. The large folding carton with its automatic base was produced in the company headquarters in Waldkirch – and since only small quantities were required for the project, the subsidiary PackEx in Worms manufactured the two small internal folding boxes, plus the integrated insert as a special design. The factory in Binzen contributed the package leaflets, which are placed as outserts in the small folding cartons.

All the artwork for the sippa packaging was carried out by the Global Centre of Packaging Excellence, which Faller

Packaging set up together with the Irish company Perigord Premedia Ltd. Faller was also fully responsible for the coordination and implementation of the assembly and packaging process. The product launch deadline was imminent, so everything had to run like clockwork. Twenty different sales items had to be precisely coordinated in the individual packaging steps.

EVERYTHING FROM ONE SOURCE In its role as a full-service provider, Faller Packaging supported iuvas with a perfectly coordinated process and succeeded in minimising packaging time, effort and costs. The start-up not only received all the packaging components from one source, it also benefited from reliable and punctual delivery. “Faller Packaging helped and advised us in all areas,” says iuvas managing director of marketing and sales, Jonas Zimmermann. “Thanks to its comprehensive expertise, Faller was able to implement all the processes relating to packages and the packaging system itself. Communication with the main contact persons was also extremely structured for us – we always knew to whom we could turn.”

u 36 November 2020

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