Cutting Systems

Fuchs set to launch new cutting and grinding fluid in Eco Cool range


uchs Lubricants’ water-miscible cooling lubricants in the Eco Cool range are designed to be exceptionally durable and economical in terms of consumption. Thanks to their excellent lubricating properties, they achieve extremely high machining and cutting performance. The Eco Cool range comprises more than 10 products, all tailored to suit a variety of functions but Fuchs is set to unveil the newest member of its family of products. Eco Cool Global 20 is a globally-approved water miscible cutting and grinding fluid for automotive component manufacturers. UK industrial product manager, Alex Holmes says: “Customers have reported up to 43% reduction in tooling costs when using the latest Eco Cool ‘Global’ platform with existing tooling. Greater savings can be realised when tools are optimised for the process. In other studies, tool life increases of up to 150% have been recorded. “In the Fuuchs UK R&D laboratory, cutting

speeds have been increased to provide real benefits in productivity whilst maintaining excellent tool life. The rate of metal removal can also be increased. Results have indicated a 16% increase in cutting speed is possible. Fuchs also offers quality monitoring services thanks to the introduction of its Fluids Live system. Already utilised by more than 100 companies globally, Fluids Live is a web-based recording, tracking and reporting tool with integrated KPI measurements. The system offers real-time data, providing immediate and remote access to data showcasing the current condition of fluids in use.

Within two hours of the collection of data under Fluids Live, information can be updated and production professionals able to make informed decisions on maintenance scheduling, production planning and other operational activities. Mr Holmes says: “The feedback we are getting back from the customers who are

utilising Fluids Live is extremely positive. “It helps determine which machinery is working most effectively and highlights any that are not functioning to their capacity. For an average production facility, lubricant purchases normally amount to only 3% of a maintenance budget but lubrication-related activities can influence an estimated 30% of total maintenance costs, highlighting how crucial this process can be.


C&T to offer quality suckers for litho and die cutting machines


&T will be working with a leading Italian manufacturer to bring a range of cost-effective feeders for transferring sheets on offset litho and die cutting machines.

To maximise the speed of your feeder and reduce mis-feeding, the new range of suckers has been developed to the highest O.E. specification. C&T’s special ‘bellow’ design reduces the air loss during the lifting of the sheet from the pile. They maintain grip whilst the sheet is being forwarded to the feed table, this keeps the sheet square before entering the side lay of the machine, thus reducing mis-feeding.

The suckers are made from durable rubber that can achieve maximum life, even when feeding the most challenging substrates. They are available in a wide range of sizes in boxes of 50, all available for next day UK

delivery. C&T will support customers with selection, installation and ongoing technical support through its team of industry experts. C&T Matrix managing director Simon Shenton says: “C&T offers a wide range of matrix and rubbers, with an increasing selection of associated products These suckers will give a cost-effective, quality

alternative to our customers. We also recently introduced a range of gripper bars and spare parts. C&T is able to offer its expertise and support to customers looking at planned maintenance or for an alternative supply.”



November 2020

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