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Kingfisher Labels Ltd takes action and remains agile during Covid pandemic


ristol-based Kingfisher Labels Ltd has had a clear determination from day one to become a major player in the self-adhesive labels market by achieving steady, consistent business growth, through total customer satisfaction. And, this straightforward, down-to-earth philosophy stood the business in good stead when it came to adapting to the challenges faced during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The past year threw up so many uncertainties and fears for companies across the world. Kingfisher knew that doing nothing would be a risky strategy but also believes “being rash or rushing into action can be nearly as damaging”. The company didn’t want to bow under pressure and end up implementing an un-coordinated, scattergun approach that might target the wrong problems. Production director Karl Jackson explains: “At Kingfisher we took a step back at the start of spring 2020; took a deep breath, surveyed the chaotic trading conditions that were gathering pace and outlined a strategy that was both mindful of the need to adapt to the pandemic whilst showing a fierce determination to continue on our upward spiral.”


Kingfisher immediately looked at measures to be taken, so it could continue trading as effectively as possible. There was nervousness amongst the team, as constant news headlinees painted a gloomy picture, so Kingfisher acted quickly. The company furloughed a number of colleagues to enable social distancing in its premises. Gloves, masks and hand sanitisers were provided, and the firm ensured machine operators worked on the same presses, rather than move to other machinery. Kingfisher’s office environment was also changed to ensure gaps of over two metres existed between people.

Mr Jackson says: “We are immensely proud of the reaction from our employees, which has enabled us to continue to operate throughout this pandemic. The superb team spirit we have always enjoyed has enabled us to keep going and look for any opportunities to continue on our upward spiral.

“Our reputation for being flexible and agile is well earned and we are always ready to do

whatever it takes to protect our business and help our customers throughout this crisis. One good example is how we have worked closely with the brewing industry. With pubs and other hospitality venues having to close, the brewers have had to transfer a lot of their business from producing kegs into providing their products in bottles and cans. We have worked long into the night to help them with this challenging transition, as we are very experienced in this sector.”

Kingfisher was also quick to support the health services in the UK. During the pandemic the business worked long hours to provide the NHS with labelling for ‘critical care’ products and was also delighted to produce the ‘Feed NHS’ promotional stickers. which formed part of the campaign to provide NHS workers with healthy, hot meals throughout the COVID crisis. Kingfisher’s involvement gained online celebrity endorsement. So, by extending its working hours, remaining agile and flexible and focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, Kingfisher Labels has remained competitive throughout the pandemic. Just before the global pandemic became a reality, Kingfisher Labels announced record financial results for the 12 months ending January 2020, with a 20% increase in turnover. Sales director Andy Watts says: “We were delighted with Kingfisher’s performance over our last financial year as, once again, we had delivered steady, yet significant progress. When Covid19 became a global problem, there was obvious concern but, with our solid foundations in place, we felt prepared and able to meet the inevitable challenges

head-on. Our turnover has taken a bit of a hit over the past few months but our profitability has remained robust and resilient.”

INVESTING FOR GROWTH Kingfisher Labels celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2021 and Mr Watts says the firm is incredibly proud of the upcoming milestone. “The last quarter of a century has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride at times but we have maintained our determination to succeed and we have delivered consistent business growth through total customer satisfaction.” The firm continues to invest in growth and recently acquired a Bar Graphic EDSR rewind machine, taking the number of Bar Graphic machines at Kingfisher to six. With die cutting speeds of up to 250m/min, this machine is the fastest in its class so the company is really pleased to have added one of the best, most cost-effective, compact, free-standing label die cutting machines on the market to Kingfisher’s already formidable armoury.

The business is also now recruiting for a full- time customer service administrator. Mr Watts says: “This is a really exciting opportunity and it is really pleasing to be in a position to add new team members to the Kingfisher family when most media outlets predicted a bleak and dismal outlook for everyone throughout 2020.” “We are not pretending this year hasn’t been hard, but the determination of our fantastic employees to keep going and battle through these hard times has enabled us to keep our investment programme on track.”



December/January 2021

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