feature: the future of televisions

and AI Upscaling, offering the very best picture quality in the market. For those looking for something on a grander scale there’s also a 98” QLED 8K.” This series of developments informs Samsung’s whole company ethos, as James goes on to explain. “To us, the TV is more than just a screen. We are the only brand to think about the TV experience as a whole, and how it can be incorporated seamlessly into the home.” He also points out the attention to detail which goes into the development of the company’s TVs. “Revolutionary new features have been applied to our screens, such as Samsung’s Anti-Reflective, Ultra Black Technology, which minimises reflections. We have also prioritised cutting-edge style, with some of our models cleverly blending into the surrounding environment or transforming the screen into art when switched off to become an iconic design statement in the home.” Innovation is all well and good, but how does

the retailer ensure that the products are shown off to their best possible advantage? James has this advice: “While product placement in showrooms is of course important, our priority is to bring the story and the benefits of our TVs to life for consumers and spark their imaginations. Showrooms that feature experiential set-ups really help with this, so that these products can be demonstrated in an environment similar to that of the home.” And because there’s nothing to

compare with actually seeing the TV working in-store, James points out that the company has been active in ensuring there is plenty of content to demonstrate the products’ capabilities. “We also offer a great variety of 4K content that can be played in-store to highlight the performance of these TVs, however there is now also great 8K

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content available to watch, with more content becoming available soon.” Looking ahead then, what does the future

hold for the market? James is optimistic that there is plenty of room for growth over the next two years. “Within the

UK, demand for Samsung UHD TVs attribute to over 80% of our sales. It is expected this will continue to grow over the next few years with 4K and 8K sets dominating market share. Global industry forecasts have also predicted that over one million 8K TVs will be shipped throughout 2020, with that figure set to treble throughout 2021. We expect that 8K may even outperform projected figures. “We’ve also seen an increase in the number of titles available to watch in 4K and HDR 10+, with streaming platforms such as Sky, Netflix and Amazon providing over 1000 titles. HDR10+ is the latest HDR format which has been quickly adopted due to its open format. With the content continually expanding, and the ability to upscale all content to 4K or 8K through Samsung’s AI upscaling technology, it’s never been a more exciting time to own a Samsung 4K or 8K TV.”

December 2019/January 2020

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