feature: the future of televisions

Bigger is increasingly better

With the TV market one of the most competitive in our sector, and with technological advances continuing apace, this month we speak to James Parker, Head of TV PM Commercial & Strategy at Samsung, who offers his thoughts on the state of the market, and shares his ideas on how you can make sure you’re set up to capitalise on consumer interest in the range of new TVs for 2020.


ames begins by drawing a parallel between what’s happening now in

the market, and what happened with 4K a few years ago. “The overall market has shown that 8K and large screen sizes are currently growing the fastest with more people opting for 75-inch screen sizes and 8K technology than ever before. We previously saw a similar adoption with 4K TVs around eight years ago, with 4K now having taken over from the Full HD market as the new accepted standard.” He goes on: “To satisfy these market demands, Samsung released more larger screen sizes in its 2019 line-up than ever before.” So what’s driving this growth? James puts

it down to the nature of the market. “The TV industry is one of the most competitive, with every brand striving to offer something bigger and better each year. At Samsung, we paved the way for audio-visual technology with our award-winning suite of QLED 8K and 4K TVs, offering unrivalled, ground-breaking quality in picture perfect 8K and 4K thanks to our AI Upscaling technology.” This quality is something the company is

rightfully proud of, and is driven by its serious commitment to R&D, as James explains. “This technology is made possible by our continual and uncompromising research and development investment to ensure we offer the highest standard TVs on the market, with

vibrant pictures that don’t degrade over time. A key factor contributing to this is our award- winning QLED technology which delivers exceptional HDR without being susceptible to screen burn.” Given the vast array of TVs now available for consumers, it can be hard to discern trends emerging – but James has some pointers which might help. “As mentioned, current market trends show that consumers are purchasing

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bigger screen sizes more than ever before, with 75-inch screen sizes being the fastest growing category. 4K technology is a key driver of this growth, as it has enabled consumers to go bigger and better in both size and picture quality and immerse themselves in the huge variety of content available. “Samsung has taken consumers one step

further this year with the multi-award-winning QLED 8K TV, which features true 8K resolution

December 2019/January 2020

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