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National Ventilation launches the improved Zone 1 Monsoon Silence Range

New Catalogue for GreenBrook

GreenBrook have a brand new catalogue for 2019, featuring all their new lighting, PowerBreaker, Weatherproof and Norslo ranges.

uPlease call 01279 772 772 for your copy.

National Ventilation, a leading UK-based ventilation manufacturer and supplier, has launched its new and improved Zone 1 Monsoon Silence Range. This latest innovative domestic ventilation solution provides high extraction rates with low energy use and exceptionally quiet running. Boasting two speeds, the Zone 1 Silence range is

quieter than ever with a running volume as low as 22dB(A), 50% quieter than many fans on the market. This allows households to benefit from improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and a bathroom free from mould and condensation without having to put up with the annoying drone associated with many bathroom fans. It’s not just homeowners that benefit from the

improvements; the needs of installers have also been taken in to account. The Monsoon Silence Range is easier than ever to install thanks to the larger terminal block which makes wiring easier and a new spirit level bubble to ensure a straight install. With a range of control options including Basic,

Timer, Humidistat and PIR, the Part F and L compliant fan comes in three sizes; 100mm, 125 mm and 150mm. In addition, the fan’s IP45 rating means it can be safely installed within Zone 1 without the need for a low voltage transformer.

For further information, telephone 01823 690 290 or visit:

Timeguard brings existing appliances into

the Internet of Things Appliances don’t need to be “WiFi ready” to be controlled from a phone any more. All you need to do is replace a fused spur or switch with one of Timeguard’s new FST WiFi units, pair it with the home wi-fi and download the free Timeguard App. So now, any space or water heater can

become part of the Internet of Things. There’s even a weatherproof option to control outdoor heaters, pumps and lights. You have remote control over the biggest

energy guzzlers in your property, be it your own home, a shop or office, a rental flat or house, or a whole accommodation block with shared wi-fi. The App enables you to set on and off

times, add an extra ‘boost’ hour if needed, and just to check at-a-glance whether or not something really is on or off. You can control multiple FST WiFi units from the App allocate limited control over specific appliances to sub users such as family members, colleagues tenants etc. And, of course, this ingenious unit also provides essential fused spur protection for each appliance. Ellis Extends Trident reach

Ellis has extended its range of plastic trefoil cable cleats, making it suitable for electrical cables up to a diameter of 83mm. Trident, which is a trefoil polymeric cleat, was introduced by Ellis in 2016 in order to give the North Yorkshire company greater traction in Continental Europe where similar products are in high demand. Initially available in sizes ranging from Ø24-54mm, the range now covers Ø24-83mm and features nine different sized products. Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “We developed

Trident to put us on a level playing field with those who already manufactured and sold all-plastic trefoil cleats in Europe – especially in Germany and Holland were such products have been popular for a long-time.” Trident has an FEA optimised design that is both elegant and cost

effective and is manufactured as standard in V0 0H 30 per cent glass filled nylon. It is also available in a London Underground Limited (LUL) approved polymer that meets London Underground standard 1-085. Both versions of the product have been short-circuit tested to IEC61914.

uFor more information on Trident visit, call +44(0)1944 758395 or follow the company on Twitter @EllisPatents. 42 | electrical wholesalerJanuary 2019

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