Red Lion Adds Innovative Control and Expansion Options to Rugged Graphite Platform New Offerings Combine Communication and Control Capabilities to Reduce Cost and Complexity


ed Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced its

rugged Graphite® platform has been expanded to include a new Graphite Core Controller and Graphite Crimson® Control Module that combine communication and control capabilities to reduce cost and ease operations. Both hardware offerings leverage an enhanced version of Red Lion’s powerful Crimson 3.0 software with added Crimson Control functionality to provide a single programming solution for control, networking and data visualization. Crimson Control enables customers to use IEC 61131 programming languages – such as Ladder Logic, Function Block, Structured Text and Instruction List – to solve specific application needs by developing logic control much like a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) without the added expense. This control functionality is now available as part of:

• Graphite Core Controller: rugged standalone industrial controller that features all-metal construction and works with a variety of I/O modules to combine IEC 61131 control capabilities with networking and data visualization alongside the core functionality – protocol conversion, data logging and web serving – of a Graphite seven inch HMI minus the graphical display.

• Graphite Crimson Control Module: control module that plugs into Graphite HMIs to form an all-in-one industrial solution that adds IEC 61131 control functionality without requiring additional panel space or a separate programming package.

“Adding control and expansion options to our Graphite platform enables organizations to take communication and control capabilities even further to enhance factory automation and process control applications,” said Paul Bunnell, director of product management at Red Lion Controls. “Customers can easily reduce equipment cost and complexity by using our new IEC 61131 control functionality to program logic control code without the need for additional software or hardware.”

To support this extended functionality, Red Lion now offers rugged Graphite expansion racks that work with the Graphite platform to provide a scalable solution enabling organizations to remotely mount up to twelve plug-in modules to the back of a cabinet without extensive wiring. Each rack supports up to three plug-in modules and can be installed for a maximum of twenty modules per tethered Graphite connection. Red Lion’s Graphite platform includes a built-in web server that enables users to monitor and control applications via PCs, tablets or smartphones. SMS text-messaging and email alerts provide early warning of process issues, which helps avoid costly downtime or site visits. In addition, protocol conversion lets customers select from more than 300 industrial protocols to seamlessly integrate disparate devices such as PLCs, drives, cameras, barcode readers and panel meters. The Graphite platform is ideal for factory automation and process control environments that may include manufacturing, oil & gas, water/wastewater, power, utility

transportation and maritime. Applications include tank batteries,

pipelines, salt water disposal, pump stations, lift stations, substation controls, solar array positioning and railroad trackside controls.

Red Lion u +1 (717) 767-6961 x6915 u

SCADA hel s generate power from cheese w ste

new anaerobic digestion plant, built by Lake District Biogas at First Milk’s Aspatria creamery site in Cumbria, has been installed to generate bio-methane. It is producing over £3m per year in cost savings, while supplying up to 25 per cent of the cream ry’ energy requi ements. idin full co trol a

new anaerobic digesti n plant, bui La

strict B in r y patria cream ry site in

s at First Mlk’s ria, h

thane. in cost

been installed to gen rate bio- It is p

savings, w ile supplying up to 25 per cent of the creamery’s energy requirements. Providing full control and visualisation of the system is a Movicon SCADA solution provi ed by Products4Automati n. th f ur creamer es around the ’s o ly

su isa io

the system a M vicon SCADA sol tion provided by Products4Automation. With four creameries around the country, First Milk is th

co try dairy company owned by Bri ilk rk s w th

dai y com any owned by British farming families. It supplies the retail, food service

families. It supplies the retail, food service and milk markets with a wide range of dairy products and ingredients, cludi g a number of st rece

y rst Mlk

gional cheeses. s la


Lake Dist ct Cheese Com any, produci a range of premium Cumbria cheddar from its creamery in Aspatria, Cumbria. Committed to minimising its nmental

its c ry in

Cum ria cheddar tria, C

mmi envi mi mi

environmental impact and l wer ng i energy requirements, First M

r, w fo th co faced the need to upgrade i r its carb the potenti pact and lowering its

energy requi ements, First Milk has long had an aerobic plant at the Aspatria facility

had an aerobic plant at the Aspatri facility. However, when the company faced the need to upgrade in order to reduce effluent treatment costs and lo

order to

reduce effluent treatment costs and lower its carbon footpriint, it investigated the potential for an on-site anaerobic digestion plant for its production s. First Milk w rked

nt, it in residues. First Milk worked with fundiing

digesti n plant for resid


for an on-si e anaerobi s producti

has l ng

rst Milk is the UK’s only major h farm


ange of dai y products and i gredients, including a number of regional cheeses. Most recentlly First Milk has launched theth Lake District Cheese Company, producing a range of prem fro

For First Milk the result of he new plant is reduced energy costs and lower off-site disposal costs, eading to a reduced

Milk has been able to generate value fgenerate value from itsrom its rresidues, while boosting sustainability and

esidues, while boosting sustainability and

rreducing operational costs educing operational costs

or First Milk the result of tthe new plant is reduced energy costs and lower off-site disposal costs, lleading to a reduced carbon footprint. Ficarbon footprint. Firstrst Milk has been able to

partners to set up Lake District Biogas to own and operate the plant.

par ner to set up Lake Distr ct Biogas to own and operate the plant.

result o this was th installatio n tish d

Clearfleau,, a leadiing Briitish proviider of on-site treatment solutions for the food and bever ge sector The process takes feedstock fromthe cream ry, com rising ow stren th

a brand new anaer bic digestion plant, designed and commissioned by rfle

on-si e treatment solutions for the food and beverage sector. The process takes feedstock from the creamery, comprising llo

sh ters such

nses, supplemented by cheese production r sidue. Thi

is sto

A key consiideratiion in the design of theth plant was the choice of control system, and Clearfleau opted for the Movicon SCADA solut on provided by

to the anaerobic digesti n plant from the creamery where it is converted into biogas, which is stored in a gas dome until it is required. It is then fed into a membrane-based upgrade unit that removes carbon dioxide from the gas to produce bio-m thane. d

s converted i to in

s d fe into il it is re ire . It is th ane-based upgrade unit that

em ves car on dioxi e fromthe gas to produce bio-methane. co

o in th plant w s the choice of contr sig system

and Clearfleau opted for the M vicon SCADA solution provided by

Products4Automation (P4A), with the control and visual ati n platform devel ped and i stal d by Tr ec Systems, an establish d U


systems integrator. Project coordinator for Tritec, Laurence Brown, comments: “Clearfleau opted for Movicon over a num er of com eti g sol tions due to i celle

Products4Automation (P4A) with the control and visualisation platform developed and installed by Tritec Systems, an established UK-based systems integrator. Project coordinator Tr ec, Laurence Brown, com


“Clearfleau opted for M vicon over a number of competing solutions due to its excellent vallue for money yet high level

u for m t h le

Products4Automati T: 0845 077 3858

Products4Automation T: 0845 077 3858 products4automati /AUTOMATIONATION /AUTOMAT of ca f capabiilitylity. Movico con also tio so offere ffered th the

The result of this w s the installation of a brand new anaerobic digestion plant, designed and com ssi ned by a le

ly it p id

a product that could be r used on ltiple

re forms, p e path f ture upgr des. idin

strength wash waters such as process with advanced features for control and rinses, supplemented by cheese


production residue. This liquid is pumped into the anaerobic digestion plant from the cream ry w ere i , w ic

quid i pumped sm l H I to larg

ovicon SCADA i a power ul stabl easy to use and easy to expand platf th advanced features for control and visualisation. Guaranteeing the reliability needed for anymssion cri fro

features such as secure w es and good database support. t in th ry in

SCADA helps ge nerate power fromcheese waste A

benefits of easy to use web clients, which fied the route to rem te control su lisa io

benef ts of easy to use web cl ents, whi sisimplified the route to remote control and visualisation. Additionallly it provided a product that could be reused on rd

multiple hardware platforms, providing a sisimple path for future upgrades.” Movicon SCADA is a powerful, stable, easy to use and easy to expand platform

visual ati n. Guaranteeing the rel abi needed for any mission critical application, from small HMI to large SCADA servers, it is based on open XML standards and offers bui t i ser

al appl ati n, serv

s, it

The result of the development at th Aspatria site is the first on-site anaerobic digestion plant in the daiiry industry in Europe to feed bio-methane into the gas grid that is generate own residues. La

based on open XML standar s and offer built in features such as secure web services and good database support. The result of the development at the patria site is th first o stio

tirely fro erated at the site for capacity the plant treats 1,6

Europe to feed bio-methane i to the gas grid that is generated entirely from itsits own residues. Operated at the site for Lake District Biogas by Clearfleau, at full capacity the plant treats 1,650m3 per day of process effluent and cheese residues, generating around 5M of ther

strict B

earflea , a full per day

energy. The plant produces 1,000m of biogas per hour.

of process ef uent and cheese residues, generating around 5MW of thermal energy. The plant produces 1,000m3 of biogas per hour


site anaerobic try in

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