CYLINDERS GAINMOMENTUM precision is needed, CASMlinear servo

Developed by precisionmotion control specialist, Dunkermotoren, CASMelectric cylinders are suitable for replacing pneumatic cylinders as their technology can also effectively reduce

contamination, maintenance and noise. They also eliminate the need for hoses, running compressors and other

equipment associated with operating pneumatic cylinders.

Integration into existing systems is simplified as they are supplied as a complete package solution with features such as a user-interface which enables easy setup and operation, even for a non-expert.

Whether high speed, high force or


plastics specialist, has igus, themotion

launched triflex

TRLF.125, extending the TRLF family to include its largest

addition to existing 65, diameter e-chain, in 125mmnominal

internal diameter sizes. 87.5 and 100mm

These TRLF energy chains are ideally

suited for robotics and other applications that require electrical power cables, data cables and hoses to remain secure

and protected duringmulti-axis

movement. With this new 125mmsize, even stiff or large hoses, or indeed large numbers of individual cables, can be inserted quickly and easily, reducing labour costs and assembly time. Themechanical design of TRLF has three internal chambers to separate power, data and hoses and ensure

reliable guidance while avoiding damage during torsionalmovement. The design provides a defined bend radius and a maximumtorsion of approximately +/- 200 degrees permetre of chain. igus

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actuators are a highly flexible solution for many applications. They are available in threemodular options; CASM-32, CASM- 40, CASM-63 and all specifically designed to seamlessly fit standard footprints of pneumatic cylinders. Stroke lengths range between 50mmand 800mm, load capacities from300N to 5,400N while speeds range from60mm/s to

1,060mm/s, depending on themodel. Aside fromthe variousmounting configurations offered, customers can also specify the ball screw or lead screw version of their choice.

Frompackaging to factory automation or food and beverage the CASMfitsmany different applications in various industries and is ideally suited for applications requiring precise and reliable repetitive motion. Full application support is available and customsolutions can be developed to satisfy particular demands.

Dunkermotoren www

EASIER MOTOR CONNECTIONS Murrelektronik’s newMQ15-X-

EA rrelektron k’s n 15- tric m tors u to

Pow r,Power, M23-Drive and M 2 Power connectors are said tomake tors easy to con ect. T

connectors are said to m ke motors easy to connect. The MQ15-X takes advantage of the new M15 power standard con ection tech assem

15-X takes advantage of the newM 5 power standard connection techno ogy assembly extremely qui k.

logy to m k l gy toma e ke extremely quick.While

M23 connectors are an established, standard solution for connecting servo-

3 connectors are an establ hed, standard solution for connecting servo-motors. Last, but not least, theM12 Power is a powerful five pol

tors. Last, but n t least,

the M Pow r is a pow rful five poleM12 connector. Mu

2 connect Power range Powe

Murrelektronik’sMQ15-X- w-c

MQ1 nge is a low-cost way to wa provide connectivity to provide con ectivity to asynchronous and three phase asynchronous and three phase 3-Dri e andM12 Power

new M 5 connection technology of theMQ15-X-Power offers

newM15 connection technology the M 15-

ower offers

extremely quick and easym tor con

protection for asynchronous motors up to 7.5kW. Mu


extremely qui k and easy motor connectivity witctivity w h reverse polarity protection for asynchronous tors u to 7 5kW

th reverse polarity

Murrelektronik’sM23-Drive range is an established standard solution to con ect servo m tors. With 630V AC/DC, 28A per pin f the power contacts and 300V /D

for the signal contacts,

the connectors are sui abl performance drives and servo motors. The 360 shieldin low interference emissions.

low interferen e emissions.

range i an establ hed standard solution to connect servomotors. 630V AC/ C, 28A per pin for

the pow r contacts and 300V AC/DC 8A for the signal con acts, the connectors are suitable for high for high perform nce dri es and servo tors. T


The com act design of the L codedM12 Power connector – together with a rating of 63V AC/ C, sui abl

AC/DC, 16A per contact –makes it suitable for applications where a high current and low voltage is required, such as linear drives or stepper m tors.

The compact design of the L coded M 2 Power connect r – together w th a ratin of 6 A per

high cur ntac – m kes

for appl ati ns w ere a nt and l w vol age i

requi ed, such as l near drives or steppermotors.

° shielding ensures Murrelektronik rrelektroni rrel

DRIVES FOR COST-EFFECTIVE MACHINE BUILDING Schneider Electric has expanded its Altivar family of variable speed drives. Designed to address the challenges of

the smartmachine era, the new AltivarMachine ATV340 drive combines optimised installation with cutting-edge application control and advanced, easy-to-integrate automation capabilities. The ATV340 is built for applications requiring rapid dynamic control. It provides the flexibility to handle practically all motor types in open or closed loop. A combination of fast application reaction time with a minimum1 ms task cycle and Ethernet connectivity maximises machine throughput. Built-in multiprotocol Ethernet, an embedded encoder, integrated application functions, and compatibility with multiple motor types bring design flexibility. Complete project replication is one-button simple, while a library of Tested, Validated, and Documented Architectures boosts the speed of design. The ATV340 range has Achilles level 2 cyber-security certification and is compliant with EN ISO 1384901 and EN 62061. The ATV340 is suitable for environments with high levels of dust and vibration and operating temperatures up to 60ºC, while remote monitoring enables predictive maintenance and fast device replacement (FDR) services ensure prompt machine recovery. The Altivar Machine ATV340 variable speed drive is suited to a variety of industrial sectors

oj as well as applications such as packaging, material handling and working, and hoisting. gy of T: 023807 33509 B&R Industrial Automation

EASIERM TOR CONNECTI NS electricmotors up to 7.5Kw. The




current control loop for ACOPOS P3 servo drives. Users can

implement a sine wave filter without negatively affecting performa

nce. This gives drive control

machines the

advantages of a sine wave filter while the ACOPOS P3 retains its usual high performance.

By converting the voltage signal froma square waveformto a largely sinusoidal one, sine wave filters help improve energy efficiency, reduce strain on themotor and decrease

electromagnetic noise on themotor cable. They also smooth out the current curve, which reduces both acoustic noise andmotor losses. The overall efficiency of the servo drive is thus improved. The ACOPOS P3 takes the characteristic curve of the sine wave filter into account, allowing the full band-widt control loop to be utilised and ensuring that it

is stable and robust. h of the current

B&R thus ensures high overall performance of the ACOPOS P3. In some circumstances, othermanufacturers require the current control loop to be operated at a lower band-width when using a sine wave filter in order to ensure stable and robust control results. This has a negative effect on servo drive performance.

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