oj SYSTEM the prestigious award for

the ‘Most Innovative Project’ at the PPMA Awards. The winning was for the supply and

project Group Vision

The Bloodhound P oject is a British endeavour to inspire the next generation of scientists and

integration of 25 cameras on th Bloodhound Supersonic Car. roj

engineers by showcasing these s bubjjects in themost exciting way possible, b building a jet- and rocket-powered vehicle capable of reaching 1,000mph, new world land speed record attempt. There are 25 cameras located at stra points on the car. Forward-facing camerasmust deliver live streamed video broadcast purposes, while rear-facing cameras look at the output fromthe engine exhausts. Other camerasmonitor critical engineering parameters suc ground interface. In-cockpit camerasmonitor controls and driver actions. Bloodhound SSC will travel faster than a bullet fired froma Magnum.35 length of four and a half football pitches in just one second. Video datamu cameras at HD resolution andmanaged through an Ethernet data communi provides performance data during test runs for the vehicle as well as the wo each cameramust be recorded and time stamped so that individual frames

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7 s

Mobile Panels are

B&R PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Handheld HMI for flexible performance

B s

available in a ra p

B&R has added three newmobile units to ts HMI portfolio. TheMobile Panel 7100 eries of handheld HMI units stands out ith an exceptionally ergonomic, light and hockproof design. These newmodels are &R’s answer for applications in harsh ndustrial environments that require the erformance of an industrial PC. The new nge of sizes. The 7140 and 7150 feature a

w s

seven-inchWSVGA and 10.1-inchWXGA display, respectively. Both of them use the innovativemapp View HMI software. The 7151model has a 10.1- inch display and runs aWindows-based operating system. Mobile Panelsmake optimumuse of limited space, featuring an integrated touch screen as well as dedicated keys for frequently used functions. Operating elements like the key switch and stop button are recessed in the rounded, double-walled housing able to absorb hard impacts. The IP65-ratedmobile HMI units also provide integrated interfaces including USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100.

B&R Industrial Automation T: 01733 371320


events and linked with the enginemanagement system. In addition, video has to be compressed in real time for streaming. Reliable live video transmission has to be achievable at speeds up to Bloodhound’s target of 1,000mph. In making the award, the judges commented: “The Stemmer Imaging project demonstrates ground-breaking innovation. It is a complex undertaking, involving several aspects of machine vision technology from optics through to data handling.”

PACEPACKER SHAKES ON CHINESE DEAL AT PPMA TOTAL 2016 equipment under license in China

and Asia. Founded in 1997, Rentian specialises in providing customers with packaging production line solutions. Based in Wuhan, China, the company has a dominant market share supplying packaging equipment to the salt and chemical industry, among others.


ssex-based manufacturer of case loading, bagging and

palletising equipment, Pacepacker, has signed an agreement with Wuhan Rentian Packaging Automation Technology Co to manufacture and promote bagging


Visiting the PPMA TOTAL 2016 show on Wednesday 28 September, president of Rentian, Hao Li, formalised the cooperation

arrangement, signing the deal with Pacepacker’s managing director Dennis Allison. UK trade and


LIR Systems has announced that it has reached a definitive asset purchase agreement to acquire the business of Point Grey Research, a leading developer of machine vision cameras for use in industrial, retail, scientific, traffic,mapping, and other advanced imaging applications, for approximately $253million in cash. Founded in 1997 and based in Richmond, British Columbia, Point Grey is a global leader in the

development of advanced visible imaging cameras and solutions that are used in industrial automation systems, medical diagnostic equipment, people counting systems, intelligent traffic systems, military and defense products, and advancedmapping systems. Point Grey designs, manufactures, and distributes its cameras and related software to a global base of customers that build systems for improving the


Daw on Shanahan a l adi sion engineeriin

ng sp

investment officer, Tingyi Lu, PPMA CEO, Dr. Andrew Mint, and freelance consultant, Craig Chen, who was instrumental in setting up the deal, were on hand to witness and mark the occasion.

“We have been in discussion with Rentian via Craig since the start of this year,” said Allison. “For Pacepacker, Asia represents a sizeable and relatively untapped market, and Rentian was seeking a reliable supplier of bagging and sack placing equipment in the west who were willing to share their manufacturing know-how.”


efficiency, quality, analysis, and safety of a wide range of processes and products. The addition of the Point Grey business will augment FLIR’s existing OEMcores and components business by adding a broad range of visible spectrummachine vision cameras and solutions. “We’re excited to add the broad range of innovative products fromPoint Grey to FLIR as together we have a unique capability to create advanced sensing solutions for the broadmachine visionmarket,” said Andy Teich, president and CEO of FLIR. “Thermal imaging technology provides vision systems customers an alternative imaging spectrumthat offers a rich, largely untapped layer of information that can be further leveraged. Point Grey’s global presence and credibility in industrial vision systems provides a strong platform for us to integrate our leading thermal technology.”


Dawson Shanahan, a leading preciisio

speciia ist, h allist, has

opened a dedicated apprentice training school at its Welshpool- based engibased engineering facility. Dawson Shanahan works closely with colleges in th

opened a dedicated apprentice training school at i s W hpool neeri g faci ty. Daw on

Shanahan w rks closely w th col eges in the local area to provide

local a to to id

apprentices w th the training and skills they need to pursue a fulfilling and successful career in the g sector.

apprentices with the training and skills th


and successful career in th engiengineerineering sector.

www.daws ha The Chartered I ha

The Chartered Inst ute of Procurement & Suppl

stiitute of

glo al d stributo for engineers, have forged a partnership to offer CIPS members knowledge resources to unravel complexity to achieve cost cost savings, and understand the nature of MRO costs..

world, and RS Com onent , the global distributor for engineers, have forged a p rtn rsh memb ra

Procurement & Supply (CI S), the est professiona body in the RS Components, th

largest professionall body i wor d,

to l co www. le ty to

savings, and understand the natur of M O costs

Lantek will provi e Bystr nic with ma

manageme stry le re isa io www. th

s will h lp in th tal facto

sol tions and the devel pment and deployment of software systems for the optimised production of sheet metal, tube and profital, tube and profile parts. Thle parts. The two companies have entered into a long- termtechnology partnership whereby Lantek wi provide Bystronic with manufacturingma

e tw co ter ies h tere into lo technol gy par ner hip whereby ment softwa

systems and consultancy exper The col aborati n between these tw n

systems and consultancy expertise. The collaboration between these two iindustry leaders will help in the realisation of the digital factory forfo both Lantek and Bystr nic customers.

both Lantek and Bystronic customers.

ware e.

Bystroni , provider of art sheet metal process ng systems and serv ces has agreed an innovation partnership with Lantek, le Lantek, leader in software solutions and the development and deploym nt of softw re systems for the optim sed production of sheet


processing systemi agreed an in wi

nic, provider of art sheet m tal s and services hasi rtn rsh

vatio in softw re

(CIPS), the the

ffer C fulfillin







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