he introduction of the 'superdeduction' tax incentive is set to provide a sharp boost to investment this year for manufacturers as companies

plan to increase or bring forward their plans in response, according to a survey by Make UK, the manufacturers' organisation. This comes on the back of a boost to confidence from the Budget,

especially among mid-size and larger companies, with the planned rise in Corporation Tax doing little on the surface to impact significantly on investment domestically or from overseas. However, Make UK stressed that given the UK's longstanding poor

performance on investment, there remains a need for a longer-term, broad ranging industrial strategy that will genuinely put manufacturing at the heart of plans to recover from the pandemic. According to Make UK, this should encompass a partnership between Government, Industry and the UK's world class science base to boost the UK’s innovation and investment performance. According to the survey almost a quarter (22.6%) of companies said they


As more and more companies adopt smarter ways of working, and use digital technologies to improve efficiency, the subject of data and its effective use continues to be the holy grail of production. This month’s issue has a

plethora of features, all dedicated to the effective capture, storage, use and analysis of data.

For example on page 24, we look at how advances in RTU technology can help provide ‘at-a-glance’ data that offers valuable insights. On page 28 our feature shows how to build resiliency into your processes, by collecting, analysing and acting on quality data in real-time. We also look at the important

role of data scientists on page 43, and how they offer the opportunity to raise the value of skilled workers. Michelle Lea - Editor


Danfoss Drives has appointed Quantum Controls as an Authorised Water Partner for the water and wastewater industry. This partnership will enable both companies to enhance its provision of services to UK customers in water and wastewater management, treatment and supply. Danfoss is a leader in the variable

speed control of electric motors with what is said to be the world’s largest installed base of AC Drives. The VLT Aqua Drive helps water authorities reduce total lifecycle costs and maximise uptime. Quantum Controls’ Quantum

Prime service provides 24/7 instant access to motors and VSDs, which can be in transit within 30 minutes. Kevin Brown, managing director at

Quantum Controls, said: “Our support team brings a wealth of knowledge to every situation with round the clock access to our engineers. The partnership with Danfoss will only strengthen that offering for us.” Alan Baird, country manager UK &

Ireland at Danfoss Drives, said: “Together with Quantum, we can further provide our customers with world-leading solutions and best- in-class support.”

plan to increase investment as a direct response to the ‘superdeduction’ tax with more than a quarter (28.1%) saying they will bring forward investment plans in response. Just under half (48.6%) said there would be no change to their investment plans or their plans were too rigid to change. The incentive was also seen by almost a third of companies (32.4%) as the Budget measure which had the biggest impact followed by the decision to extend the furlough scheme (23.2%) and boost to R&D (21.2%). Overall, the Budget was seen to have boosted confidence by a fifth of

manufacturers (19.6%) with just 3.4% of companies viewing it negatively. The boost was especially marked among mid-size companies (41.7%) and larger companies (42.9%). Conditions for the sector are continuing to improve, with almost half of

companies (46.9%) saying sales and orders had improved since the start of the year with 15.6% of companies saying they were worse. The survey of 149 companies was conducted between 17 and 24 March.


Made Smarter’s technology adoption programme is deploying smart glasses to SME manufacturers to virtually fast track their digital adoption strategies and navigate Covid-19 restrictions. The wearable device enables

technology specialists from Made Smarter to perform virtual end to end production line walks of factories with a business as part of the digital transformation workshop (DTW) process. These fully-funded, bespoke

Daniel Copeland, Systems Manager at JTAPE, who used the smart glasses as part of the DTW

workshops are led by technology advisers who cut through the jargon to provide impartial advice to help a business identify the most effective technologies to overcome their operational challenges. The virtual visit allows advisers to dial in to a conference call and watch

each manufacturing operation being performed in order. This enables discussions around inputs, outputs, process control, and quality performance in order to provide a clear picture of each businesses’ bespoke operation. The introduction of smart glasses has enabled Made Smarter to

overcome access restrictions and limitations caused by the pandemic to get the vital insights needed to support the manufacturer’s digital transformation. It also gives manufacturers a valuable opportunity to test how this emerging technology could be used in their business. Will Kinghorn, Industrial Digital Technology Advisor for Made Smarter,

said: “This approach has helped 141 manufacturers in the region engage in a streamlined process designed to accelerate manufacturing growth by identifying digital tools and technologies that can maximise operational processes. “In that same spirit of innovation, as we tread a cautious roadmap out

of lockdown, and to minimise the spread of the virus, we have developed virtual line walks.


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