With advances in design and manufacturing technology, Silverson Machines offers three new laboratory mixers, including a laboratory scale version of the Flashmix powder/liquid mixer


he most exciting of the new developments in the Silverson product range is the FMX5, a laboratory scale

version of Silverson's production scale Flashmix powder/liquid mixers. The FMX5 provides a simple, effective and hygienic means of powder/liquid mixing on a Laboratory scale and is able to process higher viscosity mixes. The FMX5 is suitable for small scale

manufacturing and R&D work and offers an accurate means of predicting the performance of the production scale Flashmix, making the scale-up process a simple task. The mixer recirculates the liquid from the

vessel and powder is loaded into the stainless steel hopper. Once the powder feed valve is opened, the powder is drawn into the high velocity liquid stream, with the ingredients coming into contact with each other just prior to the mixer’s high shear rotor/stator workhead. A brief period of recirculation results in an agglomerate-free, homogeneous dispersion in a matter of minutes. Different designs of powder feed hopper are available to assist with the flow of more cohesive powders. Offering proven performance on a wide

range of powders including Gelatine, Bentonite, Carbopol, and Xanthan gum, as well as sugars, flours, milk powder etc., the introduction of this new Powder/Liquid mixer to the Silverson product ranges opens up the possibility of many more applications than were previously possible at laboratory scale.

For higher viscosity mixing at laboratory scale, Silverson has developed the Verso-HV

has developed the new Verso UHS. The Verso UHS is an Ultra-Hygienic version of

the standard machine and is manufactured with Silverson-designed hygienic single mechanical shaft seals, which can be converted to hygienic double mechanical shaft seals. It has a crevice-free construction and is designed for Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilise-In-Place (SIP) operation. UHS- specification versions of the FMX5 and the Verso-HV are also available. All three new mixer options can be supplied

For higher viscosity mixing at a laboratory

The FXM5 is suitable for small scale manufacturing and R&D work

scale Silverson has developed the Verso-HV, a pilot scale In-Line mixer which matches the capabilities of the production scale Silverson HV In-Line mixers. The Verso-HV incorporates a unique and innovative “pumping rotor” design that substantially increases its self-pumping capacity, ideal for processing higher viscosity products. High flow rates are maintained

as viscosity rises, often eliminating the need for an additional feed pump when processing many higher viscosity products in the food industry, including gums and thickening agents and mayonnaise. Ideal for R&D and small scale

production, the Verso-HV facilitates easy scale up to Silverson’s production scale UHS- HV Series In-Line mixers as it is built to the same fine tolerances. For applications with more

stringent and demanding hygiene requirements, Silverson


Silverson Machines

with a Vessel Package, comprising of a vessel, stand, valve and pipework, and conversion kits are available allowing the standard Verso to be upgraded to a Verso-HV and an FMX5, allowing further flexibility within this new series of mixers. If you like to find out more, contact

All three mixer options can be supplied with a Vessel Package, comprising a vessel, stand, valve and pipework

The Verso UHS is an ultra-hygienic version of the standard machine

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