IRM Systems has introduced a pipeline integrity and budget optimization tool, helping to save oil and gas operators time and money


RM Systems (IRMS), the independent authority in emergency pipeline repair systems, has announced the introduction

of the Pipeline Integrity & Budget Optimization Tool (PIBOT), a new modular software package. The new tool reduces the amount of time and costs associated with carrying out a diverse range of pipeline integrity engineering and management activities via data management, integration, and smart data analytics.

Deriving value from data IRM Systems developed the PIBOT in response to continuing demand from the industry for ways to derive the utmost value from data. “This software solution makes it possible to instantly clean, structure, align, standardise and visualise data, in addition to carrying out pipeline integrity management and smart data analytics,” said Rahul Raghukumar, pipeline engineer for IRM Systems. “For example, you could automate the process

from inputting data to assessing risk, determining inspection intervals, and producing reports, all in a traceable, transparent way. As a result, operators benefit by working from enhanced data analysis that provides more accurate degradation forecasting and comprehensive risk assessments. It represents a real step- change in maintaining pipeline integrity.” The new technology is composed of

several stand-alone software modules that can be combined to work in unison. Access to a single module allows the user to be more efficient at a single task. Alternatively, a pipeline operator can enhance the efficiency of a broad range of activities that are essential to maintaining pipeline integrity by


CCS JV, comprising Saipem, McDermott and Chiyoda, has signed a deal with ABB to provide comprehensive integrated and intelligent electrical systems for the east-African Mozambique LNG field which is expected to start production by 2024. With LNG capacity of approximately 13 million

tonnes per annum, the current development, led by Total, will spear-head crucial economic and social investment for Mozambique. Brandon Spencer, president of ABB Energy

Industries said: “Winning this project is a testament to ABB’s technical superiority in electrification technologies, as well as our highly skilled management and engineering capabilities. We are proud to be part of Africa’s economic growth story, especially Mozambique.” ABB’s 26-month project will culminate in a significant installed base in Mozambique for ABB and will

involve collaboration across multiple ABB divisions and regions, led by ABB in Singapore. Fourteen large onshore electrical houses (e-houses) or prefabricated electrical substation buildings (PESB), specifically designed for oil and gas applications, will be built by ABB team in Singapore and transported to the Mozambique LNG Project site. The company will also integrate its electrical control and power management system alongside 110kV

gas-insulated switchgears (GIS), medium voltage switchgears (33kV, 11kV) and low voltage switch-gears. Johan de Villiers, global vice president, Oil and Gas, commented: “We have optimised and customised

our solutions to meet the specific technical and capital expenditure requirements of the customer. With ABB as the main original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for electrical systems, Mozambique LNG Project

will benefit in terms of cost-efficiency, maintenance, service as well as upgrades and expansions.” ABB


The new Pipeline Integrity & Budget

Optimization Tool from IRM Systems helps maintain pipeline

integrity, while saving time and money

incrementally implementing more modules to suit specific requirements. With all PIBOT modules working together, a database consisting of secure data, open-source databases or combination thereof can be automatically integrated. As a result, the data needn’t be input twice, reducing costs and saving time. It also means that the software provides more insights, giving real value from the data to the user, while simultaneously ensuring that the system is AI-ready.

Impressive results Already, the PIBOT has a track record of reducing operator costs. Operator Petrogas is among those that are using it. It is also producing impressive results for several other North Sea oil and gas operators. IRM Systems attributes much of this success to the PIBOT’s ability to intelligently implement Risk Based Inspection (RBI). In fact, by combining the RBI methodology with the tool’s automated report generation feature, a major operator used the PIBOT for reporting to Staatstoezicht op De Mijnen, a critical regulatory body in The Netherlands. One of its primary strengths is that it makes it possible to manage and visualise complete Risk Matrices for the full asset portfolio, essentially producing a visual representation of all data in a specialised, proven Geographic Information System (GIS). In addition to reducing operating costs, the

PIBOT also helps operators extend the life of a pipeline while safeguarding its integrity. For example, integrity engineers receive a detailed description and visualisation of Risks, Pipeline Status, and Integrity Impact factors by combining multiple PIBOT modules. Plus, individual third-party software and data can be easily integrated by connecting them with any of the stand-alone PIBOT modules. Another key feature is the Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) module. This

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