20 years of innovation

Circuit Solutions Cambridge Ltd. describes how over the last 20 years it has grown within the expanding contract electronics manufacturing sector. Its investment in people and equipment along with the manufacturing capabilities that has placed it in a strong position for the challenges ahead


ircuit Solutions was formed in 2000, initially with a single employee

carrying out hand soldering in a small factory unit. Soon after they moved into surface mount assembly with a basic Quadra pick and place machine. This then opened up the market to achieve further sales. Over the next 20 years and with ongoing investment in new equipment, Circuit Solutions now employs 45 staff and runs 3 surface mount lines with state of the art Europlacer equipment and Aleader Automatic Optical Inspection. Further investment has included a Nikon X-Ray unit and Ersa Veraflow Selective Soldering equipment. These investments have enabled Circuit Solutions to manufacture electronic products to the highest technical specifications and offer a broad range of electronic manufacturing services to its customer base – from conventional assembly, surface mount assembly, through to full turnkey including box build and test.

CUSTOMERS Since the outset, Circuit Solutions has steadily grown its customer base due to its in-depth knowledge and experience in electronic manufacturing along with cutting edge equipment. These assets have proven to be a good match for its high technology customers with their challenging and complex assemblies. Also key to its success has been developing a close working relationship with its customers, which Circuit Solutions continually strive towards. Quality of manufacture has always been

key. One of the reasons for Circuit Solutions success in achieving this has


been a continued review of procedures, processes, equipment and training. All companies have procedures in place

to ensure quality standards are maintained across the business. Most are documented, often in different formats to suit the individual company. Circuit Solutions procedures were, until recently, written documents with few drawings or diagrams to explain the procedure or process in detail or the relationship to other procedures. In 2019, they took the decision to improve their system and transfer all of their quality documented system onto flow diagrams and databases with interactive linking to allow the user to follow through the process with ease. Circuit Solutions is proud of its history

of quality, employing its own certified IPC and J-STD trainer, to ensure its operators are fully trained to the latest industry standards. The approvals achieved are IPC-610 and IPC-620 along with production staff trained to IPC-J- STD-001 and IPC7711/7721 rework and modification. Also, Circuit Solutions is fully compliant with ESD Controls Program to IEC61340-5-2 in all manufacturing areas from goods in through to despatch. These standards are supported by a detailed and robust quality management system and ensure our ISO 9001-2015 accreditation is maintained.

EMPLOYEES Circuit Solutions value employee retention as it is important for long term success. This policy ensures the knowledge and experience is retained in areas such as product awareness,

technical know-how, along with the sharing of information. Everyone is valued at Circuit Solutions and all have key roles to play within the organisation. Training is important to help with job efficiency and effectiveness with all employees having their training reviewed annually and records updated. One of the Engineering team’s roles at

Circuit Solutions is to confirm that the product to be built can be manufactured to the customer’s specification and quality standard. This involves checking all the necessary stages of the build process from the Bills of Material, PCB design, assembly drawings, test specifications, etc. As part of this process when introducing

a new product to their assembly line, Circuit Solutions can offer to their customers a Design For Manufacturing report. This includes a list of their findings for each stage of manufacture along with any recommended improvements to the design. When buying components against a job,

Circuit Solutions purchasing team will buy only from fully franchised suppliers. This gives them and their customers security of being able to fully trace the supply of any component back to the original manufacturer. Where they cannot obtain the customer specified component they will try to source and propose an alternative which the customer is required to approve before build commences. Circuit Solutions has traceability of all

components through the use of its ERP system, which records batch/lot numbers of each component received and before issuing from stock to every customer job.


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