David Luu, marketing manager at GCT explores how to simplify connector design

all connectors have one and those that do may not be a 100% match. For example, board to board connectors have various configurations when it comes to the pitch, number of contacts and other options, adding up to hundreds of thousands of combinations. This is no longer a problem with GCT’s 3D model builder, which allows you to build and create an exact 3D model in seconds. The finalised 3D model can also be downloaded in 64 different formats, including IGES, STEP and many more, to ensure compatibility with your software. Having the PCB footprint for your

design speeds things up dramatically and removes a design barrier. The footprints have been checked with automated verification to industry standards. These can be downloaded into all the major PCB layout packages, including Altium, OrCAD, and Eagle, for use in freeware packages. There is a wealth of content associated


s the digitisation of product and specification information continues

to develop at speed, this has created resources that are more detailed and interactive than ever before. Engineers have adapted to become more sophisticated in how they design, and so has their expectations of service and support when selecting the right components to use for their products. Ultimately, all these elements must

combine to make the design experience quicker, easier, and more efficient for engineers.

THE CONNECTOR SITUATION Connectors are often one of the last items to be specified. Often at the point connectors are being selected many key constraints will be in place that will determine the performance, PCB space and envelope dimensions needed. When that preliminary selection has been made, 3D files and PCB footprints make digital product evaluation a fast and simple


process. The days of flicking through a three

hundred page manufacturer product catalogue to find what you need are no longer popular, when you can access most of this information online. But there are inconsistencies with what is available and how accessible this information is within the electronic component landscape. With so many configurations available

for each connector type, having a powerful parametric search can make all the difference. After all, if you can’t find the connector you need, you will not be able to access the relevant resources. There is a comprehensive range of filters on the GCT website product pages to ensure you can find a connector to meet your specification.

3D MODEL GENERATOR When trying to find the perfect connector for your design, it can also be very difficult to source the 3D model of it. Not

with each product, such as product videos, high-quality renders and photos, application stories, plus more to help you choose the right connector for your design. While these may not be the resources that ultimately make your decision on which connector to use, they can help as part of the process.

QUALITY AND COMPLIANCE GCT understands the importance of product compliance and has made all available directives, legislation and regulation certificates and details available. This includes RoHS, REACH, ISO standard, Conflict Minerals Policy and more, all housed in one clear location on the website. Establishing the resources required for

your design is one side of the story, and you will likely need to get in touch with the connector manufacturer to obtain further information as you move deeper through the design stages.



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