Embedded ARM Core Front Panel Solutions from ITRON (U.K.) LTD

Smiths Interconnect’s

contact technology launched on NASA Mars Perseverance Rover

down on Mars on February 18, 2021. Designed to be the most sophisticated rover NASA has built, the Mars Perseverance Rover will use advanced systems to explore the diverse geological landscape, discover ancient habitats, gather rock and soil samples that will be returned to Earth and demonstrate cutting-edge technology for future human exploration. Mars Perseverance Rover is loaded with state-of-the-art


scientific instruments, advanced computational capabilities for landing, upgraded sensors, computers and algorithms. It will enable the Rover to quickly and autonomously realize its location on Mars and modify its course during descent. This technology will be able to provide invaluable assis- tance for both robotic and crewed missions landing on future planets and essential for future robotics and mis- sions to Mars.

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ASA’s Mars Exploration Program, Mars Perseverance Rover was launched on July 30, 2020 and will touch

CAN and Ethernet. Most ports double up as general I/O with IRQ functionality. Our embedded solutions allow designer engineers to move application processing into the TFT module which reduces host overhead and enables easily manageable communication speeds. The host can send raw data to the TFT module for the operating system to process and synchronise display refresh, navigation and peripheral control.


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Certainly, the promises of super-fast data 5G rates, ultra-low latency and vastly increased network capacity are essential for the high-quality connectivity demands of the industrial sector. But will 5G live up to expectations? 5G has the potential to offer a strong foundation for IIoT technology and to play a key role in driving the future

Is 5G the Answer to Connectivity for Industrial IoT? A

of Industry 4.0. In time, it may even become the standard wireless technology of choice for industrial connectivity. Although the technology is still evolving, for businesses to stay competitive it is essential that they explore the new possibilities presented by 5G. In addition, to steer future development and ensure that their specific industry needs are met, it is increasingly impor- tant that they engage and collab- orate across the 5G value chain. At Plextek, we have been researching the benefits of 5G for our clients and would be happy to discuss your requirements with an initial chat: u

Lattice Extends Industry-leading Security and System Control to Automotive Applications

trol applications and MachXO3D™ FPGAs for system security that support extended temperature operating ranges for automotive and other ruggedized applications. MachXO3D FPGAs augment the popular system control capabilities of the Lattice MachXO FPGA architecture with industry-leading security features, including hardware Root-of-Trust (RoT), platform firmware resilience (PFR), and secure dual-boot support. The MachXO3D and MachXO3LF devices target con- trol, bridging, and I/O expansion applications that must operate reliably in rugged environments, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment, motor control, 5G communications infrastructure, industrial robots and automation systems, and defense systems. Emerging trends like electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous driving, ADAS, and infotainment are increasing OEMs’


reliance on electronic components in automotive systems. Lattice Semiconductor


Powell Electronics expands in Europe with new headquarters, technical staff and franchises

activities and signing new franchises agreements. The company has an excellent repu- tation in the USA offering value-add connector and cable assembly services at its headquarters in New Jersey. However, in Europe the company had focused purely on the agricultural market from small facility in Utrecht, Netherlands. In mid-2019, Gary Evans, a seasoned connector professional who had previously


occupied senior management positions at Harwin, Deutsch and ITT, was appointed to redefine the Powell’s European business. As a result, major European franchise agree- ments have been signed with Glenair, Harwin, Amphenol Aerospace, Quell, AB Connectors, Lemo, Conesys and more. This is now enabling Powell to address the broad range of demanding connector applications with products that range from miniature PCB-mount devices to high voltage, high current hi-rel solutions.

Gary Evans CEO Powell Electronics Europe


owell Electronics has strengthened its European presence by relocating to new premises in Dublin, Ireland, employing more technical staff to support design-in


attice Semiconductor Corporation today announced new versions of its MachXO3LF™ FPGAs for flexible deployment of robust automotive con-

ODU-Mac® Range from Selwyn Electronics

New Additions to the

he ODU-MAC® modular range of connectors continues to grow with the addition of the Push-Lock and Zero

variations. The ODU-Mac® Push-lock offers a compact, sealed

housing with push-locking based on the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line series. Seven units can be custom fitted with hybrid connector configurations offering IP67 protection. A total of six optional coding functions and the tried-and- tested push-pull locking principle ensure mating is reliable and secure, which has been achieved from the decades of experience obtained through ODU push-pull circular connectors. The ODU-Mac® Zero with its symmetrical housing,

enables a range of up to 9 units of signal, power, data-rate and coax modules. In place of an aluminium frame, the plastic housing parts have integrated rails, making the use of magnetic components no longer necessary. 90˚,45˚and straight cable exit connector housings with a slimline, light designed receptacle for easy handling.

SELWYN u 01732 765100 u


tron’s powerful ARM9-based embedded TFT modules provide serial interfaces to link host and peripheral devices using USB, RS232, RS485, Async, SPI, I2C,

s the first cellular network technology designed to support industrial use cases, 5G is billed to become the basis for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and enabler for Industry 4.0 technologies, such as VR, AR and AI.

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