ADVERTORIAL TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION New On-Vehicle Data Connector from Amphenol Improves Vehicle Diagnostics Global marine electronics

specialist brings DeviceNet specification cables &

connectors to wider market

upon DeviceNet specification. This makes their robust and reliable ‘cable and connector’ range available to the wider electronics industry for use in any industrial application that uses DeviceNet. CEO of Actisense, Philip Whitehurst, said: “We originally


developed our range of NMEA 2000 cables and connectors for the marine sector that we have served for over two decades. These products, however, have a much wider potential and have been celebrated as amongst the most robust, hard-waring, and reliable on the market. We hope to develop closer relationships in the wider electronics sector so that we can share our award-winning products with them and to also collaborate with their industry knowledge to build ever-smarter solutions.” For more information about the A2K network range

from Actisense, visit 2000-cables-and-connectors.

Actisense u u

he A2K Network Range from global award-winning marine electronics manufacturer, Actisense, is built

offers industry-standard, on-vehicle data plug connectors that are designed for vehi- cle diagnostic and data communication. The AT circular connector (ATC) series will per- form in the most demanding applications in heavy duty trucks and buses. The new 3 and 5 pole standard electrical


plugs will improve the quantity and quality of options offered by the ATC series. While the 9 pole provides a J1939 solution of receptacle/contacts/accessories. SAE J1939 is a specified type of controller area net- work (CAN) that defines the communication pathways for vehicle networks. Through a series of microprocessors, a CAN intercon- nects every device and establishes a common link between each other. This new connector gives reliable support on CAN systems and helps electrical devices to communicate with each

other. Applications include GPS tracking and CAN data communications for diagnostics of vehicle engine speed, tem- perature, oil temperature and exhaust emissions. The round receptacles feature simple jam nut mounting for quick assembly and a smaller flange that saves space

on mating panels. The heavy-duty industrial connectors are environmentally sealed against moisture and contami- nants. They feature a reverse bayonet coupling design that allows for quick mating and un-mating – withstanding more

than 100 mating cycles. The RoHs compliant connectors work with industry standard size 16 contacts and are made from high quality cop-

per alloy. Nickel and gold plating are available. AT circular connectors have an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

Amphenol Industrial Operations u u u u

components and assemblies. One of the biggest issues in non-destructive inspection is

If you can’t find the fault, take a closer look C

upio Services offers a comprehensive X-Ray, optical and acoustic non-destructive analysis service for electronic

getting a clear visualisation of the area of interest with suffi- cient resolution to be able to detect the smallest faults. A straight 2D image could mask issues where the correct low angle image can see them easily. Equally CT isn’t always the answer as the part in question may be in the middle of a large board. In this circumstance a high resolution reduced angle CT could give you the required images. Our Nordson Dage Quadra 7 system, with 100nm resolution, full CT and tomosynthesis capability, can image

the smallest of structures and our engineers are experienced in the analysis of the images and, if needed, reconstruction into 3D models.

Cupio Services u 01256 262800 u

Digital 3D-microscopy for any case G

Cyclops Excess are specialist buyers of excess electronics.

Excess’s core business is buying and managing excess electronic components, including inventory  Immediate appraisal and removal and Cyclops Excess will also pay 

erman Solectrix GmbH offers a brandnew upgrade kit, named sinaSCOPE, which digitalizes the analog image in real-time - permitting low latency

and enabling lossless digital image processing. And what is more: This kit can send the analog image in UHD quality to special 3D-monitors, which can be used without 3D-glasses. Time to explore the new robust 3D camera heads with 4K UHD resolution,

highly sensitive Sony 11-mm sensors and a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second, which promise to make the switch to digital 3D imaging as easy as possible for a multitude of microscopy and image grabbing usecases.Ein Bild, das Elektronik, Kamera, Licht enthält. Automatisch generierte Beschreibung The users in front of the external 3D display, profit from a more ergonomic workplace layout and fatigue-free

working. Digitalizing the image, further enables discretionary retention and documentation processes. Solectrix team is known for its highly integrated 2D and 3D high-performance image-data-processing-systems for complex applications in fields like medical technology, automotive industry or industrial laser technology.


   services are used by a broad range    

  out more:

 

 

mphenol Industrial Operations, a global leader in interconnect systems, now

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