SICK’s Deep Learning Brings Simplicity to Complex AI Inspection

precise and flexible 3D Time-of-Flight Sensor Module

OMRON launches

convenient, modular solution offering positioning, autonomous-guidance, and proximity sensing for a wide range of applications. Commenting, Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager Sensors at OMRON said, “Our new sensor is a “mechanical eye” that is capable of accurately and easily detecting the surrounding environment, which will contribute to the more widespread use of autonomous robots as well as the automation of various other machinery and equipment. OMRON’s new B5L can be fitted to moving objects such as autonomous mobile robots, to provide real-time contextual information such as guidance, collision avoidance, and cliff detection. Alternatively, located in a fixed position, the sensor can accurately detect moving objects in the field of view. It is thus suited to use in automated packaging equipment, securi- ty systems, intruder detection, and patient-monitoring and elderly-care systems.”


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MRON Electronic Components Europe has unveiled a new precision time of flight ranging sensor that delivers a

challenging electronic components, especially those that have previously defied automation and remained distinguish- able only by human inspection. SICK Deep Learning radically reduces set-up time and cost


by enabling Artificial Intelligence image classification to run directly onboard SICK smart devices. With Deep Learning, programmable SICK devices take decisions automatically using specially-optimised neural networks and run accurate and reliable inspections that would have previously been extremely challenging or simply impossible to achieve in electronics or surface mount assembly processes. Developed with user-simplicity at their core, SICK’s Deep

Learning products cater for a wide range of needs and skill levels. The Deep Learning Starter App is designed for easy- set up by entry-level users, while the ready-to-use Intelligent Inspection Sensor App provides quick and easy integration with a large set of configurable machine vision tools. More experienced programmers and integrators can also create and customise their own Deep Learning sensor apps using the SICK AppSpace software platform. “With SICK Deep Learning, what formerly took a team of

developers half a year to create, can now be achieved for a relatively small investment in a just a few hours,” says Neil Sandhu, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement and Ranging. “Machine builders and produc- tion teams alike can revisit inspection processes that have previously been too complex to automate, whether retro- fitting systems into existing production environments or developing completely new machines. “Through a simple step-by-step user interface, the SICK neural networks are trained by being shown example images and learn in the same way that humans do to judge a good inspection and what variations can be tolerated.

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ICK has launched a suite of Deep Learning apps and services to simplify machine vision quality inspection for


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