Harwin Adds Right Angle Termination to 1.25mm Pitch Connectors




DEAL Networks has introduced IDEAL AnyWARE™ Cloud, a new test management system which makes managing,

editing and sharing reports easier than ever for installers and technicians using LanTEK® IV cable certifiers. To make test data management even easier, the secure,

cloud-based tool can be accessed, viewed and updated on common web browsers, via PC or tablet. Registration for the free solution can be completed quickly and easily online, and users can select from a choice of nine languages. Once logged in to the IDEAL AnyWARE Cloud, the

intuitive interface provides easy access to data from the LanTEK IV. However, the platform also includes the WalkMe interactive digital help system which provides proactive guidance every step of the way, helping users to complete any key task in the AnyWARE Cloud easily.

IDEAL Networks  01925 428 380 


RTI Joins the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC) to Help Define an Architecture for Highly Autonomous Vehicles

suppliers and semiconductor companies to define the architecture to develop and run highly-autonomous vehicles, and support development phases from research to production. The amount of technological innovation required to develop highly-


autonomous vehicles requires the availability of a common architecture that these systems can be based on, regardless of the

manufacturer, hardware or software selected. Formed in 2019, the AVCC’s primary purpose is to develop a computing platform designed specifically to move today’s prototype systems to deployment at scale. RTI automotive experts will work with AVCC members on interface standards, real-time communication and next generation system architecture to advance the state-of-the-art in vehicle design. RTI Connext DDS is built on Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. Connext Drive is the first software framework that can integrate

Real-Time Innovations (RTI)  0(20) 3887-2818 

Waveform data streaming option enhances award- winning Yokogawa WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

enhancements are designed to help companies improve performance when developing or evaluating electronic devices such as EV-related equipment or systems for solar and wind power installations. The new DS option centres on waveform data streaming, while the focus of new G7 option is IEC harmonic, voltage fluctuation and flicker testing. In addition, a new firmware version is released that offers Modbus/TCP and raw socket communication, a navigation settings menu, webserver functions and the evaluation of multi-phase motor control. “The WT5000, which is the flagship model of our power analyzer WT series, now offers greatly extended


capabilities for companies measuring power consumption and efficiency as part of their development cycle,” explains Terry Marrinan, VP Sales & Marketing Yokogawa Europe and South-East Asia.

Yokogawa  +31 (0) 88 464 1803  CONNECTINGINDUSTRY.COM/ELECTRONICS

okogawa has released two new options and implemented a firmware upgrade for its WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer. The

eal-Time Innovations (RTI) has joined the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC). RTI joins leading OEMs, Tier 1

High power and frequency chip terminations in a

microwave and radio frequency products has announced the release of its new CTX high frequency wire-bondable chip termination series optimized to combine high frequency and power in a small package. The new CTX Series is designed to offer excellent

compact, lightweight design S

miths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems,

broadband performance up to 64GHz. It allows wider coverage than traditional components while providing optimized return loss for multiple band ranges and applications. This allows the customer to use a single chip in multiple applications, reducing the cost of ownership. “Higher frequency, reduced footprint, increased power

rating and the capability to produce in high volumes makes our new terminations a unique offering in the marketplace, suitable for SATCOM applications, 5G broadband requirements and Defence systems”, says Paul Harris, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Smiths Interconnect  +39 010 60361 


ue to popular demand, Harwin has extended its award-winning Gecko- SL (Screw-Lok) product range to include horizontal male connectors.

The successful Gecko range has gained many fans amongst engineers, giving them a more compact, lightweight alternative to conventional Micro-D connectors. Specifying the male throughboard connector at 90° to the PCB offers additional layout flexibility to maximize space above the board. Connectors can now be located at a PCB edge, routing a mated cable sideways outside the PCB stack. A key application to benefit from this connection style is CubeSats, where many designs involve a series of PCBs in a dense stack, with all cabling routed into the space outside the stack. Similar tight space restrictions occur in avionics, larger satellites, military (such as radar and portable communication equipment), robotics and motorsport. The horizontal connectors can also be used with female PCB connectors to give a motherboard/daughterboard arrangement.

Harwin  (0)23 9231 4545 

Sealing elements for maximized cable packing density D

eveloping the KDS-DES sealing elements for unassembled cables, CONTA-CLIP has transferred the simple cable entry

principle of its KES system to its KDS cable feedthrough system: to insert a cable, the membrane of this, newest sealing element is first pierced at the marked center, whereupon the cable can be pushed through the selected channel. The design based on the proven KES system ensures reliable sealing according to the degree of protection IP64. The KDS-DES variants currently available accommodate up to eight cables, depending on the cable diameter, which can range between 4.5 mm and 10.5 mm. Despite the high packing density, KDS-DES sealing elements are compatible with almost all KDS solutions. Like those, they are pressed into the frame

openings for installation from the inside. Their conical shape allows for easy insertion and reliable sealing of gaps. 

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