Extremely rugged DC UPS with maintenance-free longlife Supercaps, IP67 protection and ultra-wide input range


or reliable protection against power failure, flicker and voltage fluctuations, Bicker Elektronik, introduces two

new uninterruptible DC power supplies for use in extreme environmental conditions: the UPSI-1208IP-23UW with 12VDC output (8A) and UPSI-2406IP-24UW with 24VDC output (5.42A). The outdoor DC UPS units are dust and waterproof in accordance with protection class IP67. The robust aluminum housing contains the complete DC UPS control and charging electronics as well as the maintenance-free Longlife Supercap energy storage. The well-engineered circuit design and the high quality of all components used in the closed system allows fanless 24/7 continuous operation in the extended temperature range from -20 to +70 °C. The intelligent DC UPS with tailor-made

software provides a well featured complete system with added value for demanding customers and applications.

Extensive application possibilities Typical applications of UPSI-IP-2 series include i.a. heavy industry, petrochemical industry, tunneling and mining, safety and building technology, offshore / onshore energy, communications, commercial and special vehicles, industrial trucks, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, agriculture, medical and laboratory technology. The UPS systems ensure the uninterruptible and safe DC power supply of sensitive and process-relevant control modules, embedded computers, actuators, sensors, motor drives, etc.

Maintenance-free Supercap energy storage technology

Unlike batteries, which store energy by the detour of a chemical reaction, ultracapacitors (Supercaps) are based on the electrophysical principles of the double-layer capacitor and are charged and ready for use within a very short time, operate in a wide operating temperature range and convince with a high current-carrying capacity, power density and reliability. Due to the high cycle stability (> 500,000 charge and discharge cycles), energy storage units with Supercaps have a particularly long service life and are practically maintenance-free. For the supplied application, this means an increase in long-term availability while minimizing maintenance efforts.

Ultra-wide-range input with integrated EMC filter

On the input side, both DC UPS systems have a high- efficiency DC-DC converter with ultra-wide-range input from 7 to 36 VDC (UPSI-1208IP-23UW) or 8 to 36 VDC (UPSI-

SIGLENT Technologies further expands its RF analyzer portfolio

products some of the most popular on the market. These include a 10.1" touch screen, web server for easy remote control and the ability to connect external mouse & keyboard for a convenient, computer-like usage as well as an intuitive menu structure. Furthermore, the instrument series can be

the growing need for higher bandwidths in testing circuit designs for 5G applications. The new Model SVA1075X is a Spectrum and Vector Network Analyzer with a frequency range up to 7.5 GHz. The new Model SSA3075X Plus is a Powerful


Spectrum Analyzer with reliable automatic measurements in frequency ranges up to 7.5 GHz. These two new products represent the highest bandwidth products to date for SIGLENT Technologies and can be extended with Vector Signal Analysis and other options to increase versatility for meeting the unique challenges of RF circuit design. February 2020: SIGLENT Technologies presents two

new additions to their RF instrument product group. Firstly, the existing series of SVA1000X spectrum and vector network analyzers feature an additional model with a 7.5 GHz maximum frequency. The newly introduced SVA1075X features vector network analysis like the two lower frequency models SVA1032X (3.2 GHz) and SVA1015X (1.5 GHz). The second new release is a higher frequency

version of the popular SSA3000X Plus series of spectrum analyzer. The new SSA3075X builds on this platform and extends the maximum measurement frequency to 7.5 GHz. Both series follow the same flexible and efficient user interface concept that have made the SIGLENT RF

IGLENT Technologies has introduced two new products for its line of RF instrumentation to meet

supplemented with additional broadcast measurement functions like Channel Power (CHP), Occupied Bandwidth (OBW), Carrier-to-Noise Ratio (CNR), Harmonics, Third Order Intercept (TOI) and Spectrogram - all bundled in one option. (SVA1000X-AMK) . The optional vector signal analysis (SVA1000X-

AMA/DMA) offers detailed modulation analysis. Signal distortion and interference can easily be visualized within a constellation diagram. Phase or magnitude errors as well as the error vector magnitude (EVM) can be determined for e.g. PSK, MSK or QAM modulated signals. These options together enable the analyzers to become powerful transceiver debugging tools. For electromagnetic pre-compliance testing, the new

instruments also feature an EMI filter (200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz and 1MHz) and quasi-peak detector package is available and can be retrofitted with software to simplify EMC pre-compliance measurements. To address the needs of antenna installations, the

SVA1000X series can additionally be upgraded with a Distance-to-Fault measurement function, which enables the user to detect defects on cables or improper connections. Finally, the banner specifications such as DANL down

to -161dBm/Hz, Phase Noise < -98dBc/Hz and a total amplitude accuracy down to 0.7 dB make the products ideal for many RF bench and field applications.

Siglent Technologies  +49 151 407 167 56 


Omron MOSFET Relay Minimises Leakage for Maximum Test Accuracy

he G3VM-21MT combines the advantages of mechanical and MOSFET relay technology to provide the ultimate

test switching solution. With a unique T- circuit structure, the Omron G3VM-21MT offers an exceptionally low leakage current of just 1pA (pico-Amp) or less, giving accurate measurements in all types of test equipment. Mechanical relays have previously been preferred in the semiconductor and other test equipment, in part due to their low leakage current. With a ‘T-Type Circuit structure’ that sends most leakage current to ground, the G3VM-21MT effectively combines the advantages of the mechanical and MOSFET relays to provide an accurate, compact and long-lasting switching solution with no mechanical contacts. The compact size of 5mm x 3.75 mm x 2.7mm is achieved by the incorporation of the T-circuit into the module. The device is surface mounted and is offered in SPST with no configuration required. It features an impressive maximum load voltage of 20V and its isolation performance is less than -30dB at 1 GHz.

Omron Electronics Components B.V.  +31 235 681 296 


2406IP-24UW). To suppress network-sided electromagnetic interference, an additional EMC filter module is upstream of the converter.

Intelligent DC UPS control and charging electronics

In normal operation, the C-controlled system electronics of the integrated UPS module provide the nominal output

voltage, charge the supercapacitors and monitor the voltage thresholds at the input. If the voltage falls below the defined voltage threshold, the system switches to the UPS backup mode within fractions of a second and ensures the uninterruptible and regulated output voltage for 12VDC or 24VDC consumers. The intelligent distribution of charging currents (PowerSharing) ensures that the input power is kept constant and distributed accordingly to the supplied load and the Supercap charger. With a lower load at the output, more energy flows into the Supercap charger and vice versa.

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