Demand For 28” Deep Rack Mount Enclosures


ETCASE has seen rising demand for 28” deep custom versions of its bestselling COMBIMET 19” enclosures. Two years ago METCASE confirmed 24” deep custom

COMBIMET as a standard size; now it could make the 28” deep version standard too if demand continues to rise. COMBIMET is METCASE’s most popular 19” rack case

range. Applications include networking and communications, industrial computers, sound and studio electronics, laboratory instruments and control systems. The new 28” (711.2 mm) deep custom COMBIMET is

METCASE’s deepest 19” rack case. It is designed to fit 1,000 mm deep racks. Standard COMBIMET enclosures have removable top,

base and rear panels, offering full access to the PCBs. The top and base can be specified as either vented or unvented. Other features include ergonomic front panel handles and mounting holes for PCBs and chassis. M4 earth studs on all components ensure electrical continuity.

OKW  01489 583858 

extensive range of Waterproof Connectors. These connectors offer an easy push together mate and un-mate friction lock, with up to 6 contacts. With body diameters of less than 10mm, they offer a low cost, robust and reliable connection for a wide variety of applications where small size and water sealing (IP66) is required. The Micro A series is a 2 way panel mount male

New Micro Series Waterproof connectors S

elwyn Electronics, The Interconnection Specialists, have added another series to their

with a moulded female plug and is rated at 2A. The Micro B series is available with a panel mount receptacle, cable mount plug, and cable mount in-line

receptacle for cable to cable connection. The mixed 2+2 arrangement has 2 contacts rated at 10A and 2 at 2A. The B series also has 2 through to 6 way versions all with 2A contacts. Take a look at their website for more details.

Selwyn Electronics  01732 765100 

New Lattice mVision Solutions Stack Accelerates Low Power Embedded Vision Development

vision solutions with the introduction of the Lattice mVision™ solutions stack. The complete solutions stack includes the modular hardware development boards, design software, embedded vision IP portfolio, and reference designs and demos needed to implement sensor bridging, sensor aggregation, and image processing applications. The Lattice mVision solutions stack accelerates


and simplifies the implementation of embedded vision systems such as machine vision, ADAS, drones and AR/VR for the industrial, automotive, consumer, smart home, and medical markets. Industry analyst firm Grand View Research forecasts the global machine vision market will reach over $18 billion by 2025. “Lattice is committed to delivering complete solutions stacks, such as our multiple award winning sensAI stack, that accelerate the adoption of the disruptive technologies driving growth across multiple end markets,” said Deepak Boppana, Sr. Director of Segment and Solutions

Lattice Semiconductor 

New Compact 36W, 60W and 90W DIN-Rail Mini Power Supplies From PULS

Mini power supplies = New space opportunities

and smallest products in their very successful PIANO product family. Three new 24VDC output DIN-Rail power supplies have been added to the range; PIM36 (36W - coming soon), PIM60 (60W) and PIM90 (90W).


The new PIANO Mini (PIM) power supplies free-up space in industrial automation, machines or control panels to offer more flexible system planning. The PIM90 a 90W DIN-Rail power supply in a 36 x 90 x 91mm (WxHxD) housing is currently unique in the market. The width of the 36W version is only 22.5mm - literally a thumb's width. These new power supplies unlock completely new space opportunities for system designers.

The most important characteristics of the new PIANO devices is their focus on the core features required from a power supply:

efficiency, lifetime, reliability and size. PULS’s recognized very high quality is designed into each of these features.

A key design feature is the high efficiency of 91,8% (PIM60 and PIM90) at full load and +40°C ambient temperature. The resulting very low heat losses make the power supplies more durable, extends their working life and that of the end system and reduces the cost of system cooling.

The PIM60 and PIM90 offer users the choice of push-in or screw terminals. The push-in terminals reduce installation time and are very reliable in environments prone to shock and vibration. In addition, they are ideally suited to robot- assisted wiring processes. Screw terminals can accommodate larger diameter wires and are still popular in more benign environments.

Typical applications for PULS DIN-Rail power supplies include, industrial and process control, building automation, smart buildings and Industry 4.0, panel-building, test and measurement, instrumentation and communications systems. Versions are ruggedised for harsh environments.

PULS UK Ltd. 38 MARCH 2020 | ELECTRONICS  01525 841001 

ULS Power, the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN- Rail power supplies, announces the introduction of the latest

OMC’s new hermetically-

sealed FDE851HLBF infra-red fibre optic emitter


MC, the pioneer in optoelectronics design & manufacture, has released a hermetically-sealed

850nm fibre optic transmitter diode which delivers a high intensity output for coupling into multimode fibres even in challenging environments. Designed for applications where long term reliability is paramount, this device is highly specialised with very few similar products available suiting a wide range of fibre optic applications including datacomms, sensing, encoding, instrumentation and signalling, ensuring speed and integrity of signal over a long operating life. The FDE851HLBF 850nm emitter features a hermetically-sealed TO-can body with glass optical window that helps protect the device internals from atmospheric conditions. The device allows high speed operation in the tens of MHz, and contains integral micro- optics which focus the beam to a very narrow point which delivers efficient coupling into multimode glass optical fibres as small as 50µm, achieving a typical launch power of 30µW at 100mA into 50/125 fibre.

OMC  01209-215424 


attice Semiconductor Corporation the low power programmable leader, today extended its position as a global provider of FPGA-based embedded

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