ADVERTORIAL TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION Delta unveils smart green products

showcase smart green products and solutions for the creation of energy-efficient cities at Middle East Electricity 2019. The state-of-the-art portfolio includes the IoT-based Building Management Platform, which offers compatibility with all open protocols used in building control such as Modbus, BACnet, M-Bus, DALI, EnOcean, OPC, LON and KNX to implement energy-efficient control of a broad range of building functions including HVAC, lighting, surveillance cameras, renewable energy systems and EV chargers. Delta is also launching its 125kW string PV inverter M125HV series, which features peak efficiency up to 99.0%.


Mr. Motaz Al Ma’ani, Delta’s senior director & general manager for the, Middle East & Africa, said: “With an ever growing focus on how to build smart cities for the future, and the world increasingly invested in ways to save energy, manufacturers are responding to this demand. Today, Delta is very well placed to maximise businesses potential to change the way they are powered, thanks to its wide range of energy-saving solutions that will be shown at MEE 2019.”

Delta’s innovative, energy-efficient and complete portfolio of solutions at MEE 2019 will include:

 Delta’s complete HVAC solution for industrial automation includes PLCs to AC motor drives and

industrial Ethernet switches for chiller, air conditioning and cooling water systems. The Industrial Ethernet Cloud solution offers a telemetry system on demand with available 3G/4G, Ethernet and Wifi interfaces, as well as remote connection via a 3G router and support for Android and iOS APP software for remote monitoring. The multiple water pump control solution boasts a configurable system and software to control up to four pumps, including the booster circulation pump, flow circulation pump and centrifugal pump, making it perfect for various markets.

 The IoT-based Building Management Platform from LOYTEC, a Delta Group company, is uniquely compatible

with all open protocols used in building control such as Modbus, BACnet, M-Bus, DALI, EnOcean, OPC, LON and KNX for controlling energy-related functions including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, renewable energy and EV chargers.

 The new M125HV series string inverter for commercial applications is Delta’s latest flagship model. This 3-phase

M125HV series, offers a maximum of 140kVA output power, active cooling, and industry-leading peak efficiencies of up to 99.2%. These high-power and high- efficiency string inverters are ideal for maximising the return on investment from large commercial and ground-mounted photovoltaic plants with megawatt- sized solar arrays. It is also electrolytic-capacitor-free and has remote control and monitoring options along with an all-in-one design with built-in DC switches and AC and DC surge protection. This solution is ideal for organisations who want reliable operation and a maximum return on investment, as it can be used in conjunction with MyDeltaSolar Cloud, a cloud-based monitoring system that allows the solar inverter owner to register their PV plant online to view the status anytime and anywhere.

Delta 

The same quantity in the correct proportion ProtectoXP from Rehm offers 2K encapsulation

The Protecto lacquering systems from Rehm Thermal

Systems, for example, have multifunctional lacquer applicator units that can apply the lacquer by spraying, dispensing or jet, to suit the application – even in narrow gaps between components. For the ProtectoXP there is a wide range of applicators available, through which it is possible to select the right equipment for the corresponding application and thus always to achieve the best possible result. From these applicators up to four can be used simultaneously, for example the 2K system. In this volumetric dosing system, two different material


n modern electronics manufacturing it remains important to protect sensitive assemblies from external influences -

reliably, safely and as well as possible. Yet continuing development and miniaturisation in electronics are creating ever more complex assemblies that call for an even more precise level of protection. With the ProtectoXP, Rehm Thermal Systems offers a lacquering system with the option of 2K encapsulation for a particularly high level of protection.

Corrosion, moisture and vibration are just some of the

hazards that can cause damage to an assembly from outside. To protect individual components or indeed the entire assembly, however, these can be coated with a protective lacquer after soldering. Selective, automatic coating of electronic assemblies with a protective lacquer, a process known as ‘conformal coating’, offers numerous possibilities here.

components – irrespective of whether they are high or low in viscosity – are applied uniformly and without pulsation, and independently of any fluctuations in pressure, temperature or viscosity. A 2K encapsulation of this kind is always used when a particularly high level of protection is required. The volumetric operating principle of the applicators ensures that the correct quantity of material in the correct mixing ratio is delivered every time, irrespective of temperature or fluctuations in pressure. Further information on the ProtectoXP and the 2K

system is available at Rehm

elta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, unveiled today its wide



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