Reliable and affordable from idea to volume production with Screvle

Innovative, phased approach launched series of thousands of electronic devices in the market

Industrial engraving company achieves ISO 9001 2015

excellence in customer service and delivery. The ISO certification will enable the company to do business with an increasing number of businesses in specific industrial and commercial sectors where the latest accreditation is considered essential. Brunel, which offers a wide range of services to the


trade, including signmakers, engraving companies and trophy shops, has recently completed an extensive refit and expansion of its production facility at Clevedon, near Bristol. A new mezzanine level has been created within the premises and the interior of the building has been opened out, increasing the workshop space by 25 percent to improve efficiency and to accommodate new technologically advanced laser and etching equipment. This will enable Brunel to further extend the breadth of

services on offer to the trade, while also continuing to provide its customers with a cost-effective and efficient service.

Brunel Engraving 

eading engraving specialist, Brunel Engraving has achieved the latest ISO 9001 2015 accreditation in recognition of its


any smart, connected systems, e.g. for Internet-of-Things applications, experience problems with electronics design and production. With its innovative approach, Screvle in Rotselaar, Belgium, executes these steps more

rapidly, reliably and affordably. At the core is a modular electronics platform that the company develops since more than five years. The platform enables customers to spread their investments over multiple phases in order to market their solutions faster and optimise the design more efficiently for increasing production volumes. The series of thousands of devices in the market prove the robustness of the custom electronics solutions. Screvle executes the phased process in partnership with customers and minimises the technical and business risks towards a reliable and affordable series product. Screvle grows rapidly and serves diverse verticals by developing electronics for e.g. smart traffic signs, track & trace solutions, terminals for care centers, and even intelligent mousetraps.

Screvle  

TÜV SÜD Appoints Global Market Access Expert to Lead Dedicated UK Service


ÜV SÜD Product Service has appointed Robert Campling to lead its UK Global Market Access (GMA) service, which helps manufacturers of electrical and electronic products enter multiple international markets more quickly.

Robert has nine years’ GMA experience, joining TÜV SÜD from Underwriters Laboratories where he was GMA

Operations Leader for nearly six years. TÜV SÜD’s UK-based GMA team manage the entire compliance process, ensuring that manufacturers, exporters and retailers meet country-specific requirements for seamless market entry across multiple countries. As the team has direct relationships with global regulatory authorities, and TÜV SÜD’s own international network of laboratories, time-to-market and costs are minimised.

The absence of harmonised standards creates complexities for manufacturers as they must comply with multiple

regulations for each country they wish to access. TÜV SÜD’s UK GMA service delivers a global compliance roadmap to simplify this complexity across multiple industry sectors, including automotive, components, consumer, medical and telecoms.

TÜV SÜD SKF develops sealing solution S

KF has supported Swedish floor grinding machine manufacturer, Scanmaskin, by developing a tailored radial shaft seal for its latest, most high-performing machine, in a record lead-time of four months.

The Scanmaskin World Series was developed with support from SKF’s application engineering team in Sweden and

has an expected service life of up to 20 years. Paolo Bergstrand, CEO of Scanmaskin, says: “Professional floor grinders operate in harsh conditions, with dust a major issue for machine reliability and performance. The machines need to withstand being used on rough and uneven sources, without compromising on efficiency, calculated by the amount of surface area one can grind per hour of operation.” Anders Jönsson, Sealing Specialist at SKF, says: “Requests to help develop tailored solutions are part of our daily

work but what made this request so special was the short lead-time. We only had about four months to design, develop and manufacture a solution that met Scanmaskin’s demanding needs. Our application engineers proposed a Heavy Industrial Seal with an SKF Duralip sealing lip. Made from nitrile rubber, this type of radial shaft seal is also used in chemical mixers, steel mills and other construction applications.”

Nils Manne, Application Engineer at SKF, explains: “We needed to find a sealing solution that would protect the driveline from contamination. It also needed to withstand damage which can occur during drivebelt changes as well as the high temperatures associated with continuous operation of the machine over long periods of time.” Seals have a crucial impact on

system performance. Life and reliability of what is often considered a simple component can make all the difference to a product and its efficient operation. SKF’s industrial sealing solutions include power transmission seals, hydraulic seals, fluid handling seals and machined seals.



Well-Sealed, Easy to Install Modular Hall Effect Sensors

ensata Technologies (NYSE:ST), an industrial technology company and a leading provider of sensors, has launched the new ACW4 Single Turn and TCW4 Multi Turn Absolute Hall Effect Sensors, which feature an over- molded, two-part modular construction that provides engineers with exceptional design flexibility. The sensing electronics are encased in a thermoplastic


polyamide shell while the separate activating magnet is external to the sensor assembly. This modular architecture results in a compact package of only 50mm in diameter by a maximum 24mm thick that allows designers to easily incorporate the ACW4 and TCW4 sensors into both new and existing systems. An over-molded housing completely encapsulates the electronics and seals the cable entry from exposure to the elements, making this IP67-rated sensor an ideal solution for robotic, industrial, manufacturing and material handling applications where dusty or wet conditions are common.

Sensata Technologies 


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