ADVERTORIAL Industrial grade Intel NUC format rugged system


VM Limited has announced availability of the Jetway JBC311U93 industrial grade NUC format embedded system. Based on the Intel Celeron 7.5W TDP Bay-Trail M

Quad-Core SOC processor clocked at 1.83 to 2.16 GHz and with up to 8 GB of DDR3L- 1333 DRAM, it is housed in a rugged 110 x 116 x 49 mm aluminium enclosure. It offers fanless operation and long-term operational life, with a minimum planned lifecycle of Q1 2029. While potential applications are very broad, the unit is particularly suitable for systems where physically harsh operating environments, restricted access and long-term reliability are primary considerations. It offers impressive computing power combined with extensive I/O capability and support for dual 1920 x 1200 HDMI displays, driven by Intel Gen 7 HD Graphics. It is available in two standard versions: with or without 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. The unit without Wi-Fi capability provides a half-size Mini-PCIe slot. Both versions have a full-size 3 GB/s mSATA Slot, two Gigabit LAN ports, four USB ports and a RS232/422/485 serial port. A wall mount, VESA bracket and DIN rail mountings are included as standard, giving extensive mounting flexibility, ideal for control room mounting or hiding away inside a larger machine. The unit is powered from an external 36W 12 VDC PSU and it has support for both Windows and Linux OS.

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Ace Your Next Display Project with PanelPilot T

he PanelPilot range from Lascar Electronics is a unique series of smart graphic displays that enable the creation of fully bespoke interfaces without writing a line of code.

The PanelPilot ACE is a unique platform ideal for rapid development of touchscreen machine interfaces and system monitoring displays. Available in two sizes, ACE uses software that allows app development using an intuitive drag and drop interface. ACE display units accept inputs including 4-20 mA analogue, direct digital I/O, RS485, CANBUS and MODBUS. There are also digital alarm outputs and a built-in PWM generator. The free Design Studio software contains powerful tools such as PID, maths and logic builders, multi-channel data logging and graphing. Next is the versatile M series. This range includes versions that are suitable for

Tel: 0208 339 7370 Fax: 0208 339 7371

Unit 5 Russell House, Molesey Road Email: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 3PE

voltage or current inputs, and also products that are sealed to IP67. The M series are programmable panel meters featuring dual analogue inputs, alarm outputs and colour touchscreen displays. Configured using the free PanelPilot M Software, there over 50 app templates available including bar-graph, tank level, analogue style and trend graphs. The newest addition is the SGD 21-B, a low cost, low power, sunlight readable, single channel voltmeter with a sleek monochrome e-paper display. The unit is configured with the free PanelPilot B software. Modest power requirements make this display ideal for use in battery-powered handheld instruments.

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