Southco’s TL Draw and Slide Latch

evaluation, Southco produced a small batch run of selected products, which were built into the DAL luminaires manufactured for a fullscale, cross-passage tunnel mock-up. The design features and attention to detail shown at this stage met the rigorous specification specified by the Crossrail architects and engineers. With Southco’s technical support and specialised knowledge, the final components were selected according to DAL’s design requirements. The DAL design team worked closely with

Southco engineers to identify a practical solution that addressed the complex problem of making the light fixtures safe, easy to access and durable. Every DAL Crossrail luminaire now incorporates

a combination of Southco components: the TL Draw Latch and Keeper, TL Slide Latch, E6 Position Control Hinge and DZUS Quarter-Turn Quick Access Fastener.

1. TL Draw and Slide Latches – preventing accidental opening under vibration Southco’s TL Over-Center Draw Latch and Keeper and TL Slide Latch play a central role in the safety of the project. The design team selected them for their ability to offer a high level of vibration resistance and their capacity to tolerate misalignment and hold panels securely and consistently in place, providing additional security. The TL Latch series features simple hand

operation that allows easy removal for access or maintenance, giving added flexibility for this complex setting. The lever-actuated, over-center action pulls panels together and holds them secure, making the lid more difficult to open accidentally and providing a higher level of safety. Additionally, the wire link design provides the maximum level of strength and shock resistance, while the concealed mounting styles provide a clean surface appearance.

2. E6 Position Control Hinge – precise control and movement of heavy parts DAL selected Southco’s external E6-10-600 series hinge over the gas struts commonly used for large lighting fixture covers, which not only holds the cover open, but offers added position control when accessing the lighting assembly. The covers are accessed only infrequently by service and maintenance personnel, due to the use of longer-lasting LED lights instead of older

E6 Position Control Hinge

lighting technology. Gas struts that are not cycled frequently create the potential issue of seals drying out, so that when they are eventually opened, they may leak and ultimately fail. The mechanical friction solution provided by the E6 hinge eliminates this risk. Incorporating the function into the hinge also saves on initial installation cost and space. DAL identified Southco’s E6 Position Control

Hinge to resolve the challenges with the cover, which enables a heavy load to be lifted with ease and with no drift or swing. Integrated Positioning Technology within the hinge gives users the flexibility to define and adjust the operating effort required to move or position panels and accommodates variables in enclosure construction – without added hardware or installation costs. This allowed DAL to increase the safety and ease of use of the entire system, without exceeding the project budget.

3. DZUS Quick Access Quarter-Turn Fastener – saving time with rapid fastening DAL’s design also incorporated Southco’s DZUS Quick Access Quarter-Turn Fastener as a tool- operated secondary safety feature for latching the lighting cover. The DZUS series enables rapid fastening,

providing safe and quick access that saves time on installation and maintenance. Its ability to provide repeatable functionality with a set amount of fastening force means that it cannot be overtightened and has consistent engagement. The head style of the Quarter-Turn Fastener has been specially modified for the Crossrail project to allow installation engineers and maintenance personnel to clearly see when it is securely locked, a vital aid when working at height on essential maintenance and repair procedures. The DAL team also valued the fact that the DZUS Quarter-Turn Fastener’s proven cam and receptacle design allows it to remain securely fastened under heavy vibration load.

THE IMPLEMENTATION The new Crossrail Elizabeth Line comprises underground and over ground stations with eight new stations in total, with DAL supplying nearly 1,000 specialist light fixtures to the project – all featuring Southco latches. By working with Southco, DAL is providing a value- added product to Transport for London. The


DZUS Quick Access Quarter-Turn Fastener

luminaires and their enclosures are not only highly efficient but also safer, more intelligent and more durable than alternative products, offering Crossrail and Transport for London the highest standard of quality, and greater peace of mind around liability and safety. As a pioneering lighting design and

manufacturing company, DAL was seeking products and components that could help it achieve its vision for its client’s project. By identifying intuitive and durable hardware that addressed all the potential issues, it could be certain that it was developing a superior, value-added product for Crossrail and Transport for London. Using high quality access solutions also enabled DAL to offer their client a more competitive product. DAL identified that no other supplier apart from Southco had the right mix of hardware to achieve the functionality that was required. Southco provided multiple products from one source, which not only solved DAL’s design and safety challenges but also offered their customers a more robust and forward-thinking solution.

THE RESULTS John Ilett, chief design engineer at DAL, said: “With safety and access together with exceptional lighting performance being essential considerations within this complex setting, we knew that the design for our client, Transport for London, would require careful planning and problem-solving. We recognised that we had to identify a solution which, to meet all our client’s requirements, would most likely be a multiple-part system. “We needed to identify intelligent hardware

which would not only fit the setting but maintain the long-term safety and performance of the entire lighting system. Our partnership with Southco enabled us to address a significant and complex challenge for Transport for London, ensuring that the DAL luminaires on the London Crossrail line are effective and safe to maintain and operate. We were impressed at Southco’s ability to identify the ideal components and to make the appropriate modifications to meet our needs and those of our clients.”

Southco T: 01905 346722


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