Newbury Electronics'

expertise and fabrication skills save the day for one Industrial Design student


revyn Rayner-Canham, a final year BA Industrial Design and Technology student needed guidance regarding the

electronic elements of her personal stress sensor, (the Knot Patch,) so approached Newbury Electronics. With a one- week deadline, the company translated her rudimentary design specifications into a fully functioning PCB. The mock-up electrical circuit was fabricated using

connected stock electronics but using micro-electronic components would deliver a more precise level of biodata capture. The challenge was to get the board manufactured in time and to ensure that the electronic component sat within a specified graphical shape, key for the sensor's aesthetics. This is unusual as many products are designed to fit around the PCB. The PCB's detects when an individual is experiencing

acute fear or stress. It does so by collecting biodata through the corresponding sensors.

Newbury Electronics 

mechanism that reduces installation time by up to 75 percent compared to traditional products. Best suited for bulk material and air handling applications, the new bearing mounts by tightening fasteners instead of using a hammer and other tools. The new system also allows for simple installation and removal from the same side of the bearing, which means only one person is needed for the task. “The new mounting system replaces the blows of a

ABB’s new Dodge® Safety Mount spherical roller bearings cut installation time by up to 75 percent A

BB has launched Dodge® Safety Mount spherical roller bearings with a built-in patented locking

product during installation and operation. A labyrinth seal option is available for high-speed and high- temperature applications. Dodge Safety Mount spherical roller bearings are

suitable for use with the ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor for mounted bearings, an easy-to-use, wireless sensor that monitors the health of bearings. Dodge Safety Mount bearings combine the

hammer with the tightening of fasteners,” says Jim Madsen, Dodge Mounted Roller Bearing Product Manager, ABB. “It also makes it faster to install large bearings, but more importantly, it makes it safer for the installer.” Safety Mount bearings feature a triple-lip contact

seal and corrosion-resistant flinger sealing system which prevents contamination from entering the

for use in high-end hotels and commercial office buildings. To ensure the smooth-running of the project, the company took the bold decision to partner with Broanmain

to create 27 injection moulding tools. Once the tool trials were complete, Broanmain commenced producing the numerous components, moulding each part on their fleet of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Systec machines.

As each component making up

the IQ4 climate control unit clips together without using screws, moulding precision is paramount. The smallest part – the light pipes – measure just 5mm by 1.5mm. “We worked exceptionally hard to get every part spot on,” comments Peter Light, Supplier Development Engineer at Horsham-based Trend Control Systems. Printing the terminal information

Broanmain Plastics designed and developed 27 individual mould tools for Trend Controls modular IQ4E climate control system.

in numerous colours and formats on the injection moulded curved top plate presented additional process challenges. Yet, this was made feasible with the investment in a high quality pad printing system.

Another key challenge for Trend is each of the 40,000 climate control panels shipped annually is made to order,

with just a two-day lead time. Given these tight timescales, and with 12 variations of the climate control unit, Peter and the team rely on a simple yet effective Kanban lean manufacturing technique. Introduced by Broanmain’s Managing Director Wilf Davis, Broanmain creates assembly kits, inserting components

into reusable tubs featuring four dividers: “When the crates arrive at Trend, our assembly operatives remove their sub-kit. It makes us more productive as we’re not wasting time looking for components. It also significantly reduces the amount of packaging we throw away.”


Trend rehauls production of flagship climate control panel A

s the UK market leader for building management control systems, Trend Control Systems, part of the Honeywell Group of companies, had a major job on their hands launching the next generation of climate control systems

Plastics to oversee the design and development of 27 individual mould tools and manage the ongoing production of the casing, light pipes, switches and Kanban schedule for its top-range modular IQ4E climate control system. Following a detailed SWOT analysis, Trend’s in-house mechanical designer worked collaboratively with Broanmain

advantages of the Dodge Imperial family of bearings: factory sealed and greased, shaft ready out of the box, with no feeler gauges required. They are offered in split cap and single piece housing options in standard SAF, metric SN, Type E, and Imperial housing dimensions in sizes 4-15/16” to 7” (115 mm to 170 mm).

ABB  07000 374 837 

Lenze to showcase Smart Motor Solutions at this year’s IMHX exhibition

complete, scalable mechatronic drive system,combining motor, gear unit and electronic drive in one incredibly easy-to-use package. In addition, Lenze’s latest X4 Remote with x500, an out-


of-the-box solution for cloud-based remote services and condition monitoring, will also be available at their stand.The X4 platform integrates with their x500 IoT gateways, so that customers can bring both machines and systems into the cloud without specific IoT knowledge.

Neil Beaumont, Marketing

Manager at Lenze says: “We are constantly looking at offering more freedom for engineers and looking forward to demonstrating the X4 platform at IMHX where visitors can drop by for a coffee to discuss the considerable benefits this solution provides. Visit Stand 20C125 on

the 24-27th September, NEC Birmingham for coffee and a chat with Lenze regarding automated solutions.

Lenze  01234 753 227 


elebrating 50 years in the UK, Lenze, will showcase at IMHX this September, their Smart Motor Solutions - a

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