For the latest news, follow us on Twitter: @CI_DesignMag and/or ‘Like’ us on Facebook 1300 PEOPLE ATTEND RS COMPONENTS’ INAUGURAL STEMFEST EVENT

More than 1,300 people, including 500 local school children, attended RS Components’ inaugural three day STEMFEST event at its UK headquarters in Corby. STEMFEST is part of RS’ commitment to inspire the next generation of engineers and technologists, by raising awareness of STEM subjects in a dynamic and engaging way. Attendees, from local primary and secondary

schools, were treated to a variety of technology workshops and activities, including 3D printing, code robotics and DrillArt, while workshops on understanding the mind of hackers and how to design a website offered further insight into the ever growing technological world. The RS Titan II truck, which features some of the latest technology used in industry today,

was also present. Since its launch in 2017, the Titan II truck has had more than 35,000 under 18’s on board. The STEMFEST event was supported by

150 RS STEM ambassadors, as well as external ambassadors from companies including national Rail, Cummins and Nationwide. Laura Giddings, STEM education manager, RS

Northern Europe, added: “We were absolutely thrilled that our very first STEMFEST was so well attended and received. Securing a pipeline of talent to safeguard our future infrastructure, by addressing the major skills shortage in engineering and lack of STEM subjects uptake, is an urgent mission – particularly given the dwindling numbers of young people pursuing

STEM subjects beyond GCSE. “We are dedicated to inspiring the next

generation of young people into STEM careers, and this latest initiative has strengthened that commitment and enabled us to further engage with tomorrow’s engineers.”


Dassault Systèmes has announced that Dassault Aviation is using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to design, develop, produce and manage its value chain for all programs including a new one to continuously innovate and expand the existing Falcon range of business jets. The company can fully control aircraft development, better integrate business processes, improve performance and reduce costs with a platform approach. “The 3DEXPERIENCE platform represents a holistic

approach to innovation,” said David Ziegler, vice president aerospace & defence industry, Dassault

Systèmes. “It equips Dassault Aviation with integrated technologies and capabilities to connect all the dots from concept to operations, bring real- world data into the virtual world for analysis and action, build powerful, dynamic value networks of suppliers, and coordinate knowledge, know-how and processes to build their future aircraft.” The 3DEXPERIENCE platform incorporates 3D design,

analysis, simulation and intelligence applications in a single digital environment.


Nexans has completed the final type-test to qualify its state-of-the-art 420kV XLPE subsea cable for installation at a world record depth of 550m. The cable type-testing is vital preparation for a project to create a

subsea power interconnector crossing Fensfjorden, close to Bergen, which is approximately 8km wide and 526m at its deepest point. The Fensfjorden project forms part of a broader plan by power company, BKK Nett AS, to strengthen the electrical grid in Western Norway.


he engineering skills shortage has been a growing issue

for a number of years now, despite ongoing efforts by the government, schools, companies and organisations across the UK. Students from primary school level upwards are being encouraged to

take an interest in STEM subjects – in fact many pre-school toys are now also designed to encourage toddlers to learn STEM skills. Despite this, however, the UK is still facing a huge skills gap. So, I was interested to see the results of a survey from Brother UK

which examined a year’s worth of Google search data to reveal the most searched for jobs in the last year ( business-solutions/worlds-most-searched-for-jobs). Combining all countries across the globe together, mechanical

engineering came top of the list. In the UK, however, the most searched for job was teaching assistant, closely followed by estate agent, project manager and prison office. Engineering did not feature on the list. So where are we going wrong in the UK? Are students being

encouraged to learn all about STEM from an early age but not getting the right advice about the careers they can then get into? Let me know your thoughts on the topic by emailing: Rachael Morling - Editor



Rittal started its UK operations in Rotherham in July 1979, providing distribution, sales and marketing support for its customers. Shane Hope, managing director,

said: “Rittal UK is part of a major international success story. Our core product range of enclosures are used all over the world and are found in more than 90% of all industrial sectors. One of our most popular products, the AE Enclosure, has sold more than 35 million units alone.” He added: “Innovation and

reinvention is part of our determination to embrace Industry 4.0 and as a customer-first approach to product development. For example, we developed the VX25 – providing a system that delivers beyond the market’s expectations. We’ve also developed the highly- anticipated and soon to be launched AX and KX range of enclosures. These developments incorporate key elements that support a digital value chain for panel building and switchgear construction.” Rittal, and its sister software

company Eplan, have sought to create a seamless value chain for customers through enhanced process steps in engineering, design, work preparation and production.

The dynamic growth of sister companies, R. A. Rodriguez and RARUK Automation, has resulted in both relocating to a substantial new facility in Shefford, Bedfordshire. The new building includes

dedicated rooms for feasibility study and training as well as a fully operational showroom. It also provides greater capacity for growing staff numbers and for stockholding. Managing director Peter Williamson

said: “We have bought this facility to bring both operations under one roof, underpin their growth and to enhance our ability to design and prove solutions for our customers.”

Camloc Motion Control has appointed Ireland-based Appian Fasteners to its global distribution network. The new partnership will see

Appian Fasteners stock and distribute a range of Camloc’s stainless and mild steel adjustable force gas springs and accessories through its online webshop, offering next day delivery from stock. In addition, Appian will also provide gas spring and damper technical support and value-added engineering to its customers through Camloc’s experts and bespoke product offering.

Curtis Instruments has announced the establishment of the Curtis UK Engineering Centre (UKEC), a new Research & Development Engineering facility that will be located in the Newcastle/Sunderland area. The UKEC expands Curtis’ position

as an expert electrification partner to OEMs and EV system suppliers. The UKEC will also significantly strengthen Curtis’ ability to provide first-class systems engineering services to the major UK & European vehicle and mobile machinery manufacturers. The facility will work closely with

existing Curtis global engineering teams in California, New York, Switzerland and China.


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