Dependability and hygiene in cleanroom environment T

Hermetically sealed connection solutions support optimal containment

he German company Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH specialises in the production and development of application-specific process technology and

is among the recognised experts for basic process engineering applications such as mixing, drying and granulation of bulk materials. For a GMP ploughshare mixer Lödige chose leakproof INOXLINE push-in fittings from Eisele. Process engineering expertise acquired from 79 years of experience goes

Hydra-Cell… the pumps for high efficiency


hanks to their unique, seal-less design, Hydra-Cell® pumps are able to operate at exceptionally high

efficiency levels, claims Wanner International… And higher efficiency translates directly to ‘lower energy costs’. The Hydra-Cell pump drive mechanism is submerged in

a reservoir of oil, which keeps it permanently lubricated and allows power to be transmitted through the drive train with minimal frictional losses. With no dynamic seals in the pumped liquid to further consume energy, industry leading pumping efficiencies as high as 85% minimise Hydra-Cell’s power requirements. This compares with around 45-50% pumping efficiency

for a typical multi-stage centrifugal pump and, as a result, Hydra-Cell pumps can frequently be fitted with smaller motors than would be needed to meet the same flow and pressure requirements. Unlike pumps such as screw and gear pumps that

depend on close internal tolerances to operate, Hydra-Cell pumps have no internal process fluid ‘leak paths’ and exhibit no efficiency ‘drop-off’ as pressures increase and/or viscosities fall.

Wanner 

into every single custom-designed mixer, dryer or reactor delivered by Lödige worldwide to industries as diverse as life sciences, chemicals and construction materials. With the development of the ploughshare mixer in 1949, the Lödige engineers succeeded in revolutionising mixing technology. Ploughshare mixers achieve maximum quality of mixing and short mixing times with no adverse effects whatsoever on the product. They operate on the basis of the centrifuge and vortex process developed by Lödige.

Eisele 

Taking Flight with Brammer Buck & Hickman’s new contract win with world-class aero engine company B

components, Arconic Engines’ range also includes airfoils, rings, disks and forgings.Arconic Engines excels in vacuum melted superalloys, machining, performance coatings and hot isostatic pressing for high-performance parts that enable the next-generation of quieter, more fuel-efficient aero engines and cleaner power generation.

Brammer Buck & Hickman has been working with Arconic Engines since 2003 and has now won a new contract to

establish an Insite™ at its Derbyshire location. Insite™ delivers all the benefits of a Brammer Buck & Hickman branch, with a dedicated and experienced resource, but in the heart of a customer’s facility.

Brammer Buck & Hickman  0870 240 2100

will be handed to the company’s DC Platform, which comprises a new RollerDrive EC5000 motorised roller, controls and power supplies, while the innovative Pallet Flow range will also be present on the stand.

Interroll will give UK premier to new DC Platform at IMHX 2019 C

Interroll’s innovative range includes RollerDrive products, control systems and power supply elements.

Interroll’s new DC Platform is a combination of 24V and 48V

solutions that provides outstanding advances in automated conveyor technology and makes it possible to embrace the digital world, namely autonomous conveyors, predictive maintenance and more. The 48V specification is an optimum solution because it allows users to utilise fewer power supplies and more cost-effective wiring, thus reducing installation time and overall system cost.

Interroll  01536 312770 

Temperature monitoring in metals processing F

Helping ensure astronaut safety


luke Process Instruments will showcase temperature sensing solutions for primary and secondary metals production at the 2019 HeatTreatmentCongress in Cologne, Germany. These include infrared sensors for

noncontact measurements, which are ideal for continuous remote monitoring of products and equipment, and datalogging systems for furnace surveys and in-process product temperature profiling. Developed to meet today’s demanding industrial automation requirements, the hardware and software systems allow operators to optimize their processes for consistent high quality and fuel efficiency. An exhibition highlight, the ThermoView TV40 industrial-grade thermal imager with an integrated visible-light camera, enables 24/7 temperature monitoring in a -10 °C to 1200 °C range. Target applications include iron foundries where the imagers check temperatures of molten metal and monitor ladles to ensure that the refractory lining is intact. Users can define various areas of interest with distinct alarm conditions.

Fluke Process Instruments - HeatTreatmentCongress Hall 4.1, Stand C-091 


n the week that the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 taking man to the moon, Smiths Interconnect

have their own space-related achievement to celebrate. Smiths Interconnect’s high-speed D-sub connectors and

harnesses were part of NASA’s successful Orion test flight to conduct a full-stress test of the Launch Abort System (LAS). The test proved that Orion could pull astronauts to safety in the event of an emergency during launch. The Orion LAS, with a mock-up Orion capsule, launched

on a modified Peacekeeper missile from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida to an altitude of about 6 miles. Travelling at nearly 1,000 miles per hour, the LAS pulled the crew module away from its booster and oriented it for splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean. The Smiths Interconnect connectors are the backbone of

the data and controls network on Orion and must withstand the extreme levels of mechanical shock and vibration produced by the LAS. Test data from 890 sensors was sent in real-time to ground sites, as well as recorded by 12 on-board data recorders. The success of this test flight is a major achievement for our product.

Learn more here and watch a short video of the test flight.

Smiths Interconnect 


rammer Buck & Hickman, the UK’s leading supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, has won

a new contract toestablish an Insite™ at Arconic Engines in Darley Dale, UK. Known for producing world-class aero engines and industrial gas turbine

onveyor technology expert Interroll Ltd is set to showcase a number of innovations at IMHX 2019, the UK’s largest logistics event, which takes place on 24-27 September at the Birmingham NEC. For example, a UK premier

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