On the road to automotive design with engineered fasteners

Tried and tested mechanical fasteners are being specified for a huge range of applications across the

automotive industry – from attaching interior panels to keeping fuel lines in place, as Jet Press explains

Another solution for the industry is

Retain on Trim Panel Clips which are used to hold plastic panels to the A, B and C pillars of a vehicle, as well as for facias and dashboards. Interior panels have to be fixed securely in place but easy to remove for maintenance, repairs or at the end of the product lifecycle. An alternative is the Retain on Trim Panel Clip which is quick to fit and provides a rattle-free installation. These can be used with rectangular studs or moulded ribs. When the panel is removed the unheaded version of the clip stays on the panel. Plastic Trim Clips are used to attach

door and tailgate trim panels to inner door panels and, although these can be blind fixed to look neat, they are also easy to remove. Of additional benefit, many versions have a flexible skirt that seals the hole against water or dirt. Under the bonnet, Spring Steel Hose

Clamps are used to hold the low- pressure cooling system hoses and windscreen washer pipes. Different colours for otherwise similar parts can be used to help prevent assembly errors. Then, for such applications as attaching


espite the industry constantly evolving, and the introduction of

new technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles, the use of traditional, tried and tested, fasteners is still proving essential. In fact engineered fasteners from Jet Press are currently being used in a wide range of applications within the automotive industry. To start with, durable acetal Weld

Stud Cable and Pipe Clips are being used beneath vehicles to keep fuel lines securely in place; and black nylon Weld Stud Fixing Cable Ties are used to attach the engine wiring harness. Fir Tree Cable Clips or W Button Pipe

Clips can either be employed where tubes pass through panels, or used with mounted brackets to deal with vibration absorption. Available in many sizes, these are also manufactured from acetal or nylon and can be used with a wide range of panel thicknesses, using anchor or fir tree push-on fixings. Austempered carbon steel Cable & Pipe Retention Clips, meanwhile, rotate through 360˚ so they are less likely to cause the sort of chafing that may lead to failure of a pipe or cable.

8 FEBRUARY 2020 | DESIGN SOLUTIONS Accuride Drawer Slides are used in

cars, recreational vehicles and specialist vehicles, with very low profile versions popular in modules within centre consoles. Heavy Duty Slides are often used in camper vans and motor homes to maximise space and functionality. Features like Slide and Tilt, Lock in/Lock out and Locking Handle Kits are very valuable for blue light and other specialist vehicles, the company explains.

Among the Jet Press fasteners used in the automotive industry are Weld Stud Cable and Pipe Clips, Hose Clamps, Fir Tree Cable Clips and R-Loks

padding and airbags without damage, Jet Press offers the lightweight, corrosion resistant and non-conducting R-Loks – also known as Blind Rivets or Pop Rivets. These have a nylon body and acetal pin. With its fastening solutions used so

widely across the automotive industry, the team at Jet Press has the knowledge available to help designers to overcome their challenges and specify the right solution for the task.

Jet Press


New from Techsil is Vitralit 7311 FO, a transparent acrylic adhesive designed for bonding plastics. Under low intensity black light, this fluoresces orange, allowing in-line inspection for quality control. Manufactured by Panacol, the adhesive is certified according to USP

Class VI standards and is suitable for bonding medical devices as well as electronics, optics and general assembly. This cures under UV or visible light to offer a very high bond strength

to many plastics including PC, PVC, PMMA or ABS, as well as glass and stainless steel. With low viscosity and capillary flow characteristics, this can bond large surfaces and applications with narrow gaps. Once cured, it is humidity and alcohol resistant.



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