2020’s best-ever resolution: be ready for next summer!

by Karl Lycett – Rittal UK’s product manager for Climate Control


ailing Dry January? 2020 Resolutions already broken? This time of year can

be depressing – so much so they even call January 20th ‘Blue Monday’! Well, why not make one resolution now, which could completely transform your working environment this summer? A quick review in spring, while

temperatures are still low, could mean you have lots more time to do more useful tasks as things warm up. In winter and early spring, you probably spend considerably less time thinking about enclosure climate control systems than in the summer. Not surprisingly, perhaps, when the outside temperatures dip you’re much less likely to be responding to the alarms from your cooling systems. But right now is the best time of year

to turn your mind to your enclosures and carry out a climate review in order to understand what changes or improvements need to be made. During the summer everything is very

different, particularly if you rely on fan and filter cooling. These are of little help when the ambient temperatures in your workplace are higher than you want inside your enclosures! So, take some time over winter to assess your enclosures and make

whatever changes are needed to ensure that, when temperatures do rise, you are free to spend your time on more useful tasks than simply firefighting. It’s important to remember that every

degree above your set-point will be time removed from the life of your expensive equipment, including PLCs, variable speed drives and transformers. Collectively, this can easily have a replacement value that tops £100,000, even in a relatively small setup. If you replace only 2% of that equipment each year because of burnt-out componentry, then the costs can quickly mount up and it’s an entirely unnecessary spend. But it’s not just the cost of repair and

replacement of the actual componentry. There are also the add-on operations costs caused by componentry breaking down and stopping the processes it controls. This lost output will continue for as long as it takes to repair the fault, and is bound to have consequences for your wider business, impacting productivity and efficiency, and thereby reducing profits. Correct climate control is often

overlooked during the installation of electronic equipment because the focus is all on the equipment, not on regulating

the environment that it operates within. This is where Rittal can help you.

We are the world leaders in enclosure climate control products and pride ourselves on being your trusted advisor. With our RiAssure service, one of our

trained staff can visit you and provide a FREE cooling review – a short visual inspection of your existing enclosures and cooling equipment. From this we can ascertain the next best step for your equipment and also provide ongoing, best practice, suggestions so that your operations benefit from increased longevity, life and profit. So, make this your best-ever resolution

in 2020 and reap the benefits of optimising your climate control.

Right now is the best time of year to turn your mind to your enclosures and carry out a climate review in order to understand what changes or improvements need to be made


• To arrange a FREE cooling review, go online or contact the customer service team on T: 01709 704000;

• You can discuss how to optimise your climate control, and many other issues, with Rittal’s expert team at the Drives & Controls exhibition, Stand D610 (NEC Birmingham, 21- 23 April).

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