First decentralised IP66 frequency inverter with IO-Link launched by Lenze

6-Axis Force/Moment Sensor from Kistler is precise and versatile


he new piezoelectric 6-component force/moment link, Type 9306A, from Kistler Instruments is equally suited

to measuring the forces acting on electric hand tools, rocket engine test benches or robotics. This new sensor delivers precise and direct

measurements of three forces and three moments without calculation at very high resolution even under the most demanding operating conditions. The use of large-area quartz discs make for a very rigid sensor with a high natural frequency of 18kHz and low crosstalk of better than ±3.5% for highly dynamic force and moment measurements, especially when very small moments and forces are being measured. The Type 9306A sensor is 90mm high, 62mm diameter

and weighs 1.5kg. Where space is at a premium, the compact Type 9306A31 which is only 45mm high, 83mm diameter and weighs only 540g may be specified

Typical applications include: Robot/Human interaction Wind tunnels Aerospace Medical

Kistler Instruments Limited  01256 741550  


he i550 protec has been designed for decentralised drive tasks and comes with IP66 protection class, IO-Link connectivity and a power range of up to 75

kW. It is the first of its kind to offer this level of communication integration for decentralised applications, making it ideal for use with conveyors, fans, pumps and lifting units. Thanks to the inclusion of the IO-Link V1.1 standard interface, sensors and

actuators distributed throughout an application can now be linked to a centralised control system using the new i550 protec. Neil Beaumont, Marketing Manager at Lenze says: “The i550 protec is

particularly suited to large-scale machines, distribution applications in material flow or wherever control cabinet space is expensive. With the introduction of this decentralised frequency inverter, we have opened new opportunities for mechanical engineers to control drives outside the control cabinet.”

Lenze  01234 753200 

RK Height Adjustable Monitor Floor Stand W

ith the new height adjustable monitor floor stand, RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its monitor mounting product range to include a robust ergonomic standing

workstation for industry which can be set up quickly and is much more economical than complex workstations.

The work surface and monitor mounting are supported by a stable triple column

system on a black powder coated base frame. The position can be easily adjusted by hand and has an adjustment stroke of 400mm.

The standard version of the stand has feet (steering rollers optional) and a rotary

flange connecting plate. Pre-assembled modules are supplied for quick and easy set- up. The stand can also be combined with all available RK monitor holding components.

RK Rose+Krieger  01296 611660 

Online Configurator Enables Custom

Interroll broadens scope of solutions for the retail sector


oday, six out of ten checkout stands in supermarkets and retail stores worldwide are

powered by Interroll. Making a significant contribution to this success has been the Interroll Center of Excellence in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Denmark, which to date has concentrated on drum motors and cassettes used as belt drives in checkouts and reverse vending machines for supermarkets. As of March 1, 2020, Interroll will rebrand the location

in Denmark as the CoE Commercial Belt Drives & Conveyors. The distinction “commercial” stands for the difference from drum motors used in industrial (food processing and manufacturing) applications. The CoE will be responsible within the global Interroll Group for all technical concerns related to conveyors used in commercial settings, ranging from development and application engineering to production and support for local Interroll entities.

“With regards to supermarket, retail and

omnichannel, customers have a need for lighter-duty, lean and cost-effective material handling solutions,” says Anders Staf Hansen, Managing Director of Interroll Denmark. “Besides the increasingly complex material handling processes at stores themselves, there is also a general need to cover the entire material flow in factories and distribution centers that are linked with the retail sector. As the world’s leading provider of material handling solutions, we will put an even stronger emphasis on such processes.”

Interroll  01536 312770  


Enclosures to be bought through Distribution


oremost Electronics supplies enclosures for industrial control, utilities, instrumentation, test and measurement,

rail and transportation equipment. All make different demands on enclosures including resistance to moisture, dust and vibration, temperature control, EMC shielding, cable access, sub-racks, DIN-Rails and other internal fittings. As a channel partner for nVent Schroff, Foremost offers

designers access to the world's 1st Online 3D Sub-rack Configurator and Cad File generator. This comprehensive suite of online tools allows users to configure a bespoke enclosure and sub-rack simply and quickly using the intuitive and smart online design tool. The resultant custom designed enclosure provides the

user with a proven solution and all relevant documentation including 30 native CAD files, 2D and 3D drawings and complete bill of materials (BOM) which may them be ordered direct from Foremost.

Foremost Electronics Ltd  01371 811171 


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