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Magnetic gear developer, Magnomatics, is contributing to the ongoing growth of cleaner renewable energy through its Pseudo Direct Drive (PDD) generator technology for offshore wind. The company tested its Compact High Efficiency

Generator (CHEG), the Magnomatics 500kW PDD, as part of the EU €100 million DemoWind project at the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult in Blyth, Northumberland. This showed that the CHEG’s higher efficiency, compact size, and low operation and maintenance costs could deliver significant reductions in cost, confirming the conclusions from the InnWind project and an independent review by BVG Associates. With

the costs and performance confirmed, Magnomatics now has serious commercial interest in the technology for wind energy. The Pseudo Direct Drive is smaller, lighter

and a more efficient alternative to the direct generators commonly used in wind turbine power conversion, the company explains. The PDD magnetically geared generator can be scaled to 10MW and beyond to deliver class-leading annual energy output and cost of energy. David Latimer, chief executive officer

Magnomatics, said: “The PDD is a potential game changer, not just for the technology used in this market but also the UK economy. Currently all the


REO UK has invested in several new edge winding machines at its German manufacturing headquarters to allow for the development of electrical components such as chokes and transformers that are up to 10% lighter and with reduced power losses of up to 25%. “Bloomberg has predicted that annual EV sales will hit ten million over

the next five years,” explained Steve Hughes, managing director. “As this market develops, the components within those vehicles need to develop as well. Electrical components such as chokes are key in this area, and introducing edge winding into our wound components allows them to be even better suited to this application. With this investment, we are now able to develop new electrical components that meet the needs of this ever-evolving industry.”


EPLAN is offering a free basic version of its EPLAN eVIEW and EPLAN eBUILD packages. The offer is open to all those interested in using the EPLAN solutions for themselves. Part of the EPLAN ePULSE family, EPLAN eVIEW makes it easy for designers and customers to work closely together on projects. Thanks to EPLAN eVIEW, engineering projects generated using the EPLAN

Platform can be accessed directly via the cloud, meaning that project data can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone who has been granted access. One of the key features is a red-lining function that lets customers, employees on the shop floor and maintenance engineers add their suggestions for changes. These changes are then instantly accessible to the design engineers. EPLAN eBUILD is an innovative configuration-based automation

software package which simplifies the changeover to automated working methods by enabling design engineers to generate electrical and fluid schematics at the push of a button.

The term ‘digital twin’ is something that is being used more and more across industry, with companies producing these ‘digital replicas’ or ‘virtual representations’ of physical devices to see, understand and predict, for

example, how a machine or product operates in the real world, and helping to optimise its performance, operation and even maintenance. The potential applications for digital twins are growing continually,

so I read with interest that Dassault Systèmes is going to focus on ‘transforming how people are cured and helping them live a better life by making the virtual twin experience of the human body possible’. Quite a different prospect to a virtual twin of a car or aircraft, this will enable industry, researchers, physicians and even patients to visualize, test, understand and predict what cannot be seen – from the way drugs affect a disease to surgical outcomes – before a patient is treated, the company explains. Please visit our website for the full story.

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wind turbines in the North Sea use generators that are not manufactured in the UK. If we can build PDD generators in the UK for offshore wind it will be a fantastic step forward in the already strong position we have in this market.” Dr Stephen Wyatt, research and innovation

director at ORE Catapult, said: “Exciting new technologies such as CHEG from Magnomatics are key to driving cost reduction and securing significant UK economic value from offshore wind. As the UK’s Innovation Centre for Offshore Renewables we are delighted to be working with Magnomatics to help unlock this win-win for the UK.”



Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has announced a strategic collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) where Hyundai plans to launch the automotive industry’s first all-digital road noise cancellation system leveraging ADI’s Automotive Audio Bus (A2

B) technology. Hyundai also

Murrelektronik has announced that its new White Paper, which focuses on Multi-norm Power Supply components, can be downloaded at: highlights/multi-norm-power- supplies/. The paper is said to be of particular interest to companies that export a large number of machines to international markets and have to create different concepts for control cabinet power supplies. Featuring Eplan circuit examples,

the paper provides a solution for cross-standard (EN/IEC & UL/CSA) and standardised DC control circuits. Murrelektronik discusses the worldwide variations in control circuit requirements and presents one control circuit solution that can be used in all machines and systems worldwide. All products follow a uniform design and have the international standards, approvals and certifications required. The white paper offers an

alternative to using different products depending on the target market, eliminates the need for various wiring concepts and/or using different methods to safeguard the main voltage, in addition to complying with different international standards and specifications. The main advantage of the multi-norm power supply concept is the reduction in the number of different products needed.

intends to more broadly adopt ADI’s A2

B technology for its fundamental

audio connectivity and infotainment applications.

OEM Automatic has signed an agreement to acquire Zoedale, a specialist in solenoid valves and valve actuators. Amongst others, Zoedale represents ASCO, Valpes, Omal, Bernard Controls and Peter Paul, which manufacture valves and actuators for various process and industrial applications. The company is joining the OEM group to broaden its product offering and to continue to develop its expertise in the pressure and flow sector.

Eaton has entered into an agreement to sell its Hydraulics business to Danfoss A/S for $3.3 billion in cash. “Eaton Hydraulics is a highly

respected player in the global hydraulics industry, recognised for its dedicated people and strong brands,” said Kim Fausing, Danfoss president and chief executive officer. “By combining the knowledge and experience of these two companies, our customers will benefit from unmatched expertise from a single partner.”

Baumer has appointed MGA Controls as a Process Solutions Partner in the UK. MGA Controls sales manager, Chris Makin, said: “We represent a range of manufacturing partners and this agreement with Baumer means we can offer an even more comprehensive range of products which ultimately results in optimal control & automation systems for our customers.



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