over standard fittings by reducing the costs and time associated with manual testing and inspection. During initial power up an

automatic commissioning stage will begin. After the initial charge up time (up to 72 hours), the unit will carry out a full duration test. After all initial tests are completed successfully the inbuilt processor will start the standard programmed test

BSEE Advertorial E

SP’s new range of Self Test Emergency Light Fittings offers numerous benefits

WHAT’S NEW SPONSORED BY ESP adds Self Test Fittings to Emergency Lighting range

schedule, reporting failing functions via the status LED. In addition it is possible to initiate a manual test on self test emergency lighting fittings for extra peace of mind There are five new self test

products in the range: u3W LED Maintained Emergency Selfcontained Downlight with Self Test and Interchangeable Open and Corridor Lens. u3W LED Emergency Open Lens Downlight with Self Test u9W LED IP65 NonMaintained

Emergency Twin Spot with Self Test u3W LED IP65 Maintained Emergency Bulkhead with Self Test u3W LED Maintained Emergency Exit Box with Self Test

The new products have all

been tested and comply with the latest standards. They are easy to install  without any need for key switches or data cables  and offer convenience and reduced maintenance time and costs.

For further information contact

ESP on 01527 515150, email or visit:

Lochinvar launches stainless steel storage water heaters

water heaters. B U

Down to earth solution from Unicrimp

nicrimp enters a brand new product category with the launch of a range of earthing rods and component products.

Earth Rods are conductive metal poles buried

directly into the ground and connected to the Earth circuit of an electrical installation. If there is a fault, they provide a low resistance path that allows electricity to safely dissipate out into the ground. An effective earthing system is a fundamental

requirement of any modern structure or system for both operational and safety reasons. Earth rods offer a simple, effective and reliable solution to ongoing concerns. The new Unicrimp Earthing Product range

comprises 10 products which together form an earthing system. At the heart of the system is the Threaded Earth Rod, made with a low carbon, high tensile steel core and molecular bonded 99.9% pure copper coating for maximum conductivity, strength and durability.

Where required, multiple Earth

Rods can be joined together using threaded couplers and the threaded driving stud attaches to the top of the Earth Rod to protect against damage when driving the Earth Rod into the ground. A selection of clamps and two inspection pits make up the range. A fourpage brochure, showing the full range, is

available to download from the Unicrimp website For further information, contact Unicrimp on 01827 300600; email or visit:

innovative, energy efficient Classmaster® heat recovery ventilation units. Classmaster has been developed specifically


for classrooms and fully complies with the very latest BB101: ‘Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality 2018’ and BB93: ‘Acoustic designs for schools, performance standards (2015)’ guidelines. With nine chassis sizes and airflows ranging from 50 to 600 l/s, Classmaster delivers the very highest standards of air quality to meet every classroom requirement. Key features include a patented variable air mass flow heat exchanger, which maintains thermal efficiency at both 100% and 50% airflow levels by cleverly keeping turbulent velocity airflow across the heat exchanger. This is not possible with conventional heat exchangers as airflow goes into a laminar flow with no exchange of thermal energy. The unique configuration of the low

resistance heat exchangers, used in conjunction with 100,000 hour long life, low energy EC fans, delivers minimal sound levels and an impressive heat reclaim efficiency up to 89%. In line with the latest BB101 guidance

bulletin, Classmaster units have the option of ePM2.5 (F7) filters for inner city installations. With a low profile height of only 300mm, Classmaster can be installed within a ceiling void or surface mounted. A space heating option is

Both models in the EcoSable range are

fully condensing and have hot water recovery rates of 620 and 800 litres per hour, based on a temperature rise of 50degC. They each have a storage capacity of 186 litres. Key benefits of EcoSable water heaters

are their ability to operate at temperatures up to 85°C and with water pressures of up to eight bar.

The models are 92% and 93% efficient

and ‘A’ rated under the testing methodology used to assess compliance with the latest Energy Related Products regulations (ErP). Both use a low NOx, premix modulating gas burner, which closely matches output to demand, and a submerged combustion chamber with spiral flue that keeps the water heater in continuous condensing mode during hot water demand periods. EcoSable is the latest addition to

Lochinvar’s wide range of direct gasfired water heaters designed in line with the principle of low storage capacity and fast hot water recovery rates to provide a reliable and efficient supply of hot water. EcoSable models are particularly suitable for installation in large domestic and small to mediumsized, commercial hot water demand applications. Many specifiers prefer stainless steel

because of its longevity and ability to resist corrosion. The EcoSable storage vessel does not require cathodic protection and is covered by a fiveyear warranty against leakage. All other components are covered by a twoyear warranty. Both models are compact and

lightweight, and are designed for ease of

oiler and water heater manufacturer Lochinvar has launched a new range of stainless steel, gasfired storage

the SEC Glasgow from 1516 May. REHAU will be showcasing a wide range of its awardwinning products that customers can use to install reliable, low carbon heating systems. On stand C41, REHAU will be


showcasing its solutions for district heating, including the pre insulated RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX pipes. Also on stand will be a range of products suitable for modern buildings, large multioccupancy or commercial projects; the RAUTITAN and RAUPIANO pipework and the new Smart Plumbing Manifold. RAUVITHERM is a PEXa pipe

suitable for use in district heating, biomass, biogas and heat pump applications. It boasts excellent flexibility due to its corrugated outer jacket, and it uses REHAU’s jointing technology to guarantee no leaks. Available in UNO (single

REHAU gears up for AllEnergy 2019

olymer specialist REHAU is exhibiting at this year’s All Energy show, taking place at

pipe) and DUO (two pipes) variations, RAUVITHERM is the only PEXa district heating pipe manufactured in the UK which saves an estimated 29% on CO2 emissions annually. RAUTHERMEX is also suited to

a variety of low carbon heat installations and features high performance PU foam, which makes it ideal for large district heating installations over long distances where minimising heat losses is critical. The lightweight pipe offers huge advantages over traditional steel pipework due to the speed and ease of installation. For more information visit:

SAV launches Smart MBus for heat networks

metering in heat networks by exploiting MBus as a twoway communication system. Smart MBus is used to


handling. They can be installed with horizontal or vertical concentric flue, twin pipe (parallel) or conventional flues. For ease of operation, EcoSable comes with an LCD touchscreen display for user control of temperature settings and diagnostics. They also have two removable doors located at the front of the water heater to provide easy access for maintenance of the gas burner and controls. DunhamBush provides a masterclass in low energy ventilation for classrooms

unhamBush has signed an exclusive agreement with EcoAirvent to manufacture and distribute their

available with frost protection and a comprehensive range of heating coils pre installed in insulated casings and matched flanges to fit directly onto the heat recovery units.

Versatile control options The factory fitted EcoPro 3 controller offers a plug and play capability and is ideal where standalone control is required. Units can be activated either via volt free contact (VFC), from a time switch or BMS (enable / disable signal). The controller can give fault outputs either to the EcoFault panel or BMS panel. Individually adjustable fan speeds on trickle and boost settings, with frost protection, automatic summer bypass and night time cooling options are included as standard. Fans switch automatically to boost speed when CO2 is detected. The factory fitted Trend IQ422 Controllerm

offers individual and adjustable fan speeds on trickle and boost settings in all modes of operation. Frost protection, automatic summer bypass and night time cooling options are standard. Full integration with BMS BAC net or Trend

systems for energy management and monitoring is available with filter monitoring via built in PDF switches. Additional ultralow energy summer trickle mode and a full space heating facility using a recirculation damper and LPHW coil are included in the programming. Optional colour touch screen


analyse heat networks, at both individual consumer level and systemwide. This data can be used for both billing and network performance. Smart MBus can incorporate

MBus disconnect module which, can isolate the heat interface unit (HIU) to eliminate debt risk. When combined with the Boble app, this is transformed into a payasyou go system that allows users to view their current supply status and available credit. Users can also make payments through the app.

Network performance monitoring can be easily

AV has introduced Smart MBus, which reduces the cost and complexity of

performed by using Kamstrup consumer and system energy meters. In addition to standard metering data, the meters can also measure volume weighted average flow temperatures (VWAFT) and volume weighted average return temperatures (VWART), as well as Coefficient of Performance (COP). Maximum power and flow readings are also recorded to help monitor peak loads.

Further information: www.sav

Water jetting cleaning training update boosts safety

and maintenance will benefit from improved training following a review of the UK’s main water jetting safety course. The Water Jetting Association


uCLASSMASTER® heat recovery venlaon unit from DunhamBush

user fan controllers with builtin temperature and humidity sensors are also available. The result of several years’ research and

development, these innovative products offer a proven solution to the requirements of BB101: 2018. They will be available throughout the UK and Southern Ireland, via Dunham Bush’s existing sales network.


(WJA) has significantly updated its Safety Awareness course, a mandatory course designed to support safe water jetting in all applications. Central to the course upgrade has been the updating of 50 questions used to create six test papers for the classbased one day course, which is City & Guilds accredited and delivered across the UK and internationally. The WJA is the UK’s leading

provider of water jetting training for pressurewashing, industrial cleaning and surface defouling across all commercial and industrial sectors, including manufacturing, oil and marine industries and water utilities. John Jones, VicePresident of the WJA and Chairman of the

Training and Safety Committee, said: “We’ve taken account of feedback from trainees, training providers and our approved instructors. “The changes will give trainee

water jetting operatives and their employers confidence that their knowledge is being assessed consistently and they are receiving highquality training.” The pressures achieved by the

most basic pressure washing equipment are high enough to cause serious, and potentially fatal, injuries, warns the WJA, so it is essential that training is as effective as possible. Read the latest:

uilding services specialists that use high pressure water jetting for cleaning

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