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Royal Warrant holder Burleys has just completed work on an important component of part of a £54 million refurbishment of Eastbourne's new cultural, sporng and conference quarter

INSTALLATION NEWS SPONSORED BY Burleys celebrates landscaping part of Eastbourne’s new £54 million cultural quarter

The contract, on behalf of Eastbourne Borough Council saw the Burleys team landscape the grounds of the town's newly renovated Congress Theatre, which was unveiled this weekend with a sell-out concert by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

The two-year refurbishment saw the 1,680 seat Grade II listed theatre restored to its original condition, with major improvements including new heating and air conditioning systems, the installation of a state-of-the-art lighting bridge and the replacement of old electrical equipment. The Congress Theatre is considered architecturally on a par with buildings such as The National Theatre and Chichester Theatre.

The refurbishment is part of Eastbourne Borough Council's £54 million project to create The Devonshire Quarter, a first-class cultural, conferencing and sporting complex. A welcome building will provide conference halls, break out and hospitality areas and the site's

central box office, practice tennis courts will be finished in time for the town's international tennis tournament in June 2020, and an elegant new plaza will provide an attractive gateway into the theatres, conference facilities and art gallery. Built in 1963, with an inaugural concert by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the theatre has been closed since January 2017 for the renovations to take place.

Burleys operations director, Paul Norton, said: "We were thrilled to have won the contract to carry out the landscaping for this very prestigious project. The Devonshire Quarter is to become the jewel in Eastbourne's cultural and sporting crown and is designed to put it very firmly on the conference destination map. Our work will be seen and admired by thousands of people every year and we are very proud to play a part in this historic, once in a lifetime, transformation. "In just a week, our talented and dedicated team managed to transform beds of bare earth

into swathes of impactful displays of shrubs which will be dotted with spikes of colour interest at different seasons, giving visual interest to visitors all year round."brands/burleys Problemsolving at its best with the depot

Part of the internaonal Hadley Group, Hadley Steel Framing’s light gauge steel profiles have been installed in a ninestorey student accommodaon in Exeter, called The Depot. The £40m development will provide accommodaon for circa 600 students

As part of the broader build, the student accommodation has been designed to include a large retail and shopping area on its ground level. The space comes complete with a number of restaurants and bars, which add to the area’s dynamic appeal. Hadley Steel Framing provided a complete system from conceptual design through to installation using its pre-panelised, off-site bolted frame in conjunction with its composite concrete decking floor system.

Working with student accommodation can be difficult, requiring intense planning to ensure that timelines are upheld. The build at The Depot broke ground in July 2017 with the installation of the

Hadley Steel Framing system starting on site in April 2018. Work was completed on the site in February 2019, with students scheduled to move into the accommodation from September 2019. It was important that the project was handed over on time, as the internal and external finishes and services still needed to be fitted out as part of the build programme. As a result, all the teams working on the project needed to consider time efficiencies from the earliest stage of the project’s development. To this end, the specification team looked for products that could be delivered and installed on site as efficiently as possible. Hadley Steel Framing’s light gauge steel systems were considered ideal. The flexible systems could be delivered and installed easily on site and were used for some of the accommodation’s most critical components. This was particularly useful for the installation of the bathroom pods, which could be transferred by crane into position. The bathroom pods were installed across each of the 601

bedrooms, saving a considerable amount of time for the contractor. Installing these modular units was an easier process than the more traditional method of building the bathrooms in situ. As a result, the contractor could complete the task independently and didn’t need to spend additional money employing specialist trades. Hadley Steel Framing also supplied pre- assembled panels for the development, which could be simply erected on-site via the tower cranes. The products arrived on site with all of the openings formed and steel brickwork support plates already in place. This allowed the façade installers to begin their work immediately, which once again reduced the time needed for project completion. Hadley Steel Framing supplied the main structural components of the external and internal wall panels, composite floor slabs, steel brickwork support plates, metal stairs and pre- panelised roof structure. Mikrofill updates medieval castle

Hartlebury Castle’s LPHW system has been upgraded with new radiators, pipework and a Mikrofill 300 pressurisaon package

The land that Hartlebury Castle sits on was granted to the Bishop of Worcester by King Burghred in the late 9th century, although the foundations of the existing building are believed to date back to the 13th century. Complete with a private chapel and a 15th century Great Hall, the castle makes a stunning and atmospheric backdrop for weddings and other special occasions and events.

During the summer of 2017 the castle’s existing LPHW system was upgraded with new radiators, pipework and a Mikrofill 300 pressurisation package. Installed by established West Midland’s mechanical contactor March

Building Services, the package consists of a Mikrofill 3 filling device/category four backflow preventer, a 300 litre expansion vessel, service drain valve and a factory commissioning.

The commissioning certifies that the nitrogen/air charge in the expansion vessel matches the same pressure as the Mikrofill’s cold fill setting. This in turn ensures that the vessel absorbs the systems expanded water at the calculated final working pressure. For more information on these and other Mikrofill products, please contact the sales team by telephone on 03452 606020 or visit the company’s website at:

New and quirky ‘Grand Designslike’ project demonstrates the potenal of the Ecodan

A new residenal project in Brenord has shone a light on the exceponal benefits and capabilies of Mitsubishi Electric’s Ultra Quiet Ecodan

The residents of a houseboat located in Victoria Steps Quay in Brentford, sought after an alternative heating solution that would be both cost and carbon efficient, as well as easy to maintain. This two-bedroom family home was originally fitted with a diesel tank, which the residents wanted to stop using. Not only was it an unsafe, polluting method of heating to use in a confined space, it also required fuel deliveries on a regular basis; an unreliable and inconvenient necessity. The solution was to install a 11.2kW Ultra Quiet

Ecodan with solar PV. The Ultra Quiet Ecodan would provide all the heat for underfloor heating, as well as all the domestic hot water needs. Due to height restrictions on the boat, a bespoke horizontal 200L cylinder (sourced through a third party) was used. The Ecodan heat pump was sited on a small space on the decking. Space limitations also meant that any sound generated by a heat pump was going to be a huge factor, as any solution would inevitably be installed close to the living spaces. The Ultra Quiet Ecodan, with industry- leading sound pressure levels at 1m of 45dB(A), ensured that noise levels were low enough not to travel into the cabin living space, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere for the residents. MEL Cloud, Mitsubishi Electric’s mobile control and diagnostics platform app, was deployed enabling fast and easy control and monitoring of the system from a smartphone. As well as giving total control to the residents, MEL Cloud will also help if the residents ever need to diagnose a fault using Mitsubishi Electric’s homeowner helpline.


Thanks to the Ecodan, the residents are benefitting from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI is the government’s financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. By encouraging the uptake of renewable heating systems such as Eocdan we can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions and meet our renewable energy targets. The residents will be paid a quarterly grant for the next seven years, helping recoup part of the costs of the system. The installation also included the exclusive Metering & Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) from Mitsubishi Electric, which delivers further benefits under RHI. Alongside the heat pump, the installation of a solar PV adds to the environmental and sustainable credentials of the property. The solar PV enables the family to generate electricity that can either be fed back to the electrical grid or used within the property itself. It gives them the flexibility to use only the amount of electricity they need and store whatever isn’t used, in battery packs. Read the latest at:

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