he £8.5 million University of Buckingham Medical School

Academic Centre at Milton Keynes University Hospital includes a 200 seat capacity lecture theatre, alongside simulation operating theatres and working replicas of hospital wards. Technology has been built in to the

facility to enable simulated operations in the theatres with functionality to record and broadcast procedures from all key areas of the building so that lectures, practical training and assessments can be captured and shared.

RAPID INSTALLATION The building required a complex electrical installation, delivered by Northamptonshire-based electrical

Systems) cable management solutions from Unitrunk, including Uniklip cable tray and EasyConnect cable basket, provided an ideal solution throughout the building, offering a robust infrastructure for all the building’s cabling needs along with a faster, simpler approach to installation that helped to keep the demanding programme on track and minimise costs. The CT Walters team installed a

switch room on the ground floor of the North wing along with a roof top plant room in the same area of the building. From the switch room, the core submains cabling was taken through the building via a single riser of Uniklip cable tray for each wing and a central spine of Uniklip down the main corridor of each wing. The two wings were then connected by dual ‘bridges’ of cable management infrastructure across the central atrium. Once in place, the clips hold the tray together securely, with no risk that they will work lose like nuts and bolts can over time. The majority of the power networks

contracting specialist, CT Walters, as part of a project carried out by main contractor, Beard Construction Ltd. The amount and variety of cabling

involved meant the cable management infrastructure was equally complex, and it had to be installed to a programme- critical schedule. RIS (Rapid Installation

in the building were specified as modular wiring and all of this was installed on Unitrunk Uniklip cable tray, which ensured the cable management infrastructure is robust enough to manage the weight of the modular wiring and contributed to the speed of installation.

BEST PRACTICE As Ben Wood from CT Walters comments: “With its simple clip on connectors, ease of use and tool-free installation, Uniklip helped us reduce the installation time by around a third and on-site training and troubleshooting provided by the Unitrunk team helped us make the most of the system’s time-saving advantages.” A high specification data installation

was also required, with more than 500 data outlets and Wi-Fi capabilities throughout the building. To accommodate this, CT Walters used EasyConnect cable basket from Unitrunk, which looks similar to conventional cable basket but has been designed to reduce installation times, with tool-free coupling thanks to an integral coupler that simply pushes together to form a secure joint.

The EasyConnect cable basket was taken through the building with a single riser in each wing, connecting the whole building to a ground floor server room

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The whole building was connected to the ground floor server via a spine of cable basket

via a spine of cable basket through the central corridor, which teed off to both the ceiling and floor voids in each room. Cabling for the fire alarm system has

also been installed on EasyConnect cable basket, along with a fob-based access control system, linked to the main hospital building. CCTV, with a total of 10 cameras located around the building, has also been installed using EasyConnect cable basket. Finally, EasyConnect cable basket was

also used for the cameras and A/V equipment in the simulation/ demonstration suites and observation areas. The technological focus in the South wing required extensive Cat 6 cabling and CT Walters installed dividers within the EasyConnect cable basket to separate power and data cabling, reducing the number of runs required. This maximised space in the congested voids while contributing to reduced installation times.


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