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Engineering, which this month features the latest developments in data centre management in a special industry supplement. This is in addition, of course, to our in-depth features, which this month look at Batteries & Chargers, Energy Efficiency and the lucrative and growing market of EV Charging. According to Emerson, there are

509,147 data centres worldwide, taking up a total of 285.8 million square feet of space. Or in more familiar terms, there's enough data centre space in the world to fit 5,955 football fields. With last year’s prominent hacks

and data breaches causing public panic and alarm, security is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and protection has become paramount. Yet fear not, from safety innovations to new technologies, Electrical Engineering has got you covered. Managing a data centre is filled with complex tasks, from equipment maintenance and installing bespoke upgrades to replacing cables, components and accessories. Considerations must also be made regarding maintaining records and energy efficiency, and cooling systems are vital for daily safety. Data is King, and we’ve got the latest on how to secure and store information. As ever, if you’d like to shout about a product, process or person in the industry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Niamh Marriott, Editor

icrolease and Electro Rent in Europe have announced the start of the integration of their

European operations. The two companies will merge over the coming months to join the global Electro Rent Corporation. It will also consolidate the Microlease and Livingston brands into Electro Rent during this time. This combination will mean better service and

support to customers, as well as access to a greater pool of equipment for immediate availability as well as increased technical expertise. Together the new group will have combined

equipment assets worth over $1.1 billion, making its inventory the largest in the industry. With a team of highly technical experts covering all aspects of engineering, along with lease and asset management specialists, Electro Rent Corporation will be able to service a wider range of customers and solve the biggest technical and financial test and measurement challenges they face. “Test equipment users will benefit from a unique

brand-independent source with fast access to the widest range of equipment,” says Peter Collingwood, CEO EMEA, Electro Rent Corporation. “We look

forward to sharing the benefits of this global collaboration across both Microlease and Electro Rent customers bases, offering expert applications and solutions advice without any disruption during the rebranding process.” Offering over 200 high quality brands to buy, rent

or lease, Electro Rent Corporation also provides world- class asset optimisation to help companies maximise their investments. As well as benefiting customers, this combination will

also serve employees and partners who will benefit from the global investment. “We will be able to better serve our markets with an expanded equipment fleet and broader geographical coverage”, continues Peter. “This will ensure we have excellent availability levels and a higher level of technical service.” The move to a single identity as Electro Rent

Corporation was made possible when the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) cleared Microlease and Electro Rent Europe to operate as a single entity. The North American headquarters are based in West Hills, CA, while EMEA operations will continue to be run out of the London offices.

HELLERMANNTYTON OPENS VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE The VR software enables users to delve into five


able management specialist HellermannTyton UK has opened a virtual reality (VR) experience

at its Cannock site. The investment in VR technology forms a part of

the HellermannTyton ACADEMY; a centre which allows visitors and customers to gain hands-on experience with the business’s vast range of cable management solutions.

different virtual worlds and experience how cable management is used in real-life scenarios. The first scenario enables users to travel

through the tower and nacelle of a wind turbine and view HellermannTyton’s products in-situ within it. The products can also be ‘picked up’ from their positions for closer inspection and then placed back. Those working in the transport industries can

also benefit from the VR experience. Separate rail and automotive software applications allow users to get underneath the carriages of a train or beneath a car. They can then visualise the type of cable management solutions used within the vehicles, without the danger or dirt that may be involved outside of the virtual world.

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WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 series • Allows seamless automation of complex industrial systems • Modular system can be quickly scaled up to meet future challenges • Compact design saves control panel space, leaves room for expansion • Supports all commonly used network protocols, ensures ease of use and short development times


Telephone 01788 568 008 E-Mail Internet Search for “WAGO 750”



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