uxbox has announced its LiFePO4 pledge: by 2020, it will no longer use

NiCd batteries for emergency lighting. Instead, it will use LiFePO4 batteries. LiFePO4 batteries offer many technical, economic and environmental advantages. Not only do they save energy and last longer, but due to their higher energy density, packaging and transport costs are drastically reduced. Thanks to the pulse charging technology, energy consumption is reduced by up to 95 per cent and battery temperature can be reduced by around 5°C, which greatly extends life expectancy. But perhaps the most important factor for our planet is the elimination of the toxic heavy metal, cadmium.

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE LiFePO4 batteries offer an operational life up to double that of NiCd and NiMH batteries. Unlike NiCd and NiMH cells, which can be damaged by excessive charging and discharging, LiFePO4 batteries benefit from being cycled and

don’t suffer from ‘memory effect’ in the same way that NiCd can. They also have better resilience to high and low temperatures (0-60°C acceptable range).

ECO FRIENDLY LiFePO4 cells are produced in a highly automated climate-controlled environment, ensuring consistently high quality levels. Conversely, NiCd batteries are almost all handmade in Chinese factories without environmental control. This makes it much more difficult to guarantee consistency across batches, never mind the obvious health and safety concerns. LiFePO4 batteries avoid use of the toxic heavy metal, cadmium.

Cadmium use is generally decreasing, and it is specifically listed in the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The pulse charging method used by LiFePO4 cells – a result of their extremely low rate of self-discharge – means significant energy savings can be made. NiCd technology could disappear altogether within the next few years. There are increasing difficulties in China with finding areas where cadmium can be processed. So it makes sense to switch to LiFePO4 now.

SAFETY Not all types of lithium battery are safe for emergency lighting. LiFePO4 batteries use phosphate as the cathode material, avoiding the risk of combustion from such things as a short circuit or overcharging, that plagued earlier versions of lithium batteries. Even mechanical damage such as piercing the battery casing will not result in combustion or toxic chemical leakage.



ukosi, developer of intelligent battery cell solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with battery maker and

energy solutions provider XALT Energy. The new partnership enables XALT Energy to integrate Dukosi’s breakthrough, patented cell management technology, with XALT’s energy storage solutions. Dukosi’s technology offers numerous benefits derived from integration of silicon chip with patented NFC capabilities, into high energy lithium cells. The resulting cells enable step change benefits for battery packs, ranging from reduced size and complexity, improved safety and reliability, to greater control and ultimately a robust and traceable second-life proposition for optimised recycling or repurposing.

Dukosi CEO Nat Edington says, “We have worked closely with XALT over the

last two years as we have developed our cell based technology. This is a natural next step for us as we look to market launch, as it allows us and XALT to apply our technology in the most demanding real-world applications.” Richard R. Cundiff III, XALT Energy CEO, says: “We have been impressed with the Dukosi solution since our initial introduction. We see many benefits from this technology, it can provide improvements across our supply chain, while delivering better value to our customers. We see gains in our cell manufacturing process, better performing and optimised battery packs, and new benefits in recycling and at end-of-life.”

XALT Energy

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