ecently, assistant chief fire & rescue officer Alan Walmsley was quoted

saying that, “25 per cent of accidental fires were caused by electrical equipment and supply.” He advised not to overload sockets and not to leave dishwashers and washing machines running overnight or unattended. In response to this, Brendan Beaver,

sales manager of Metrel, provider of electrical test solutions says, “This is good advice; sockets should never be over

loaded. However not leaving appliances working overnight is totally impractical.” “Many consumers electrical supply contract give cheaper rates at night, so it is much more economical for them to use appliances that have motors and heat water then. What we must do is encourage appliance testing services for the wider public.” He continues, “This does furnish a perfect business opportunity for electricians, fire alarm and safety experts

to advertise their reassurance services to the members of public afraid of fire.” “Explaining what an overloaded socket

is, is simple enough; a handout could also be left. And the electrical safety of appliances could be checked with one of Metrel’s comprehensive range of portable appliance testers. There is a Metrel PAT tester to suit every pocket, and every business’ working practices. The best thing is they are all downloading, making record keeping and checking simple.” “This already common practice in supervised accommodation such as residential homes and supported living unit, but if it were more widely available to the public, particularly those living in flats, many of the disasters of recent years could have been avoided.” Metrel is one of the oldest

manufactures of electrical test equipment having been established over 60 years ago. Metrel produces test equipment for HV and LV applications, including power quality, earth analysis and transformer analysis.


Halve the install time with Scolmore’s new Fast Fit Connectors S

colmore’s new 20A 3 and 4 Pole Fast Fit Flow Connectors feature push-in, low maintenance

terminals to offer a time-saving benefit for the installer, with no screws required. In a speed test carried out by Scolmore, the installation times were compared for their new fast fit connectors, versus the equivalent screw terminal version and typically the fast-fit versions were completed in around half the time. The new product launch comes after the results of a

recent survey carried out among more than 400 electricians revealed that 33% prefer lever type wiring

connectors and that over 50% would be willing to pay a premium for a fast-fit connection method. The new range will be compatible with all current Click Flow products – connectors, splitters, distribution boxes

and ceiling rose. They are simple to install in just a few quick steps. Scolmore

 01827 63454 

ESP launches new Two-Wire Fire Alarm System E


SP is expanding its range of fire protection products with the launch of the new MAGDUO Two-Wire Fire Alarm System This brings a totally new collection of products to the

company’s growing MAGfire Fire Protection category. MAGDUO will sit alongside the existing MAG Conventional Fire Alarm products and the MAGPRO Addressable range – fulfilling the increasing demand from customers for this latest technology. The MAGDUO Two-Wire fire alarm system is aimed at small to

medium contractors, offering them a highly flexible and adaptable system that will save them time and money on the installation process. Two-Wire fire alarm systems are based on standard

conventional system technology. Unlike standard conventional four wired systems where the detectors, call points and alarm devices for each zone are wired on separate circuits, MAGDUO utilises intelligent Two-Wire technology, which allows all devices to be wired on the same set of two-core zone cables back to the control panel


Wide-ranging safety solutions – Wieland’s samos® range


he expanded functions within Wieland’s samos® PRO COMPACT PLUS module enables comprehensive motion

monitoring. Increasingly profound digitalisation and automation allows companies to respond more efficiently, more quickly and more flexibly. The progressively dynamic nature of processes and production sequences, however, also involve tougher requirements for the safety of man and machine. Against this background, Wieland Electric has upgraded its safety controller samos® PRO COMPACT and made it fit for motion monitoring. No matter whether machines, systems, autonomous

vehicles, lifts or wind turbines – wherever movement is involved, there can be no compromise on safety. As processes become increasingly automated, the monitoring of motion continues to gain importance. This can be optimally achieved using safety controllers. The very reason why Wieland now has all functionalities needed for comprehensive rotational speed, rotational direction and position monitoring integrated in its samos® PRO COMPACT.

Wieland  01483 531213 


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