Hunk Grant Chaperlin


HE'S a chatty man up for a quick run to the Chinese takeaway. Grant Chaperlin of A. Brunton Waste is this month’s Skip Hunk.

Hi! Introduce yourself. Hi, my name is Grant Chaperlin and I hit the big 3-0 this year.

You barely look a day over 29 and three quarters. Tell us more. I am the Business Development Manager at A. Brunton Waste. We operate a waste management company in East and North Yorkshire and have services including skip hire, wheelie bins and RoRos. My day consists of visiting prospective customers and current customers for their waste disposal needs. Whether that is for skip hire or using other services such as wheelie bins or Roll On/Off Containers. I help businesses save money and improve their green credentials.

Tell the truth - do you like it? The team is great and the banter creates a good atmosphere at work, but most of my time I’m on the road on my lonesome. The perks are that I see some hidden gems in the Yorkshire area. It’s a fantastic feeling having a good working relationship with so many local businesses.

Go on, just between us, what don’t you love about your job? Probably working alone. I am a sociable creature so the drives to customers can drag. I don’t mind it but it's always good to have someone to have a bit of banter with. Sometimes I go with the drivers just to annoy them by talking too much.

Bet they just love that. How do you spend your free time? I like to spend my weekends going to the areas I’ve seen on my travels with the family. I have two children and I want them to appreciate the outdoors as much as possible. We are proud Yorkshiremen and women and want to see the best of our county.

Ever done anything a bit crazy? When I played rugby, there was a tradition called the “Kam San Run”. You get dropped off by the coach at the Chinese takeaway called Kam San, half a mile away from the rugby club. You need to run as fast as you can to retrieve your clothes that are still on the coach heading back to the rugby club, which was near our local police station. I got picked a number of times.

Need to keep a tight hold of your prawn crackers for that run. How about an inspiring theme tune to go with that? Come and Get Your Love by Redbone. Gets me motivated and feeling good about the day ahead. Lip syncing this in my car gets some strange looks though.

So, we know you can lip sync, any other talents? I have qualification as a personal trainer and a degree in physiology and anatomy. Before helping the world become healthier within the waste industry, I used to get people healthy by providing personal training sessions.

We're just working our biceps by picking up another packet of biscuits here. Ever met anyone famous? I once trained Chris Kamara at the gym where I worked. He was staying at the hotel there and obviously wanted to be trained by the best, lol! It was “unbelievable, Jeff!”

Like Chris, we’re starting off the way we mean to begin by giving you some lottery winnings – go spend! I would hate to live in a mansion; give me a farmhouse or a cottage in the sticks any day. Obviously, I’d buy myself some nice 4-wheeled toys and holidays. Be rude not too.

Indeed, it would. Finally, make us laugh. What did one drunken rubbish bin say to the other drunken rubbish bin? “Who’s driving, because I’m trashed and you’re wasted.”

And you’ve been a top-notch Skip Hunk - thanks Grant!

A. Brunton Waste is in Bridlington, Yorkshire.

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July Skip Hunk Grant is the Bridlington boy with the gift of the gab


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